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al-Megrahi is innocent

The press is full of dictator bashing over the release of convicted Lockerbie bomber al-Megrahi from jail. 

Greg Sheridan in The Australian for example argued that although Gaddafi was a dictator he had given up on nuclear weapons. So it was OK to deal with him because he had backed down.

Sheridan also argued the Iranians were very different.

They haven’t given in to the blandishments of the nuclear armed West and so we should… Well, it is not quite clear what Sheridan has planned for the Iranians, people who not so long ago he was supporting in the streets of Tehran.

Presumably he now wants to bomb them to death to stop the Iranian regime gaining nuclear weapons.

Geoffrey Robertson in this weekend’s Sydney Morning Herald also joined in the Gaddafi bashing. 

For a normally very astute lawyer he seems to have missed some obvious points about the Lockerbie bombing and the release of al-Megrahi. Here is my response in a letter I sent to the Sydney Morning Herald.


Geoffrey Robertson’s normally forensic intelligence seems to have disappeared when it comes to the al-Megrahi case. (‘Compassion for a mass killer is a coup for Libya’s dictator’ SMH Opinion September 12-13.) Let me offer a hypothetical that I believe has more credence.

Scotland released al-Megrahi because his appeal would have blown apart the lies of successive Governments on both sides of the Atlantic about the Lockerbie bombing, and in doing so would have released (or if he had died by then, exonerated) an innocent man.   That is why the deal for his release included a commitment from al-Megrahi to withdraw his appeal.

The bombers were possibly a Palestinian splinter group acting at the behest of Iran as revenge for the US military blowing an Iranian passenger jet out of the sky six months earlier and killing hundreds.  

At first the US and Britain were pursuing this lead, but the First Gulf War saw them switch focus. Why?

Because Iran supported the West in reclaiming Kuwait from Saddam Hussein; Gaddafi did not.

So as part of the West’s First Gulf War rhetoric Gaddafi became the new Hitler (replacing the Iranian regime).

The lie the West used to justify sanctions against Libya was that Gaddafi was shielding the Lockerbie bombers.

al-Megrahi’s appeal against his conviction would have exposed all of this and the ridiculous ‘evidence’ on which he was convicted (and perhaps the more shadowy links with Syrian and CIA sponsored drug running) so the Scottish Government traded al-Megrahi’s silence for his freedom. 

It was a trade-off al-Megrahi agonised over but eventually accepted as a way of seeing his loved ones before he died.

I also disagree with Geoffrey that Gaddafi is the godfather of modern terrorism.  We should look closer to home for that. 

The Western invasion of Iraq has led to the death of over one million or more Iraqis.  We are killing civilians by the bucket load in Afghanistan. 

Gaddafi, murderous thug that he is, pales in comparison to our brutality.

The real masters of global terrorism sit in Canberra, London and Washington.


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