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November 2009
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Labor are the real enemy

I celebrate the destruction of the Liberal Party. But that is a side game. The real enemy is Labor.

Historically the ALP has been a party of reaction – reacting to the pulls of the bourgeoisie and the working class.

Today it is a dual party of reaction – reacting to the wishes of the ruling elite and to the conservative sections of society.

In other words it has moved, or is continuing to move, from being a bourgeois workers’ party to a bourgeois party.

The self-immolation of the union movement over the last 26 years – the class collaboration exemplified by the Accord, the concentration of power in the hands of the bureaucrats and the failure industrially to challenge the Howard Government – have contributed to this.

The split in the Opposition opens the way for the ALP to become more and more conservative, to become truly reactionary.

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme  is an example of this degeneration.

Even before the deals with Malcolm Turnbull giving an extra $6 billion to polluters from our pockets, the CPRS was a dog. As the Greens and others, including Richard Dennis from the Australia Institute have pointed out, Labor’s scheme is worse than useless.

The CPRS is a market solution to the existential problems the market created.  It will solve nothing. In any event its 5 percent 2020 target, transferring billions upon billions of our money to the big polluters will only in practice increase global warming. 

The kerfuffle in the Liberal Party hides the reality of Labor’s reaction.

As I wrote yesterday:

The whole political class is united in opposing real measures to address climate change.

Rudd and Turnbull have more in common with Abbott and Joyce than they do with you and me, not only over global warming but industrial relations, Afghanistan, the Northern Territory invasion, refugees, health and education spending. The list goes on and on and on.

Apart from some sections of the carbon cabal, and the fruitcake faction gathered around Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd media, the bourgeoisie loves Rudd Labor.

Labor continues Howard’s policies without the divisiveness. Rudd is the acceptable face of Howard, the acceptable face of conservatism.

This has contributed to despair in the Opposition.  Rudd Labor has stolen its clothes.

It now looks as if the naked Liberals have found a denialist thread. It will not be enough to cover their ugliness.

What is missing in this realignment on the conservative side from the Liberals to Labor is the development of any mass left-wing alternative.

The Greens are not left-wing, or rather may at best be viewed as the left wing of the bourgeoisie. Their timidity and parliamentary cretinism are a consequence of their bourgeois worldview.

In some countries the radical left has found some support. The New Anti-Capitalist Party in France and the Left in Germany have support among a small section of society. The radical left in Greece has some support.

In Latin America the radical nationalist Left has consolidated power in a number of countries including Venezuela and Bolivia. 

Some of this swing to the Left has been a response to the economic crisis and some to mass struggles from below.

The stabilisation of the global economy, or rather the slowing of the decline, has cemented the position in Australia of Rudd’s frantic do-nothingness and pro-boss policies.

In arguing for a re-building of the left I am not about more useless and ineffective electoral alliances among small left groups.

The left can only be rebuilt out of the struggles of ordinary people – struggles for action on climate change, for jobs, better wages and conditions and the like.

As the global financial crisis shows, capitalism is a system of crisis.

It was Lenin who said that for decades nothing happens, and then in weeks decades happen.

If the left hasn’t rebuilt a base in society when the fire next time erupts, the bourgeoisie will be able to successfully douse the flames again.






Comment from Arjay
Time November 27, 2009 at 9:18 pm

It is much the same in the USA,Obama is the acceptable face of of Bush,however Obama is far more dangerous,since he is whorshipped as a demi-God.

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