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December 2009



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Tony Abbott: Is he Churchill or is he Spartacus?

The Australian can’t make up its mind.

Yesterday the paper was describing a speech Tony Abbott gave to the party faithful as Churchillian. (Mind you the article was written before the speech was given. So maybe it was Churchillian in content, not necessarily delivery. Who knows?) 

Today Anthony Sinodinos (Howard’s right hand man for a number of years) described Abbott as the Spartacus of Australian politics.

Spartacus? I mean really. Spartacus led slave revolts against the Roman empire (or republic as it was then).

Spartacus risked his life (and eventually died) for freedom.

The closest Abbott has and will come to that is sending Australian troops overseas to die for our imperialism under the lie of freedom.

The slave rebellion started off small but quickly spread and the slave armies (numbering tens of thousands) beat the Empire again and again.

Finally, after many defeats, and with the slaves threatening Rome, the Romans smashed the rebellion with massive force. 

Somehow I just don’t see Abbott as a rebel against the prevailing order, challenging its very existence. In fact Abbott wants to preserve all that is rotten about the present system.

Nor can his army of Liberal afternoon tea clubbers in any way be described as slaves. Wage slave keepers, yes. Slaves, no.

But none of this is surprising from the Australian. Tony Abbot is their man in Canberra.

They have positioned themselves on the hard Liberal Party right of the political spectrum for some time now. It would not be unfair to describe them as wanting to be the Fox News of Australian print media.

In this the paper has lost any pretence of objectivity. It indulges in partisan political propaganda piece.

For example Janet Albrechtsen has begun writing love letters to Abbott disguised as opinion pieces in the Australia. Australian women are apparently going to fall for her Tony. A love rat for the love rug perhaps?

Apart from the coal cabal, the Australian appears to be the only significant section of the bourgeoisie supporting Abbott.

This ruling class support for Labor explains the splits within the Liberal party. They are searching for policies that make them worthy to govern in the eyes of the bourgeoisie.

At the moment the Labor Party strategy of implementing Howard’s policies without the divisiveness is working for most workers and bosses.

It is at this stage likely that Abbott will lose the next election. But his posturing positions him, or his successor on the right, for a tilt at power with open attacks on workers their main policies when the economy begins its next decline.

But again, Labor in power could easily outflank them on this by attacking social spending, if not in this May budget then the budget the year after.  

Abbott is not Spartacus or Churchill.

He is by his own admission, and this is a more realistic although gruesome picture, the political love child of Bronwyn Bishop and John Howard. With that image in mind, enjoy the rest of your day.



Comment from Marco
Time December 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm


And I thought you had little sense of humour. I’m grateful I’ve read this comment.

The image of Bronwyn and John H “at it” is a haunting one…

Comment from John
Time December 17, 2009 at 10:04 pm

Marco, ask my friends and you’ll find I have a rather bad (or is that lame, pathetic,) sense of humour. I make bad jokes all the time. But your comment has reminded me of that image… Oh no….

Comment from Marco
Time December 19, 2009 at 1:42 pm


Check John Safran’s “Lost Pilot” out for a good chuckle:

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