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April 2009



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Afghanistan – our Taliban or theirs?

Australian troops are dying in Afghanistan to protect a puppet regime that has legalised rape in marriage and is keeping women in their homes.

This is a battle between two Talibans – the US supported version and the version many Afghans support.

At best the Karzai regime rules the capital of Afghanistan. That’s why the US puppet is called the mayor of Kabul.

But the fake ‘democracy’ he presides over is made up of brutal reactionary forces. Here is how the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan put it:

By the installation of the puppet government of Karzai, the US reused its creations and continued its deal with the Jehadi criminal warlords.

From the very start, Mr. Karzai shunned the demands and trusts of the people and chose to compromise with the criminals of the “Northern Alliance” and placed the filthiest faces in the key posts of the government.

In contradiction to the shameless claims of the ministers and other treacherous and corrupt officials, our people feel more ill-fated; the country has been turned to a mafia state and self-immolation, rape and abduction of women and children has no parallel in the history of Afghanistan.

The Taliban is no different to the current regime, except that it opposes US imperialism in the country. The left internationally must support them as the only real force fighting against the foreign oppressors and capable of driving them out.

The US is in Afghanistan to show everyone it rules the world and that it will use its military to reinforce that dominance.  Australia is there as part of the price of its AnzUS insurance policy.

The Afghans want the US out. Support for the Taliban continues to grow precisely because they are fighting to achieve that.

This is not a case of having illusions in the Taliban. Unlike Ho Chi Minh and Che Guevara, whom some elements of the left  mistakenly idealised, you cannot idolize the Taliban.

But our support is not based on their niceness or otherwise.

It rests on two factors. The Taliban have substantial support and they are fighting against US imperialism.

A defeat for the US in Afghanistan would be a step forward for humanity, forcing the beast back into its lair for a few years at least and allowing the Afghan people the ability to resolve the situation by and among themselves.

That is what happened after 1975 when the Vietnamese national liberation forces drove the US out of their country.

As a consequence for eleven years the US stayed in its home barracks. Its first, tentative, invasion in 1986 was of Grenada, a defenceless island of 100,000 people. Even in 1991 when US troops forced Hussein out of Kuwait George Bush senior did not follow on to Baghdad, fearing, as he put it, a rerun of Vietnam.

A defeat in Afghanistan is likely. The Russian imperialists spent ten years there and yet with 100,000 troops could not subjugate the Afghan people.

My political tendency supported the Afghan insurgents against the Russian imperialists. The defeat of the Russians in Afghanistan contributed to the downfall of the Berlin Wall and the political liberation of the people of Eastern Europe.

A defeat for the US in Afghanistan – its defeat in Iraq is being played out in slow motion – will likewise create new tensions in the heart of the imperialist beast but at least help keep it in its cage for a while and encourage other movements around the world to reject their US military and economic overlords.

 Leonie Bronstein



Comment from Arjay
Time April 5, 2009 at 3:50 pm

Just like the Vietnam war the power brokers who make money from war,will be quite happy to see it go on for years.

The Vietnam war was never intended to be won.Get Govts into debt who then make banks and arm dealers rich and keep tax payers poor.

Comment from Tel
Time April 16, 2009 at 10:53 pm

The US are in Afghanistan in order to keep control over the heroin trade. They are also repositioning themselves to put pressure on Pakistan soon.

Inevitably the US will need to choose between India and Pakistan, and when that time comes they will choose profitable India, but they are going to move with cautious steps as once does when cornering a nuclear armed power!

The US military won’t be defeated in the battlefield, they will be defeated by the economic cost and lack of home support for expensive foreign wars. Even when you factor in profits from the drug deals, the US must be making a substantial overall loss in Afghanistan. The taxpayers can only withstand so much before their back is broken.

I expect we will see widespread social unrest in the USA maybe 12 months from now, maybe a little longer (about the time the inflation starts to bite), and along with that we will see increasingly strongarm tactics to keep that unrest under control. These factors together with more expensive resources and more competitive world markets will put huge pressure on US productivity, spiraling into lower standard of living, further social unrest and bigger problems.

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