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Run rabbit – run rabbit – Run! Run! Run!

Sometimes things happen which make your day. Watching Tony Abbott trying to scurry from the Parliament was one of those moments of joy.

The next Prime Minister was caught short. Craig Thomson, the independent member of parliament, yes that Craig Thomson, the man sitting on the cross benches, voted with the Coalition on their oppositon to a gag motion the Government moved against Joe Hockey.

Hockey was blathering on about how the Government was going to increase the borrowing limit from $250 billion to $300 billion and wanted to make a crass political point about government debt.

The proposal itself is sensible and has nothing to do with the scare mongering campaign on debt the Oppositon has mounted.

It is a measure the Opposition would introduce in government themselves.

So Anthony Albanese moved that Hockey be no longer heard. of course the Opposition wanted to vote against this gag order. But the strategic geniuses in the next government weren’t prepared for Thomson voting with them.

If they can’t figure that out what will the blithering idiots be like in government? They’ll have us wishing for a return to the Gillard government in about 12 months. 

Or maybe, just maybe, they’ll provoke a massive backlash against their austerity and class struggle will re-enter the Australian lexicon.

I digress. When Tony Abbott, Christopher Pyne and Warren Entsch (I think it is Entsch)  realised that Thomson was voting against the gag order and thus with them, they jumped from their seats and made for the exit.

Entsch went to a door that wouldn’t open. Pyne hid in an adviser’s box. Abbott was too late – the doors had been locked. Strategic geniuses.

It looks as if Pyne’s vote was the one that wasn’t counted.

Why all this childish behaviour?  Tony Abbott pontificated that he wouldn’t accept Craig Thomson’s ‘tainted’ vote and called on the Prime Minister to do the same. Evidently the Opposition are honourable men and women.

So having Thomson vote with them undermines their mock moral outrage.

Now the just look like the fools they are.

Here is a link to a News Ltd site with the video of Abbott, Pyne and Entsch trying to escape.

It just shows what a farce Parliament is. With all the real challenges facing society isn’t it time we had a truly democratic institution instead of this sand pit for intellectual pygmies?

During the last election campaign Gillard was accused of always calling the Oppositon leader Mr Abbott in that working class Adelaide drawl that elides the two words to make them sound a little like Mr Rabbit.

What better tribute to Tony than this little ditty? We wouldn’t want Tony ending up in farmer Thomson’s pie would we?

On the farm, every Friday
On the farm, it’s rabbit pie day.
So, every Friday that ever comes along,
I get up early and sing this little song

Run rabbit – run rabbit –
Run! Run! Run!
Run rabbit – run rabbit –
Run! Run! Run!
Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!
Goes the farmer’s gun.
Run, rabbit, run, rabbit, run.
Run rabbit – run rabbit –
Run! Run! Run!
Don’t give the farmer his fun!
Fun! Fun!
He’ll get by without his rabbit pie
So run rabbit – run rabbit –
Run! Run! Run!



Comment from Catching up
Time May 31, 2012 at 11:29 am

But it was all the PM fault.

I believe poking one tongue out at the Speakers chair in not on. Suspect if the government felt inclined, they could suspend him, to give him time to reflect on his behaviour.

Comment from Ross
Time May 31, 2012 at 6:32 pm

We don’t want anymore unnecessary debt.Just because the rest of the West is putting it’s population in debt servitude,why should we follow this Labor lunacy?

The solution is to get the RBA to create new money for growth + infaltion instead of borrowing it from the criminal bankers in the USA and Europe who just create it with the click of a computer mouse. Micky Mouse money for them but debt slavery for us. It is that simple.

Comment from paul walter
Time June 4, 2012 at 4:31 am

Thanks mate, it was a balm.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time June 6, 2012 at 8:29 am

Yes, I think Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have both gone too hard on the Craig Thomson issue. Both behaved like nitwits doing their gazelle-like sprint, losing the respect of viewers.

I think the above 2 issues have resulted in Julia Gillard’s recent small rise in the polls, along with her small financial gift to families and pensioners to curry favour.

Those who want Malcolm Turnbull to resume the position of Top Dog appear to have given little thought to his links with merchant bankers or his support for a Carbon Trading Scheme.

The general behaviour of many politicians in the parliament is abysmal and their true attitudes towards the Australian people are treasonous.

Then there are Greens such as Bob Brown who yesterday cited positive messages from the bible when they served his own purposes. Then later in his speech, he felt free to puff himself up and reveal that marriages occurring in churches had fallen from 80% to 30%.

This sounds like hypocrisy in action to me.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time June 6, 2012 at 8:35 am

I would also like to add that I have already warned those from the Richist Right that if they don’t do the right thing by the poor and the average, the vote will move to the Far Left.

I think the ALP (Slave Labor Party) is in its death throes and unlikely to ever be a force in Australian politics again, unless it changes its spots and its members succeed in forming new allegiances.

Voters will end up looking for Pro-Australian parties which have a heart for the unemployed and homeless, along with Australian farmers, workers and manufacturers.