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Another message from those imprisoned in the Australian concentration camp on Nauru


The government and people of Australia.

Today on 12/11/2012 is our 12th day of hunger strike.

25 more asylum seekers have been brought to the Nauru Hell from Darwin by force and fraud when they saw the worst condition of the detention centre they have also joined the hunger strike.

One another asylum seeker is suffering from the severe pain of tooth, from one week, instead of giving him treatment by the doctor; they called Nauru police, now he is out of order means, he naked himself in the whole camp.

We have seen four asylum seekers they have made imaginary graves for themselves because of losing their mental health.

Purpose of hunger strike is not to give us facilities here in Nauru Hell, we want to be shifted from this Hell Hole to Australia and our cases should be started immediately.

In this modern period no body wana keep a domestic animal in tent at a temperature of 42 Celsius for a day but unfortunately human being are living in Nauru Hell is such worst conditions.

In short period we have seen asylum attempted suiciding, self-harming, mentally disturbed, stressed, naked themselves, protests and hunger strikes. So what will be result in the future?

We request to the government and people of Australia save our lives and future.

Asylum seekers on Nauru



Comment from peter piper
Time November 14, 2012 at 7:58 am

The grammar is appalling; do we really need such people in Australia?
How long would this person have to wait in Ceylon to see a dentist??

Comment from Kay
Time November 14, 2012 at 8:17 am

Unfortunately for these asylum seekers, many people’s compassion has been greatly lessened by what they have seen happen once such people are granted asylum. Around the world, in Europe and the UK in particular, we have seen so many examples of refugees ‘biting the hand that feeds it’. We’ve seen horrific terrorist attacks (London, Spain etc) and also Muslims extending their hatred into the creation of ‘home grown terrorists’. We’ve seen it in Bali. We’ve seen the so-far-unsuccessful terror plots here in Australia.

Australia has taken on board many migrants over a long period of time – from just about every country on earth. Australia has benefited enormously from these migrant populations – in fact, Australia would be nothing like the prosperous, wonderful country that it is without the benefit of these migrants.

But no other group of migrants, other than Muslims, has settled in and then tried to CHANGE Australia to reflect the conditions they fled from in the first place. Only those of Muslim faith have called for laws etc in Australia to be changed – for instance, to include Sharia Law. Only those of Muslim faith have been outspoken about their goal of turning Australia into a Muslim country. And we can all see what a Muslim country looks like – anti-gender equality, anti-gay, anti-anyone who does not embrace their faith, full of violence, against females obtaining an education etc etc.. The picture we have of Muslim societies is so abhorrent to most of us that naturally we are fearful of our own society being transformed into anything similar. And we only have to look at Europe and the UK to see what can happen.

I don’t know if ALL these asylum seekers are Muslims, but no doubt most are. I don’t believe the wide-spread opposition to boat people that we see in Australia is anything to do with racism (like many imply). No, it is this fear of what we see of Muslim societies around the world, and our fear that Australia could be changed to reflect these countries.

So don’t call the ‘racist’ card. Blame those extreme Muslims around the world. And also, blame those moderate Muslims here and elsewhere who are notably silent when atrocities happen. Only when recent stupid riots occurred over that pathetic anti-Mohammed film did the Muslim community step forward to call for calm. But the fact that the protest march occurred in the first place displayed the complete lack of understanding by local Muslims that this movie had nothing to do with the US government – nor any other government. This behaviour does nothing other than harden attitudes against Muslims in Australia.

BTW I sent an email to our local Muslim women’s association asking them to condemn the shooting of the young Pakistani girl by the Taliban, but no response was forthcoming. And I can’t recall hearing about any anti-Taliban protest marches here in Australia! Disappointing.

Were it not for the horrifying images we have of Muslim extremism and societies around the world, Muslims would be just as welcomed here as have been other migrants.

Comment from John
Time November 14, 2012 at 10:45 am

Muslim extremism? Have the Taliban invaded another country? Drone bombed and killed civilians kids, women and men?

Our countries are the real terrorists. The Taliban is feudal backward organisation but it doesn’t have 1.5 men and women under arms, the most sophisticated killing machinery in the world, 350,000 troops in over 130 countries around the world, and it hasn’t killed more than 1 million Iraqis because of its invasions, 2 million Vietnamese, or tens of thousands of Afghanis.

Any extremism by Muslims is blow back for the extremism of the West. Leave them alone. As to Muslim women, perhaps you should read Malalai Joya’s material for a change. You now, an Afghan woman. She opposes both the Taliban and the US war criminals. But because she calls the US criminals and wants them out you never hear from her in the mainstream media. She infiltrated back into Afghanistan to set up girls’ schools. There have been 6 assassination attempts on her life. She was expelled from the Afghan parliament for calling the warlords and US puppets who run it ‘dogs’. US out of Afghanistan.

Comment from jack
Time November 14, 2012 at 1:15 pm

‘Leave them alone.’?
Spain left them alone, only to be invaded and occupied for centuries. Likewise Bosnia and Kosovo, where the population was forced to convert to islam.
They were being left alone when they destroyed the twin towers. America should have left them alone when the Soviets (a system you idolised) invaded.
We should have let the russkies wipe them out.
The only good muslim is a dead one.
Kill them all.

Comment from Kay
Time November 14, 2012 at 2:32 pm

Yes, I know of, and admire, Malalai Joya. I have read her material and am aware of her sentiments. But she is a lone voice for good in Afghanistan. And she will in all likelihood be killed for her efforts. Either by the Taliban or some other Afghan pro-government Muslim extremists. Not by the US.

