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November 2010



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My interview Razor Sharp 18 February
Me interviewed by Sharon Firebrace on Razor Sharp on Tuesday 18 February. (0)

My interview Razor Sharp 11 February 2014
Me interviewed by Sharon Firebrace on Razor Sharp this morning. The Royal Commission, car industry and age of entitlement get a lot of the coverage. (0)

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Time for a House Un-Australian Activities Committee?
Tony Abbott thinks the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Un-Australian. I am looking forward to his government setting up the House Un-Australian Activities Committee. (1)

Make Gina Rinehart work for her dole

Sick kids and paying upfront


Save Medicare

Demonstrate in defence of Medicare at Sydney Town Hall 1 pm Saturday 4 January (0)

Me on Razor Sharp this morning
Me interviewed by Sharon Firebrace this morning for Razor Sharp. It happens every Tuesday. (0)

I am not surprised
I think we are being unfair to this Abbott ‘no surprises’ Government. I am not surprised. (0)

Send Barnaby to Indonesia
It is a pity that Barnaby Joyce, a man of tact, diplomacy, nuance and subtlety, isn’t going to Indonesia to fix things up. I know I am disappointed that Barnaby is missing out on this great opportunity, and I am sure the Indonesians feel the same way. [Sarcasm alert.] (0)



UK education attacks – it’s about class: Join the fight for socialism

Tory education minister Michael Gove claims that the Socialist Workers Party was behind the student protests.

We are glad to have played our part in the fightback.

But the reality is that up and down the country thousands of students protested because they are furious at the government’s attacks—not because anyone “instructed” them to.

However, there is a link between the student struggles and the battle to create a truly democratic and just society.

The Tories have deliberately set out to hammer the living standards of workers and the poor in order to fatten profits and enrich the bankers and the bosses.

By fighting against the government’s plans we can sow the seeds of the very different world we need.

The rich love George Osborne’s cuts. The chief executives who live in obscene luxury will smile at the news that the unemployed will be pressed even further into poverty while workers will see their meagre wages squeezed harder.

The police hiding behind riot shields and wading in with truncheons are there to make sure that those who make the profits—and the politicians who look after their interests—are protected.

We’ve seen the level of anger. Now let’s get organised to link up our fights and win.

This wave of resistance has to continue—or the Eton boys will trample on our class.

And that’s also why we need a different type of society.

Join us in the fight for socialism. For those of you in the UK: Phone 020 7819 1170 or text 07986 936094 to join the Socialist Workers Party.

This article is reproduced from the UK paper Socialist Worker. For comprehensive and up to date coverage of the struggle, visit Socialist Worker.



Comment from Walter
Time November 26, 2010 at 2:13 pm

I fail to see how fighting with police helps this cause.

According to this article “there is a link between the student struggles and the battle to create a truly democratic and just society.”

I pressume that when students get robbed, when car accidents and the like happen, when subways are attacked or football hooligans threaten them, when dead people need to be cleaned up – these same rioting students would NOT seek help from the police, who are only protecting the profits and the politicians.

I guess the police union isn’t a real union in your socialist sense, and that those lowly paid blue collar coppers and not part of the proletariat?

Funny how rioting against coppers is considered fair and justifiable in the name of social justice, but when these same smug social justice practitioners need police assistance, they don’t hesitate to call.

Cops and good and cops are bad. Just like students. Ask a uni lecturer whether all students can be lumped together, or even if the ‘collective’ is united in wanting the same type of society?

Violence is not justified. Ghandi didn’t need to attack the British to achieve justice. Neither did Mandella.

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