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War criminals kill one million in Iraq; all Gillard and Abbott talk about is parliamentary ‘standards’

The theatre of the absurd (also known as the Australian Parliament) begins another kabuki session tomorrow.

With Thomson and Slipper and their behaviour dominating political discussion in the country – to which we can now add homophobic Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan – the debate of late has turned to parliamentary ‘standards’.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Australia, along with the US and others, invaded Iraq. More than one million civilians died as a consequence.

Australia, along with the US and others, invaded Afghanistan. More than ten thousand civilians have died as a consequence.

In the 60s Australia, along with the US and others, invaded Vietnam with, according to some estimates, over 4 million non-combatants dead as a consequence in the region.

Australian imperialism drips of blood.

It supported the Suharto coup in 1965 which saw up to one million Chinese murdered, often on the pretext they were communists.

This Australian supported dictatorship invaded East Timor after getting a green light from Henry Kissinger and Gough Whitlam. The result? Over 200,000 East Timorese dead.

Standards? If there were any justice those with the blood of Iraqi and Afghan citizens would be on trial for crimes against humanity and war crimes. Blair, Bush, Obama, Howard, Rudd and Gillard should all be in the International Court of Justice.

Standards? On the say so of the genocidal Sinhalese regime in Sri Lanka, the Labor Government has imprisoned without trial Ranjini, a young Tamil recently remarried  and with two children and another on the way.

ASIO gave her an adverse security assessment despite the fact she is a refugee and has been living happily in the community for the last 12 months.

These indefinite detention are punishment for the non-crime of seeking asylum. The government wants to be tough on refugees and what better way to do that, and send a signal to other would be refugees, than by arbitrarily detaining refugees indefinitely?

Die Nadel had a poignant message for us all. He wrote:

Nicola Roxon, granddaughter of Jewish refugees from Nazism, is allowing ASIO to get away with rejecting Tamil refugees who have already been cleared as genuine refugees. If the ASIO reports were made public they would undoubtedly reveal that ASIO is accepting advice from the Sri Lankan security forces who regard most Tamils as terrorists. This harkens back to 1939 when some German and Austrian Jews were barred as refugees from Australia and the US because of their “criminal records” They had criminal records because the Nazis considered all Jews as criminals and the local immigration officers were accepting information from the German police. Nicola Roxon should know better.

Lock up refugees without trial indefinitely. So much for the rule of law.

Of course if the State can do that to refugees, how much longer before they turn their attention to left wing political activists. They have. The Max Brenner 19 are on trial for the crime of protesting Max Brenner’s links to apartheid Israel and a murderous Israeli regiment.

If we were to have a serious debate about standards, the bloodthirsty and vicious nature of Australian capitalism would be first on the agenda.

Instead we’ll get a side show and much hand wringing about prostitutes, lies, sexual advances and the like.

Of course these are important – but the solution to the union rorting the Craig Thomson affair  has highlighted is for rank and file unionists to take back their unions from the mostly ALP aligned bureaucrats.

If we were serious about standards, Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott would be in prison awaiting extradition to the Hague for their war crimes and their genocide against Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders.

Such standards can only begin to emerge when strikes and other struggle against the dictatorship of capital return to Australia. Then we shall have on our banners among other demands  ‘Jail Abbott and Gillard for war crimes and crimes against humanity.’

Now that is a standard I’d like to see.



Comment from Kay
Time May 21, 2012 at 7:02 am

I can see why you have so few readers! And so few who even bother to comment on your articles. They are so one-eyed. But I guess that is what I should expect from an avowed socialist.

Yes, many Iraqis and Afghanis have been killed by allied soldiers during the long years of war in both countries. But there are infinitely more Muslims killed by other Muslims – Shia versus Sunni Muslims. A bit like the Catholics versus the Protestants in Northern Ireland. Why are you silent on these ongoing atrocities?

Certainly Afghanistan was being used to train and harbour Muslim terrorists. Remember 9/11? And the Taliban were inflicting great harm upon their own people during their heroin-funded, anti-female, anti-culture, fanatical regime. Getting rid of them for a while is a relief. But perhaps countries like Afghanistan can never embrace democracy? Not with the War Lords and the Taliban still fighting each other! It’s a lose/lose situation!

As for Iraq – no doubt a huge mistake for the USA to invade. The Bush regime appeared to be just looking for an excuse – oil, armaments profits etc. But Saddam Hussein played right into the USA’s hands by continuing to obfuscate over WMDs. Only after the invasion we see that Saddam Hussein was successfully keeping the Sunni/Shia conflicts under control by his strong-arm methods. But he too was trampling on civil rights in favour of his own brand of Islam and his friends and relatives.

So! This is no ‘goodies’ versus ‘baddies’ situation.

There are so many atrocities going on in the Muslim world! You can’t blame the USA for all that! The real enemy appears to be fanatical religions.

Comment from Acer 2410wlmi Battery
Time May 21, 2012 at 11:14 am

Heffernan’s allegations against Kirby included inappropriate use of a Commonwealth car to solicit sex from under-age male prostitute auspol

Comment from Jolly
Time May 21, 2012 at 3:39 pm

“Nicola Roxon, granddaughter of Jewish refugees from Nazism allowing ASIO to get away with rejecting Tamil refugees who have already been cleared as genuine refugees” Well, she is only doing what she & Gillard think (falsely) is popular Australian sentiments re refugees. That is why Gillard & co knocked off K Rudd while he was still in office… they (again falsely) believed that popular support was waning for Kevin Rudd. Yet when “75 % of Australians want Gillard out”, the popular-view myth is rejected by Gillard. Who cares about genuine reforms in Australia. All the Labor party wants is to retain power at all cost, even if it means bedding with the devil. Slippery Slipper and Hooking Thomson are but a few visible examples. Refugees’ welfare? Justice for those traumatized by civil war? Dream on. Down Under is about political back-stabbing and wanton personal ambition.

Comment from Rigby Taylor
Time May 21, 2012 at 3:43 pm

I have long thought these thoughts. You have expressed them perfectly. Thanks. Unfortunately the true purpose of our law courts and justice systems are to maintain stability by maintaining the status quo, not to upset any apple carts.

Comment from Ross
Time May 21, 2012 at 10:52 pm

Wars are more easily justified now by the perception of world over population.The Green’s noble cause of saving the planet is being used, so we will accept more wars to bring about their New World Order.

Bush ,Cheney and Blair have been found guilty of war crimes in Kuala Lumpa.

They really went after Saddham when he started trading oil in EUROs intead of $ US.Western Oil companies also wanted the oil.Libya was invaded for oil ,gold,presence of China and the fact they had an indepndant banking system that worked for the people.

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