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January 2012



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Arrest the real criminals – Gillard and Abbott

Mr Tony Negus, Commissioner, Australian Federal Police

Dear Tony

You don’t mind if I call you Tony do you? After all I seem to know you, or some of your staff, very well. Every demonstration I go to your crew are there ‘to keep the peace.’

Only one problem Tony. They don’t keep the peace. They create disturbances. They protect the property and order of the one percent against the rest of us.

I went on the Tent Embassy commemoration march the other day. I want to lodge a complaint, Tony. A complaint about police violence.

You know, the sort of violence Aboriginal people suffer every day,and which has resulted in 269 deaths in custody since the 1991 Report on Black Deaths in Custody was handed down to stop that.

Now you and I both know that police investigating their mates is probably not a good look for impartiality. So I suggest that the staff of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy be empowered to investigate your police, and the security people, who roughed up Julia and the protesters.

I know you take all complaints from the public seriously. After all that fool from the Opposition, George Brandis, has asked you to investigate who said what to whom and you are taking him seriously.

A lot of the media were calling this demonstration a riot. Even Julia Gillard called it violent. So maybe the perpetrators, your police, should be bought to account.

I know, it might be difficult to get a fair trial with all the lies out there from the media, and politicians, but Justice has to be seen to be done, doesn’t it Tony?

Something else worries me too, Tony. It’s that other Tony. He said  a few things early on Thursday that I reckon could be described as inciting a riot by your members.

Let’s have a look at the inflammatory statements from the next Prime Minister. (I know that prospect fills you with as much joy as it does me.)

First he talked about all these ‘gains’ for Aborigines. You know, like Kevin Rudd’s fake apology. And the Constitution preamble.

Funny thing is Tony, Aboriginal people still die a lot earlier than the rest of us. Well over a decade earlier than us. A large number of them still live in poverty. They are over-represented in our jails.  They suffer from more chronic and preventable disease than non-Aboriginals. They have less education than the rest of us.

So why would the other Tony tells us lies about the gains when there haven’t been any, eh Tony?

An ABC reporter asked that other Tony:

Mr Abbott, today is also the 40th anniversary of the tent embassy in Canberra. Do you think it’s still relevant, or should it move?

Here’s what the other Tony said in reply.

Look, I can understand why the tent embassy was established all those years ago. I think a lot has changed for the better since then. We had the historic apology just a few years ago, one of the genuine achievements of Kevin Rudd as prime minister. We had the proposal, which is currently for national consideration, to recognise indigenous people in the constitution. I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian, and, yes, I think a lot’s changed since then and I think it probably is time to move on from that.

Now Tony, you’ve heard of plausible deniability haven’t you? It’s the idea, practised by Richard Nixon, that you either divorce yourself seemingly from actions your subordinates carry out, or you nuance a statement so that it sends mixed messages and you can deny one interpretation if it begins to look like it might become a problem.

Henry II is said to have asked ‘Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?’  Unlike George Pell and Bob Maguire, someone took Henry literally.

‘No, I didn’t mean it,  literally,’ Henry could say. A bit like the other Tony really.

I keep on reading Tony’s comments and I can’t help thinking he did mean that the Embassy should be moved. After all, that is what the questioner asked. And he said yes.

‘…and yes, I think it probably is time to move on from that.’  ‘That’ of course is Tony’s reference to the Tent Embassy.

Now I don’t know about you but how do you move on from the Tent Embassy? Well, you don’t have one.

And how do you not have one when a large number of Aborigines support it? Hmmm. You use force. You know Tony, much like the McMahon Government did in 1972.

Tony was dog whistling, don’t you think? He was sending a coded message to his racist support base that he would take a tough stand against this aboriginal protest nonsense. He is after all tough on refugees. He’s promised to be tough on unionists. So Aborigines seems a good third leg of the trifecta, don’t you think, Tony?

And that’s the thing Tony. As the economic conditions across the globe worsen, the scapegoating begins. It distracts attention away for the real problem – capitalism. It’s all the fault of the Jews, or Muslims or refugees or Aborigines, or whatever the latest threat is.

And when your whole life has been a struggle on crap wages and unemployment benefits and you have been spoon fed crap from the one percent’s media, having convenient whipping posts like that gives you a sense of superiority for a little while and diverts attention away for the systemic problems of capitalism. You now, like falling profit rates and the fact we live in a democracy run by, for and of the one percent.

So maybe you should be investigating the other Tony for incitement. He does have form with his turn back the boats material. If he is going to brutalise asylum seekers, why not Aborigines too, eh Tony?

And look at the end result. Tony makes a statement in the morning and a few hours later the police and protection unit run riot. Looks open and shut to me, Commissioner Tony.

At least take him into custody for intensive questioning. You know, like the 269 Indigenous people who have died in custody since the 1991 Report recommended ways to end deaths in custody.

 269. Now I bet Tony there are a few crimes in there you could investigate. Don’t let me stop you.  Just because they are white cops you should investigate won’t preclude you opening these cases up again, will it?

And do you remember the Bringing Them Home report Tony? Ronald Wilson was a former High Court judge. He said that the Stolen Generations were genocide.

No-one has been charged with that crime yet Tony. Why not?

OK it was say 40 years ago but some of the players from then are still alive. And it would act as a good deterrent to future genocidal leanings against Aborigines, wouldn’t it? Law enforcement is after all about deterrence as well as capture, isn’t it Tony?

Genocide is not just wiping people out in concentration camps, or forcing them to assimilate.

It is also stealing their land so they can no longer exist as a people, Tony. Dispossession is genocide. And that is what the Northern Territory intervention is about, tony. Driving aboriginal people off their land. That’s happening too in the major mining areas of Australia.

The people who developed the Northern Territory intervention are still alive (unfortunately.) The successors in Government and Opposition are too Tony.

So how about it? Arrest the real criminals. John Howard, Mal Brough, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbot and Jenny Macklin should be sent to the Hague to face genocide charges or put on trial here.

Over to you, Tony.



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Time January 31, 2012 at 1:49 pm

[…] Arrest the real criminals – Gillard and Abbott Genocide is not just wiping people out in concentration camps, or forcing them to assimilate. […]

Comment from Ross
Time January 31, 2012 at 7:58 pm

I would liken the Aboriginal situation to one of Cambodia.Pol Pot under the auspicies of the US Govt murdered one million people.Those targeted were the thinkers and middle class.A futher 2 million died as a result of starvation and disease.I think this was an experiment by the USA to see how to destroy a civilisation.

To this day people who visit Cambodia say how eerie and dyfunctional the place is.The middle class has been exterminated.

We for the first 100 yrs since 1788 we murdered all the Aboriginal trouble makers.The Aboriginals have also lost their middle class.It is a big ask in just a few generations to come back from this devestation.

They also view the world from a very different perspective both philosphically and socially.

You have to realise John that the elite billionaire club view us as being no more important than the swine we farm.

In fact from their view,we are consuming too much of their precious resources and we are a blight on their planet.

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