As for the deaths of innocent civilians caused by Western countries – not a good outcome. But I am willing to bet that the number of innocent Muslims killed in all those Muslim countries by other Muslims is comparable to the number killed by Western countries.

Leave them alone? Good idea. I just pity the women in those societies.

But believe me, the sentiments I expressed about WHY Australians are not keen to have more Muslim refugees, are widely felt and expressed in this country. And these fears are expressed at the ballot box. And that is what it is – FEAR. You may not agree with them, but these fears exist. And ongoing extremist action in Muslim countries just reinforces to Australians the methods these people use to deal with people who merely follow a different branch of Islam!!!! And that has nothing to do with the US or its allies. Just about every day you see on TV the ongoing atrocities – car bombs, suicide bombers, IEDs etc.. I actually find Al Jazeera news the most informative.

Have the Taliban invaded another country? I believe they have moved into Pakistan and are expanding their coverage, power and influence. After all, it was the Taliban who so proudly claimed credit for shooting the schoolgirl in Pakistan. Have the Taliban killed innocent civilian kids, women and men? Definitely – very frequently.

Comment from John
Time November 14, 2012 at 7:19 pm

Read Jack’s comments for where your racist rubbish leads. Who funded and armed the Taliban in the 80s and described them as the equivalent of America’s founding fathers? Of course they are medieval shit bags but they are small beer compared to the havoc wreaked by the US. They are a response to big power intervention in their country.

Comment from Kay
Time November 15, 2012 at 8:01 am

Well, clearly I don’t agree with Jack’s comments!

And yes, I am fully aware that the US provided funding (mainly through Pakistan’s ISI) to the Afghan mujahideen who fought against Russian occupation. No doubt they now regret their short-sighted policy back then! Several other interested countries also provided funding for their own reasons. And so did Osama bin Laden. Probably the best support came from China – both funding and training camps.

Several countries have invaded Afghanistan in more modern times – primarily Britain, Russia and now the US and its allies. None has succeeded. Nor will the US. The main problem is that Afghanistan is not a ‘nation’ as we envisage it – it is a loose coalition of tribes run by war lords. Afghanistan’s main problem is its strategic location.

The US has a long and very regrettable history of using its money and/or military intervention to prop up many corrupt ‘governments’/leaders throughout the world – mostly to protect its interests against the feared communist advance. A prime example is Vietnam.

But you simply aren’t listening to why Australians are FEARFUL of Muslim asylum seekers. It is NOT because the Muslims are of any particular RACE (Islam is a religion, not a race) but because of what they see on TV etc about Muslim terrorism – both in Muslim countries and in many other non-Muslim countries. It appears to everyone that where there are Muslims, there is violence and the death of innocents.

Now you can just ignore what I am saying and play the ‘racist’ card – just like Gillard and her sister MPs are playing the ‘sexist’ card against anyone who criticises the government. But the opinion polls, and ultimately the ballot box, will show that this FEAR is widespread in Australia. And this fear is probably higher within your beloved ‘worker’ class than amongst your academic friends. By refusing to at least acknowledge that this fear exists in the community, you are just refusing to try to understand an issue that is fairly important to most voters. No wonder the Socialists don’t run for election!! They are so out of touch with the ‘workers’ and what they feel about this important topic.

Comment from John
Time November 15, 2012 at 10:05 am

I have left this fascist comment stay in because I want to highlight the depravity that Islamophobia of both its soft and hard varieties opens society up to.

Comment from Kay
Time November 15, 2012 at 4:32 pm

I’m not sure exactly whether you are referring to my comment as “this fascist comment” and you consider my comment as “the depravity that Islamophobia…..opens society up to.”

I don’t think many of your Blog readers would see my comments like that!

Perhaps you could enlighten us as to what you perceive as the widespread attitude within Australia towards Islam? And why. Not YOUR attitude – just like I was not necessarily stating MY view. No, I’ve merely put forward what I interpret as a widespread attitude (from reading letters, talking to people, reading what many commentators say etc). And I’ve been roundly insulted for trying explain why the plight of these asylum seekers does not engender as much sympathy as you would expect within the community.

I’d also love to hear what you think the average ‘worker’ thinks about this topic. You always profess to be sympathetic towards ‘workers’, but are you prepared to listen to their concerns? Doesn’t sound like it.

Comment from John
Time November 15, 2012 at 8:02 pm

Jack’s comments.

Comment from Michael
Time November 19, 2012 at 7:50 am

Australia’s responsibility for asylum seekers is to provide refuge from imminent harm, to provide physical security for people at risk.

Sailing from places as far away as Iraq raises one simple question. Why didn’t these people seek refuge at the nearest geographically safe place?

We are not responsible for providing a first world standard of living for every IDP. Attempting to do so would turn this country into a slum not dissimilar to what they left.

People interned at Nauru are physically safe. They can eat, they can sleep, and they can wait until Australia decides if it is in our national interest to allow them to improve their material circumstances here.

Comment from John
Time November 19, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Because they have arrived on our shores we have a responsibility for them. Which countries in between have signed the UN Refugee Convention? Locking up people indefinitely who have committed no crime is in our national interest is it? Well, it isn’t in mine, and it isn’t in the interests of the majority of people in Australia, but it does serve the interests of the 1% very much. And if they can do that to refugees who will be next?