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More Australians will die in Afghanistan for US imperialism

The Afghan resistance has killed another invader – this time an Australian.

Pointing out this truth is verboten.  Just ask the Chaser comedy team. 

They turned up at St John’s church in Canberra on Sunday.  That’s where and when Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his wife Therese Rein worship.

They had climbing gear with them to go up the spire.  Why?

To highlight the hypocrisy of allowing tourists to clamber all over Uluru, a sacred site of the Anangu people.

But there was another problem. After praying to his god, religious Rudd was going to make a statement about how saddened we all were over the death of yet another Australian soldier in Afghanistan. 

So the usual colonel blimps have condemned the Chaser team for disrupting this solemn time.

In fact they didn’t disrupt anything.

But that is beside the point when the florid foot soldiers of the past and lying politicians want to pretend to be upset about the death of another young man killed in the defence of the US alliance.

The war in Afghanistan is a lie.  It is not a war on terror.  It is a war of terror against the Afghan people.

It has nothing to do, despite the claims of the warmongers in Labor and the Opposition, with defeating terrorists, anywhere, least of all in Indonesia (which is what Rudd and Turnbull are now claiming.)  

Nothing, except that it encourages the jihadists and others to view the West as waging a war against Islam and enables recruitment on that basis.

Australian troops are dying in Afghanistan for the US alliance.

Australian invaders are fighting and being killed as an insurance policy designed to retain US influence in Asia and enabling Australia to treat the immediate region as our backyard under that umbrella. 

To gain a bulwark against Chinese imperialism 20 year old Australians are and will die in Afghanistan.

This is a verity the liars in Parliament won’t tell us. 

Let us speak the truth.  The US is in Afghanistan to restore its military credibility in the world, to show other countries what catastrophic results the US can unleash on them if they get out of line and as part of its China encirclement strategy.

The defeat of the US in Vietnam kept the beast in its lair for ten years, making the world much safer during that time.

The defeat of Russian imperialism in Afghanistan showed stalinism was not all powerful and contributed to the velvet revolutions.

Similarly a defeat for Western imperialism in Afghanistan would be a  step forward for humanity.

The West cannot win.  Puppet President Karzai knows this.

He wants to negotiate with the Taliban, the supposed eternal terrorist enemy.

Karzai at least knows that no matter how many troops the West sends in they won’t beat the resistance. 

More Australians will die for the US alliance in Afghanistan. 

To save lives, now is the time to withdraw all the invading troops.

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Comment from peter piper
Time July 21, 2009 at 2:04 pm

why not just nuke Afghanistan, it is of no use to anyone and is backward and a threat to world peace. We obliterated the smallpox virus (equally as usful as the average Afghani), surely it cant be that hard?

Comment from Abi
Time July 22, 2009 at 8:39 pm

I agree with Peter. I think we should also nuke New Zealand cos i hate them and think they are useless at rugby, cricket and any other sport.

Comment from John
Time July 22, 2009 at 9:07 pm

Thanks Abi. Peter’s comment highlights the problem for western imperialism. Our leaders don’t give a shit for the people of Afghanistan or wherever else they invade. Over a million civilians have died as a consequence of the Iraq invasion. Who knows how many civilians the West has killed in Afghanistan?

Or take Iran. US imperialism was so concerned for all the people demonstrating on the streets for democracy that a week after the fraudulent election Obama and Biden gave the green light to Israel to bomb those some people. Western imperialism is the real terrorism we need to defeat.

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