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Isn’t the market wonderful?

The market is a wondrous thing.  It solves all our problems though some mystic and magical force.

Occasionally the potion doesn’t work.  All we end up with is a sour taste and a sick stomach. 

Take the environment. 

The market has been a wonderful success there, ensuring that profit comes before such minor things as clean air and water,  not to mention the destruction of the environment more generally.

Saint Kevin is going to fix all these environmental problems with, you guessed it, the market.  Profit comes before people.

In finance the market has proven to be a wonderful provider – for bankers and no one else. 

The sub-prime loan crisis and the contagion it has unleashed in the financial world and  then into the productive sector of society is an example of the market at its best. 

In the health insurance market, Rudd has propped up the insurers with about $4 billion in benefits.  And they don’t provide full cover, yet still charge thousands a year.

For superannuation it is even worse.  The market here is so inefficient the Government gives disguised grants through the tax system to superannuation funds and mainly rich people to the tune of almost $30 billion a year.

That could pay for a huge increase in pensions and the dole.

The most obscene market is the trade in human labour.  We wage slaves are commodities to be bought and sold on the open market with no regard to our needs as human beings.

In all four cases the market is one of the problems. Tinkering with it (as the Ruddites propose) doesn’t address the fundamental failures it creates.

Abolishing it will.  It is only through the overthrow of wage slavery that real democracy and freedom can reign.



Comment from Arjay
Time May 8, 2009 at 10:54 pm

John ,there is nothing wrong with free markets if they have a balance of power tempered with fair competition.Centralised Govt is a dismal failure as with having centralised banks running our finances.

We can stop Govt debt with the strioke of a pen.Instead of borrowing from the world central banks who just create most of the money in cyber space anyway,our own RBA can create enough money to service all our needs without paying a cent of interest.The real slavery is debt slavery.Not the free markets.

40% of US taxes are currently going toward servicing debt.If Ron Paul can audit the FED and eventually elimate them,then the US people can be free.

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