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February 2014



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Rally demands justice for Sheila Oakley, tasered in the eye by cops

A lively and vocal rally of 150 people turned out in Logan, Brisbane, on Saturday to support Sheila Oakley, the local Murri woman who was tasered in the eye by Queensland Police on 6 February write Kaye Broadbent and Sarah Jean in Red Flag.

The crowd gathered outside Sheila’s house to hear speeches from Sheila’s family, from community leaders and from Sheila herself. Speakers demanded that police violence stop and the cops be held responsible for the assault. Joseph, Sheila’s brother, said that “this violence has just got to stop, that’s why we’re here today . . . it’s been going on too long”.

Community leader Fred Coolwell told the crowd that the police are never punished. “They are above the law. The police are getting away with it and have been getting away with it for years. There’s no justice here in Queensland, no justice at all . . . There’s so much racism in this country; it comes from the top down”.

Pastor Lester, a local community pastor, spoke of how police harassment is an everyday occurrence. “This is the third time this [taser] incident has occurred in Logan City. But today is a new day for us, we’re going to stand up for our rights. What’s happening now has got to stop”.

Wayne Saunders argued that “we have got to stop this mentality of thinking we can go to them [the police] for justice”.

As longtime Indigenous activist Sam Watson said, “It’s not going to be an easy struggle, it’s not going to be a short struggle, [but] it’s going to carry on.”

Sheila, who will have more surgery on Monday, thanked people for their support. Chanting “What do we want? Justice for Sheila Oakley!” and “Queensland is a police state!” we marched with banners of support and Indigenous flags to Logan police station.

A massive police presence, kitted out with multiple tasers, was waiting.

Sheila handed over pages of petitions to the acting superintendent, Noel Powers, demanding that the cop be publicly identified, be suspended from duty, be charged and be investigated by an independent inquiry.

Typical of police arrogance, Powers refused to answer any questions.

The mood of the rally can be summed up in the words of Marlene Wharton, who said, “I am here today to support my friend, my sister, my people against the brutality of the police and what they did to Sheila. This has got to stop. My grandparents fought for the rights of our people back in the day, then my father fought, then my uncles, and now I’m the next generation and I’m not going to stop the struggle and I don’t want anyone else to stop either”.



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Comment from Lorikeet
Time February 17, 2014 at 9:50 am

I am hesitant to comment on alleged assaults by the police (or anyone) which I have not personally witnessed. I also don’t go by television reports, as I do not know how much useful information and vision has been deleted.

Having said that, I think Premier Campbell Newman should cease turning our police force into a group of indiscriminate hit men and women, picking on motor cycle and scooter riders, as if they are common criminals.

I am not in favour of undemocratic laws which could be used on other groups within the society, including those the government wishes to silence.

Recently someone opined that Premier Newman will be lucky if he doesn’t cop an an assassin’s bullet for his undemocratic laws and bullying of the general community.

I don’t want any of our police officers to cop a bullet for Newman. I would not currently want any of my relatives or friends to join the Queensland Police.

At the same time, I think the general community could pick up its act and stop taking drugs, drinking to excess and deliberately breaking the road rules.

The police would have fewer problems policing the community if they:

1. were shown the proper degree of respect by the community and the Premier.

2. were not being used to uphold undemocratic laws.

3. were properly supported by judicial decisions regarding sentencing.

I would like to think that the police officer involved did not deliberately hit Sheila Oakley in the eye.

There would be fewer problems in poorer parts of Logan if the government developed a Work for Pay scheme, and stopped using foreign labour to drive wages down, especially at a time when unemployment and underemployment are the reality for 20% of the community (higher in lower socio-economic areas).

Clearly a multi-pronged approach is needed to solve multiple interactive problems. I think we could start by asking King Neptune to sink at least one prong of his trident into the backsides of Premier Campbell Newman and Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Perhaps they could start by repealing undemocratic bikie laws, increasing Newstart Allowance and ceasing to treat sole parents like dole bludgers.

I would also like to see local governments cease charging charities to dump unsaleable items, as more funds would be available to help those in dire financial straits.

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