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Stay, Adam; resign now Bronwyn

Adam Goodes is a great Australian Rules footballer. He was won two Brownlows (best and fairest) and two premierships with the Sydney Swans. He is a former Australian of the Year. He is proudly Aboriginal. For that, for the very fact of proclaiming his aboriginality, he is now being booed by many opposing football fans.


David Pope Cartoons's photo.


The history of Australia is the history of the genocide of the Aboriginal people. This is a genocide whose results not only echo down the ages to today in the form of third world living standards, ill health and early death, high imprisonment rates, poverty and unemployment. The genocide is ongoing today with the Northern Territory intervention, closing down remote communities, deaths in custody and the stealing of children.

This genocide and the racism that flows from it is institutionalised. It is also driven from on high. The rhetoric of Tony Abbott, the Minister for Indigenous Affairs,  about remote communities and lifestyle choices demonises and denigrates Aboriginal people. His silence about the booing of Goodes exposes his moral and political decrepitude.

Couple that with the government’s attacks on the other – Muslims, refugees, the poor ‘entitled’- and the creation of a climate of fear and it is no accident that we have a Reclaim White Australia movement rising from the swamp to give voice to every racist fear about the other – the way ‘they’ dress, eat, worship.

The eternal other for the Australian ruling class has been Aboriginal people, the constant ‘enemy within.’  This has alternated with and reinforced at various stages in Australia’s colonial settler history the immigrant other, the Irish, the Chinese, the Japanese, Asians, reds, and now Muslims and ‘the Daesh death cult coming after us.’

Underlying this is an alienated working class whose existence has become less secure over the last 30 years and a middle class lost in a sea of constant change.

One result is that some alienated working class and disaffected middle class fans are booing a great football player for being a proud Aboriginal person and standing up against racism and for his people. Reclaim White Australia has moved from the streets to the seats.

There is hope. Unions including the AMWU, the MEAA, Victorian Trades Hall Council and Unions New South Wales have condemned the booing and made the point this is workplace racist bullying. They stand in solidarity with Adam. This could be a watershed moment in the fight against racism if we can mobilise enough people in defence of Goodes.


Adam Goodes is a hero to many for not just his football prowess but for his pride in his heritage. His very success and tenacity challenges the myths that hide Australia’s racist history and the reality of its systemic racism. He challenges the stereotype of the quiet uncomplaining Aboriginal who should just be grateful for all ‘we’ have done and just get on with it – a racist trope born of a ruling class victorious in driving Aboriginal people off their land.

Bronwyn Bishop is no hero. This sleazy, alleged entitlement abusing politician, is the speaker in the House of Representatives thanks to the largesse of Tony Abbott, a man whose attachment to the born to rule elite is today best shown by his support for Bishop. She is the epitome of everything working class voters hate in politicians. She may well keep her job thanks to the patronage of Tony Abbott.

Not so Adam Goodes. He has been badly affected by the booing and has taken the week off from football. He may retire. It would be the ultimate victory for the crimson thread of racism that runs through the veins of Australian society from the top down that he is forced out of the grand job he loves and does so exceptionally well.

Aboriginal and other footballers have rallied to his side. They are planning various actions to show their support. Goodes needs to know that despite the large numbers booing him and the racists defending them, he is not alone. Let’s organise an outpouring of support. Indeed already unions and union councils have been expressing their solidarity and support. You are not alone Adam.

I suggest one option be that players from all teams announce they will walk off the field if Goodes returns to the arena and is booed again. End of game.

It says much about the state of Australian society today that we have a great footballer very possibly being hounded out of his job because he is black while a sleazy untrustworthy and biased politician who has allegedly abused entitlements for decades will in all probability keep her job of throwing Labor politicians out of Parliament.

A strong socialist current in society would help combat the jump to more overt racism we have witnessed under the influence of Labor and Liberal governments.  Help me build that current. Defend Adam Goodes.

Christine Anu's photo.


A later article, The Bishopric has fallen: now for the wholly corrupt See of Parliament discusses her resignation.



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