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October 2013



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Love is in the air but the struggle for same sex marriage continues

All out for marriage equality

The Australian Capital Territory’s Legislative Assembly passed its Same Sex Marriage Bill this morning. The vote in the 17 seat assembly was close – 9 for (8 Labor and the one Green) and 8 against (the Liberals).

The gallery and overflow area burst into applause and then sang ‘Love is in the air’.

The joy was palpable, and rightly so.  Years of struggle and hard work have bought the first successful inclusive marriage legislation to one Australian jurisdiction. Equal Love Canberra deserves special mention for its tireless work in building the campaigns in the ACT.

There is no ACT residency requirement in the laws and given the 28 day notice period after the Bill has been signed into law, there will be weddings in Canberra from as early as the beginning of December. The Rainbow Territory is here!

This is an historic first step in equality for all gays and lesbians across Australia. But …  It is only the first step. In the other 8 other jurisdictions in Australia gays and lesbians cannot marry and their marriages are not recognised.

The Abbott government will challenge the constitutionality of the legislation in the High Court.

Abbott, the chief homophobe, has the power to disallow ACT laws but, thanks to Bob Brown, needs majority support in both Houses.

The fact that he hasn’t attempted to override the laws through the Commonwealth Parliament indicates he does not have the numbers, and may not after 1 July next year when the new Senate takes its place.

Third, late in the day the ACT government accepted arguments from some out-of-towners to supposedly strengthen the laws to withstand a constitutional challenge. This included removing transgender and intersex people from the ambit of the new marriage laws. Equal Love Canberra opposed leaving transgender and intersex people behind.

As I understand it the constitutional argument is that the ACT’s same sex marriage laws operate concurrently with the Federal Marriage Act, in part because, and ironically, the Commonwealth has limited itself to legislating on marriages between a man and a woman. I say ironically because this was an amendment to the Commonwealth Marriage ACT which the former Howard Liberal government instituted.

It is unclear to me how intersex and transgender people undermine the concurrent power argument.

The point however is for all those committed to true equality to rally round the defence of the current ACT same sex marriage laws laws and when we win in the High Court to then extend them to intersex and transgender people. We cannot abandon others who are not equal.

The High Court will pay attention to what people are doing in the streets. That means building huge rallies across Australia to support the ACT laws.  Doing that also puts pressure on the other State and Territory jurisdictions, and ultimately the Commonwealth, to legislate for equal love.

The brave campaigners for equal marriage have won the first battle. Now to win the war.

Here are details of the forthcoming National Day of Protest for marriage equality on 23 November. Be there to keep Abbott’s hands off your weddings. There will be one in Canberra on the same day too. Details to follow.

National Day of Action



Comment from william wallace
Time October 23, 2013 at 5:55 am

There is simply no reason for same sex unions not being accepted in law / the problem faced / is but hard overcoming
centuries of halfbaked christian religious
brainwashing is a mite hard overcoming
many folk’s still brainwashed victims / it
not a case of politicians being at fault it
simply the threats put on politicians by
religious fanatics / where threat inform
their followers not to vote for those / >
whom refusing to bow before “Church
Authority” thus politicians but reluctant
in changing the law /as t’will cost them
as their party dear at the voting count.

It but a matter of time as more free themselves from religious nonsense
from religious brainwashing / it will
become easier for politicians doing
what being right what is just for all.

One need take to account nations
(western) are victims of many many
centuries of religious brainwashing.

Church Authority withheld the ability
to read and write for many centuries
they feared in education then people
would question > “Church Authority”
with education / people would then
question the religious brainwashing.

Alas many many centuries of brain development were lost / the brain
but left idle doing it grave damage.

We can but persevere in freeing all
people from religious brainwashing
that their brain given the freedom..
in it’s needed development in the
growth of knowledge and creation
(one knowing creator) such is the
ultimate aim of the human journey.

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