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January 2009



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One state for two peoples

I have been copping some flack from correspondents in the Canberra Times letters pages recently for daring to argue for a one state solution for Palestine. For example David Goss, a former Australian Ambassador to Israel, criticised me for deceiving myself or readers about a democratic and secular Palestine.

David then launched into an explanation of the Hamas charter.  Here is what I sent in (slightly edited). The Canberra Times left out the Arab masses and road to Jerusalem material.

All these correspondents seem to think I see Hamas as the agent for this one state solution. Their arguments are sophistry, and untrue.

Hamas is an obstacle to attaining a democratic and secular Palestine. But at the moment it is fighting against the racist apartheid state of Israel, the advance guard of US imperialism. For that reason I support Hamas in its legitimate attempts to resist the criminal Israeli blockade and its logical extension, the invasion.  Israel should withdraw and lift the blockade immediately.

The PLO used to have as its aim a democratic and secular Palestine, although it was more rhetoric than anything else. The degeneration of the PLO (and massive loss of support from its people) is evident in the fact that the Abbas Palestinian Authority (PA) is a quisling and corrupt group ruling through terror against its own people.

Its hope may be that Israel smashes Hamas and then imposes the Abbas PA as the governing authority in Gaza. If that occurs, the Abbas PA death squads will continue Israel’s work of killing Palestinians – Hamas members, most of whom perform social service, educational and medical functions.

What the various correspondents skip over is my actual argument. it is that the road to Jerusalem runs through Cairo. If the Arab masses were to overthrow the US supported Mubarak dictatorship, the politics of the whole region would be revolutionised and there would be the possibility of a rainbow nation of Palestine arising.

This is not fantasy. Massive strike rocked the Egyptian dictatorship last year. Demonstrators in Egypt are now criticising Mubarak as well as Israel.

Mubarak has responded with repression. Troops occupy every square in Cairo to prevent further demonstrations.

The future for Palestine lies in the Arab masses overthrowing their dictatorships, not in useless and futile Palestinian posturing about driving the Jews into the sea, sending rockets into Israeli towns, or initiating suicide bombings to kill Israeli citizens.

The realists in Hamas offered Israel a deal some time ago – return to the 67 borders and allow a viable Palestinian state to develop and survive and we (Hamas) will accept peace.

It is Israel which rejected the offer because it has no interest in peace. Its raison d’etre is expansion.

A two state solution will not work because it effectively legitimises the present de facto bantustans of Gaza and the West Bank and leaves racist Israel in control.

Dr William Maley also responded to the former Australian Ambassador to Israel about the Hamas charter.

Here is part of what he said:

In a major 2007 study  of Hamas, Dr Jeroen Gunning writes that the Hamas Charter “neither does justice to the political thinking of Hamas” leaders (it is weak on specifics) nor does it adequately reflect the views of the present leadership, few of whom would quote it or regard it as reflecting their positions.  (It was written in 1988 by the then old guard of the movement).

On the Israeli ceasefire, i think it is a sham.  If it were serious srael  would completely evacuate Gaza and lift the blockade (the blockade itself being an act of war).  It is interesting that the Israeli ceasefire happened two days before Obama’s inauguration.

The Israelis have failed in their objective of destroying Hamas.  They have strengthened it.



Comment from Peter Quinn
Time January 20, 2009 at 12:22 pm

Israel’s blockade is an act of war, John? Then what say you to the American blockade of Cuba? Do you condemn that also as an act of war???

Comment from John Passant
Time January 20, 2009 at 12:47 pm


Yes I do condemn the US blockade of Cuba.

it is one of the reasons for its impoverishment. (That and the fall of the USSR meaning that Soviet subsidies stopped flowing.)

Obama may remove the blockade gradually, but let’s wait and see.

That doesn’t mean I support the Cuban regime. As my article on Cuba makes clear I don’t see Stalinism as socialism.

Comment from MikeM
Time January 20, 2009 at 1:37 pm

If the Egyptian masses do overthrow the Mubarak government it certainly would change the politics of the region.

The chances are that, as happened in “Palestine”, the new government would be led by ideological Islamists – in the case of Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood, who have similar ideology to Hamas.

Comment from John Passant
Time January 20, 2009 at 1:58 pm

Thanks Mike.

I think that it is likely the Muslim Brotherhood could win power, (since they would win any democratic election at the moment in Egypt). However in the course of mass struggle people’s ides can change and it is that which offers hope for the Egyptian people and left. I look back at Iran in 78 and 79 and think that the Stalinist and nationalist politics of the Left then enabled Khomeini to ride to power on the back of mass working class struggles.

But that doesn’t make the Iranian regime stable and those same revolutionary forces still exist there (and in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria etc) for the masses, especially the working class to win victory now, or in some short (in history’s terms) time after that.

I think the victory of the masses, even if they do bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power, would be a step forward for the region in any event, overthrowing a puppet of US imperialism.

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