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November 2009



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Iraq’s butchers: truly the Anzacs of today

Australian troops were part of the imperialist invasion of Iraq which led to the death of over 1 million innocent Iraqis.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party opposed the invasion at the time partly as a response to the hundreds of thousands of Australians who demonstrated against the slaughter.

Now Rudd has celebrated the end of Australia’s part in the invasion by calling the butchers of Iraq the Anzacs of today.

He is right.

From the Sudan in 1885 to Afghanistan right now Australian troops have fought for imperialism around the world – both Australian imperialism and the imperialism of the dominant power, either the UK or the US. The two are intertwined.

Australian capitalism has developed and flourished under the umbrella of powerful imperialist friends.

In fighting alongside imperialism, working class Australian kids fight for Australian imperialism. That was as true of the Anzacs in 1915 as it is of the troops in  Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

It is Australian troops who patrol the Pacific region in the interests of Australian imperialism. From East Timor to the Solomons, our young men and  women are imposing our bosses’ peace and helping the development of Australian capitalism across the region. 

Australian capitalism is changing.  We are in the long slow process of becoming a capital exporting nation.

Our imperialism wants to create an arc of stability to both deepen the development of capitalism in Australia and to expand it in the region and globally.

It is doing this where it can through its military – working class kids swept up and brainwashed in nationalist claptrap about brave fighters helping others.

Indeed that was the very reason the head of the Defence Forces proffered for our invasion of Iraq. At the parade Angus Houston said:

In our name and under our flag, they risked their lives to provide others with a brighter future.

The one million Iraqi dead might disagree, but truth is an irrelevance when it comes to imperialism’s brutal ways in its brutal interests.

Indeed the whole walk past is an attempt to bring the Iraq invasion into the circle of national myth to ensure the next round of soldiers will gullibly march to war for Australian imperialism.

One thing the soldiers will find is that having been useful pawns for the brutal killing machine, the bourgeoisie will pay only lip service to any of their post-battle needs.

They are expendable cogs in the war machine  that is Australian capitalism.

Will this war madness ever end?

A good start would be to build a mass movement big enough to stop our rulers sending young men and women to kill overseas.



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Comment from Flower
Time November 27, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Let’s not forget Australia’s complicity in the use of white phosphorous and depleted uranium arsenals either. We see today, a rapidly increasing incidence of children (particularly in Fallujah) born with gross deformities. The diabolical use of these munitions in highly populated areas is indeed a crime against humanity!

The tyrants of the West who have denied compensation to the Vietnamese children, also born with gross deformities, caused by their parents exposure to dioxins in Agent Orange, are incapable of mercy.

However, over sixty nations have pledged to reduce, eliminate or prevent the formation of dioxins through ratifying the Stockholm Convention.

Alas not so with the atomic industry. The overlords in this industry would have us believe that it is the nuclear industry which will save humanity from oblivion! Yeah – right!

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