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Queensland has class

Jobs won it for Anna Bligh in Queensland. Working class voters decided she could protect and create jobs.

She can’t. Labor went early in Queensland because its knows the jobs massacre is about to arrive.

Even the Federal Treasurer is now saying that their 7 percent unemployment guess for next year is low. 

Many economists think it will be close to double digits by next year.  That’s over 1 million unemployed before we count underemployment. 

Perhaps 350,000 of the new unemployed will be school leavers and recent graduates.

Bligh has as little power to stop the coming jobs massacre as Rudd. Or Springborg and Turnbull.

Given the collapse in demand for resources and the fall in their price, and the drying up of building finance, the unemployment lines will stretch from Port Douglas to the Gold Coast.

The Labor Party logic of managing capitalism will force Bligh and Rudd to become participants in the slaughter. 

They will take up the meat axe against their own employees and more generally against ‘inefficiency’.  That is code for attacking schools, hospitals and roads.


Bligh and Rudd could freeze the wages of their own employees, using rhetoric about saving jobs. 

Their strategy will be to cut public services and sack workers and freeze wages. This sends a message to private employers do the same and for employees to accept the attacks. 

The Premier, the BlighBorg, now has 3 years to see how best she can make workers pay for the crisis of capitalism.  There is no other road for her and her pro-capitalist Labor Party to travel.

But workers didn’t vote for her to attack their jobs and living standards. So they might fight against Bligh’s Labor Government.

On the other hand workers could accept Labor’s attacks on them, thinking it would have been worse under Springborg.

However if unemployment hits double digits workers are likely to blame the Government in power, not the global conditions.

There is already anger among workers here and around the world that the ruling elite are pushing their crisis onto us. 

That anger could explode. 

As the Great Recession deepens, both sides – bosses and workers – have less and less room to manoeuvre. 

The bosses want to restore profit rates which means they must attack our living standards. 

Workers want jobs and adequate living standards, which means they must resist the bosses’ attacks in some way.

Queensland workers saw voting Labor as one way of doing this.

When Labor destroys their illusions a whole new political environment opens up.

 The Liberal National Party may then be the immediate beneficiary, although I do have doubts. 

As the Great Recession has been worsening, the Coalition parties across Australia have been moving further to the Right, reflecting the narrower band of options the bourgeoisie have in dealing with the crisis. 

The Queensland election result – only a 3 percent swing to the Nationals disguised as the Liberal National Party –  shows workers are rejecting this right-wing model.  They have elected a softer right-wing neoliberalism.

But the Labor magicians won’t be able to keep the illusions flowing forever.

The working class is restive.  It is looking for answers.

Politics in Queensland and Australia is about to get more interesting.



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