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October 2009



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Razor wire and beatings: Labor’s ‘humane’ racism

Labor’s Indonesian solution is as brutal and inhumane as Howard’s Pacific solution.

Don’t take my word for it.

This is from Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian today (Saturday 24 October) in an article by Simon Kearney and Stephen Fitzpatrick called ” ‘Life of brutality’ in crowded lock-up“.

A TOTAL of 78 Sri Lankan asylum-seekers on board an Australian Customs vessel were to be transferred today to an Indonesian detention centre where detainees yesterday claimed they were beaten and robbed by guards, and slept 20 to a room on mattresses on the floor with no airconditioning.

With arms outstretched through the bars of their first-floor dormitory, above a string of razor wire, a group of Afghans who have already spent seven months in the Tanjung Pinang immigration detention centre on the Indonesian island of Bintan said they had been treated like “animals” and pleaded for Australia to help them. The Oceanic Viking, carrying 78 asylum-seekers, including a sick 12-year-old girl, was today expected to arrive near the Australian-funded detention centre.

Utter contempt for Labor and all it stands for pervades my being.

Labor’s position of ‘humane but tough’ is code for racist and tough.

Their guide to action is ‘we shall decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come’. That famously was Howard’s justification too.

Howard excised bits of Australia to keep dark skinned asylum seekers out and outsourced refugees to Nauru.

Labor continues the excision and is outsourcing the razor wire and beatings, and years of sitting in concentration camps, to Indonesia.

My sense of outrage joins with my sense of powerlessness.

If only a major political organisation like the Greens would mobilise their supporters and others (like me) in militant demonstrations across Australia for the refugees and make the profit system unworkable for the bosses until we forced Rudd Labor to open the borders to refugees.

It is no use imaging the Labor ‘Left’ would build a mass movement against Rudd. They are a bankrupt adjunct to Rudd’s racism.

One call to arms by the Greens for refugees, against war and for real action on climate change would be a start and would bring hundreds of thousands out on to the streets.

If the Greens won’t do it, then we will try to do it ourselves. We recognise it will take longer without the Greens.

The situation is desperate. We must build our own mass movement for refugees and against the Australian ruling class’s actions that cause their despair – our rulers’ wars and our rulers’ involvement in and support for genocide around the globe.

Only a mass movement can force Rudd’s racists to back down and open the borders to refugees.

Readers might also like to look at Tuckey: Rudd’s bastard son.



Comment from paul
Time October 25, 2009 at 9:13 pm

Utter contempt for Labor and all it stands for pervades my being.

I agree. Go back to Nov 24, 2007. I was at a party in Newcastle. Matty wanted to smack me one because I dared express cynicism during blonde Howard’s victory speech. Yeh well Matty who was right and who was wrong? The point at which me and Dave interjected was blonde Howard said there need be no distinction between the public sector and private sector in working out solutions. Bollocks. One represents everyone through the ballot box and the other one represents the rich few through secret deals and backroom maneuvers. When Rudd said that I knew he was a hoax. But never in my deepest cynicism did I ever think he would so copy Howard in so many ways. And where are the vocal protestors from the Howard era. I realise they may be in shell shock at the moment but the time is coming when these people need to utterly reject Rudd and his pathetic new Labor party. I couldnt say it better than John – utter contempt pervades my being. Its time for a new left party and even the more moderate people who actually got all misty eyed when blonde Howard gave his deeply insipid and meaningless victory speech are waking up to the bitter truth and Rudd and everything he doesnt stand for.

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