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December 2010



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Wikileaks and the real criminals

Charles Krauthammer wrote in the Washington Post that he ‘…was not advocating that we bring out of retirement the KGB proxy who, on a London street, killed a Bulgarian dissident with a poisoned umbrella tip. But it would be nice if people like Assange were made to worry every time they go out in the rain.’

Where I sit, that looks pretty much like incitement. Why isn’t Charles Krauthammer before a US court charged with incitement to murder?

Oh, now I get it. He’s on the side of the powerful US empire so he is immune from prosecution. Just as every US president since the end of the Second World War is immune from prosecution, although every one of them is clearly guilty of war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity.

US imperialism has invaded Iraq, killing more than a million innocent people. It has invaded Afghanistan, killing ten of thousand of innocents.

It has set up a puppet regime through rigged elections in Haiti and watches as thousands die.

It has drone bombed Pakistan, killing hundreds of innocent people, and is now repeating its crimes in Yemen. Indeed, Barack Obama has ordered as many drone bombings in one year as George W Bush did in his whole 8 years in Office.

US imperialism has bases in 134 countries around the globe. It is conducting war games with South Korea, itching to attack North Korea.

Its military budget will be over $700 billion next year. According to the Project on Defense Alternatives 

The Obama administration is contributing substantially to this trend [of above average military spending – JP].  It plans to spend more on defense in real (inflation-adjusted) terms than did any administration since 1948 – a period encompassing the entire Cold War, including two large-scale, protracted regional wars: Korea and Vietnam. 

Military spending figures in 2010 dollars on the website show that Barack Obama is a bigger warmonger than George W Bush and Ronald Reagan.  It says:

Comparing several eight-year administrations we find that: 

  • Ronald Reagan spent $4.1 trillion on the Defense Department (in 2010 dollars), 
  • G. W. Bush spent $4.65 trillion, and 
  • Barack Obama plans to spend more than $5 trillion.

Barack Obama is the enemy of peace. He is commander in chief of the biggest killing machine in history, a terrorist organisation committed to making the word safe for US capitalism.

Hence Obama’s determination, and that of the Empire he runs, to shut down Wikileaks and if needs be assassinate its founder Julian Assange.

The Empire is struggling to win a war in Afghanistan against a nationalist resistance. That war is partly about proving to the world the extent of US power and partly about containing China. It has failed on both counts.

Empire does not want its citizens to know the real reasons for war, and the lack of success in its bloody adventures.

It was ever thus. In 1971 Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. They showed that successive administrations had systematically lied to the American public about a range of material, including the reasons for the Vietnam war and its success.

The papers highlighted showed the illegal bombing of Cambodia, the reality that the war was unwinnable, the desire of Johnson to bomb North Vietnam despite his public denials… In short it showed the lies of the powerful. Just as Julian Assange is doing today.

The Pentagon Papers have a familiar feel about them. The Nixon administration was outraged. It branded Ellsberg the most dangerous man in America. There were calls for his arrest and yes, assassination. He was, said some, an agent of North Vietnam. 

The Nixon administration sought court orders preventing the publication of the information in the Pentagon Papers. They were eventually unsuccessful but delayed publication for some time.

Ellsberg was charged under the Espionage Act as well as for theft and conspiracy. The Nixon Administration had broken into offices of  Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. They had also illegally wiretapped conversations between Ellsberg and one of his advisers/mentors.  The charges against Ellsberg were dismissed.

 Julian Assange has revealed the lies of Empire. For that he is being accused of rape, his website is hounded to all the corners of the globe and he is under threat of arrest for ‘crimes’ in the United States.  He could be assassinated.

The Australian Government has supported the US in its hounding of Assange and Wikileaks. This is not surprising since the Australian ruling class looks to protect and expand its interests under the umbrella of US power.

As a consequence the Labor Party bastards have ordered an enquiry to see if Assange has broken any Australian laws.  And they wonder why people are voting for the Greens?

Julian Assange is Julia Gillard’s David Hicks. Offer the Australian freedom fighter refuge here, Prime Minister Gillard.

I suggest Julia Gillard nominate Julian Assange for the Nobel Peace prize. If Liu Xiaobo deserved it for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China (and he did) then so too does Assange for his short non-violent struggle to bring truth and transparency to the fore in Western ‘democracies’. Certainly he is a more worthy nominee than the 2009 winner – Barack Obama. 

While you’re instigating criminal enquiries, Labor, how about an enquiry to see if Obama, Bush, Howard, Rudd and Gillard are war criminals?

When these criminals are before the International Court of Justice in the Hague then I’ll know there is some justice in the world. But not before then.



Comment from Dave Bath
Time December 6, 2010 at 9:12 pm

There is an adage: “the truth will set you free”. For the warmongers and plutocrats, it is “hiding the truth is the only chance of staying free”

Comment from peter piper
Time December 7, 2010 at 10:00 am

“The Empire is struggling to win a war in Afghanistan against a nationalist resistance”
Lovvies – what do you exactly advocate doing against the Taliban and the islamic people who bring bombs into Spanish and British rail systems??

Comment from Auntie Rhoberta
Time December 7, 2010 at 10:51 am

To Peter Piper — how about not bombing Islamic countries in the first place?

Comment from Walter
Time December 7, 2010 at 4:29 pm

And another thing – world peace will be further eroded by this dangerous and rather vain man, Assange. If diplomacy goes ‘underground’ or cannot be frank because some clown will leak your private cables, then war is more likely. Wasn’t it Churchill who said something like ‘more jaw jaw jaw and less war war war’?

So let’s have another Korean war, no dialogue with the Taliban to end that conflict, no diplomacy to see if we can end the mad Iranian nuclear program … surely that is not what you are advocating Mr Passant? Surely you are not suggesting that diplomacy and private discussions to end conflict and deaths of millions should cease – all because this assange character thinks everything is opne.

And Arjay et al call the USA a police state!! Wow, they may bug the odd telephone and intercept emails, but they don’t release these private conversations on the internet, do they!!

So let me ask you this – if it is wrong for the USA or Australia to have police powers to read emails and tap phones and spy on some citizens, isn’t it also wrong to make public private (hacked) documents never meant to be made public or used for public purposes?

Assange is as guilty of violating the rights of the State as Nixon was!

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