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Pratt, pirates and make believe anti-semitism

This is a letter John sent to The Australian newspaper after one of its letter writers lied by calling John anti-Jewish.  In fact John’s view is that the Jewish people can only be liberated when the Palestinian people are, and the palestinians only when the jews are.

You should also read John’s earlier article, prompted by an article by Nick Dyrenfurth, the letter writer, in the Australian a few weeks ago. It’s called Make believe anti-semitism: the last refuge of Zionism.


Nick Dyrenfurth continues with his make believe anti-semitism in accusing me of being anti-jewish because I raise questions about Pratt’s $700 million price fixing. (The Australian, Letters 2 May 2009).

What is behind Nick’s lies and his linkage, not mine, of the price fixing issue to Pratt’s jewishness, something I didn’t know about until recently, and something I, unlike Nick, think is completely irrelevant to a discussion of Pratt’s cartel activity? 

Falsely calling me anti-Semitic is Nick’s attempt to suppress those who disagree with him.  By raising the hoary accusation that those of us who question Zionism and think it is in fact a racist ideology are anti-Semitic, Nick wants to stop me raising that very question and questions about Pratt’s thieving.

I believe in a one state solution – a democratic and secular Palestine – for all who want to live there.  That, Nick, makes me pro-jewish, as well as pro-palestinian.

Even a cursory reading of my blog, and the website of Socialist Alternative, would have made that clear. But why let the truth stand in the way of a good debate suppressor, eh Nick?

That’s the point.  By tarring me with the lie of anti-semitism Nick seemingly absolves himself from debate and examination of the issues we anti-zionists raise. 


He can then live comfortably (at least in his own mind) with the genocide Zionism has and is carrying out against Palestinians.

Dyrenfurth somehow links this ‘Zionism as racism’ issue (through a twisted logic I can only describe as hate filled) to Pratt’s price fixing.  Again he is doing this to shut down debate.

Presumably he thinks he is somehow undermining the arguments of those of us who wonder why the capitalist gang of robber barons have rallied behind this crook. 

His aim is to suppress my criticism of the capitalist class and their Labor lapdogs for bowing and scraping before a man who should have had the opportunity to die in jail.

Nick’s approach makes no sense. Pratt stole $700 million from Australian workers and business. His jewishness is irrelevant. His theft is not.

Instead Nick wants to stop any debate about Pratt’s price fixing by calling me anti-jewish. 

Then Dyrenfurth and the Labor Party of which he is member don’t have to defend a massive price fixer or the logic of the exploitative system that both he and his Party so beautifully represent; nor indeed rebut the idea of zionism as racist.

I would like Nick and The Australian to apologise to me publicly for the lie that I am anti-jewish.

I know that won’t happen because real debate and discussion are not part of the Zionist discourse nor apparently of the Australian or the Labor Party. 

Lies and slander (and genocidal attacks on the Palestinian people) appear to be Zionism’s only stock in trade.

John Passant
Canberra ACT


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