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September 2009



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Same sex marriage for Canberra?

The minority Canberra Labor Government has decided to support a Greens’ Bill legalising same sex marriage in the Territory.

In the past it has opposed such a move, given that the Rudd Federal Labor government opposes same sex marriage as some sort of threat to straight nirvana.

It has been Canberra Labor’s policy for some time to legalise such marriages.

The last attempt saw the Labor Party in Canberra back down in the face of threats from Labor’s Federal Attorney-General Robert McClelland and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to disallow the same sex marriage law if the local Parliament passed it.

What we have at the moment is a non-binding civil ceremony. 

The fatuous argument for disallowing same sex marriage put by McClelland is that it threatens the idea that marriage is between a man and  woman.

I fail to see how to gays or lesbians tying the knot threatens others from doing so, but of course logic is the not the point here.

Inequality is at the heart of Rudd Labor’s opposition to same sex marriage.

It doesn’t want gay and lesbian couples to have the same rights as straight couples.

Rudd Labor is thoroughly reactionary. 

It upholds ‘traditional’ values like killing foreigners, continuing the genocide in the Northern Territory and cutting wages and conditions.

It continues the great John Howard tradition of defending traditional marriage to not only appeal to its redneck parliamentarians, powerful trade union officials and conservative voters but to ‘defend’ the family and, for the bosses, the almost cost free raising of the next generation of workers.

The cost is in fact borne by workers, especially women.

Canberra Labor is under some pressure from it membership and supporters to do something positive about same sex marriage

It doesn’t want to be outflanked on the left by the Greens.

It is under further pressure from the movement on the streets in favour of same-sex marriage equality that happened recently around Australia.

But Canberra Labor isn’t serious about same sex marriage.  It will be happy to see its big Labor mates block the laws.

Canberra Labor is buck passing.

It will wring its hands and say we tried, but couldn’t change the mind of the Rudd Labor Government. 

See, we are not to blame.  It’s all their fault up on the Hill.

So let’s stop all these demonstrations and agitation.

I have a novel suggestion. Canberra Labor should defy Rudd Labor. 

It should mobilise its members, supporters and others on the streets of Canberra to force Rudd Labor to back down.

It should use Rudd Labor’s threats as the spearhead for  a national campaign for same sex marriage.

Canberra Labor could call on Trade Unions Canberra to ban all goods and services for Federal Parliament and politicians until gays and lesbians have marriage equality.

It won’t do any of these things.  It will shrug and then retreat. 

The political gay bashing in Canberra will continue.  

The only way to end the ongoing political vilification of gays and lesbians and win true equality will be to mobilise thousands on the streets and win trade unions to the campaign. 

Let’s begin the task now of building a mass movement for same sex marriage. Let’s all unite for equality.

The next National Day of Action for same sex marriage rights will be on 28 November around Australia. Let’s continue the momentum from the 1 August NDA and draw in new layers of activists and supporters to really put pressure on Rudd Labor with even more militant demos.










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Time September 23, 2009 at 12:55 am

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Comment from peter piper
Time September 23, 2009 at 2:10 pm

“It should mobilise its members, supporters and others on the streets of Canberra to force Rudd Labor to back down”

do you think the average union member thinks more highly of this idea than the average aussie?? You are sadly mistaken
As for ‘genocide’; stopping kids being sexually abused and raped by drunken aborigines is surely a good thing? Get out of your office and go and speak to those kids and women and union members…your version of reality is at odds with the rest of the planet

Comment from John
Time September 24, 2009 at 7:09 am

Actually Peter the most recent survey showed 60 percent of Australians support same sex marriage. As to the intervention, it was never about protecting kids.

It was about further repressing aboriginal people (for example controlling what they can spend their money on) and taking their land, and providing a convenient whipping post for Howard and now Rudd to appeal to the racists. If it was truly about the kids – how many successful prosecutions have there been, by the way – then the army would be in Catholic schools and other private schools across the country, banning grog, limiting access to the land, limiting their spending power and the like. It won’t because that’s white, ‘respectable’ Australia.

Why do you think Howard stopped the racial discrimination act from applying to the intervention.

The history of Australia since 1778 has been the hsotiry of genocide against aboriginal people. The intervention is but the latest episode in that process.

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