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Today  is the 61st anniversary of the foundation of Israel.  Palestinians call this day Al-Nakbah, the catastrophe.

Israel is a state built on the genocide of the Palestinians.  The ethnic cleansing of Palestine and Palestinians continues today.

The apartheid wall, the blockade of Gaza and the recent invasion and killing of hundreds of innocent people are examples of this ongoing genocide.

The Zionist project for the last 100 or more years has been to establish an exclusively Jewish homeland.

The proponents clearly recognised that this would involve driving the Palestinians off their land.

This they began in earnest in 1948 with the foundation of Israel under the auspices of US and Russian imperialism, mediated through their sometime plaything, the United Nations.

This apartheid state drove 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and land, killing many in the process. 

The end result is the 6 million Palestinian refugees who live in misery and squalor.

By contrast the Israelis, though massive US military and economic aid, live relatively comfortable lives.

Their relative wealth exist only because they have imprisoned the Palestinians in poverty. And because they are the armed wing of US interests in the region. 

The Jewish state is exactly that – for Jews only.

One of my comrades mentioned yesterday that, because his mother is Jewish, he can emigrate and live in Israel.  (Theoretically at least he can do this , although he has no wish to live in a state founded on genocide and racism.)

One of our Palestinian contacts cannot return to the home his parents lived in before Al-Nakbah.

This is racism.

The two state solution was always and remains a smokescreen for the continuing expansion of Israel and the on-going imprisonment of the Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza.

In fact US imperialism doesn’t want a solution – it wants the region in turmoil. It wants Israel there to be able to discipline the Arab masses, and as part of that keep friendly dictators in power in many of the Arab states.

Only a democratic and secular Palestine, one in which all who want to can live, can solve the problems of the region.

Both imperialism and its adopted child, Zionism, will not allow that to happen.

When the Egyptian masses overthrow the Mubarak regime this vision of a new Palestine, a rainbow nation, will come more clearly into focus.



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