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December 2010
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Free speech, equal pay and equal love: Gillard Labor opposes them all

There are two demonstrations I am going to this week. The first, at lunch time on Wednesday, is for equal pay for equal work in the female dominated community sector. The second, after work on Thursday, is for free speech.

Objectively both demonstrations oppose the positions the Gillard Labor Government has taken on the issues.  

On equal pay for equal work Labor thinks it will cost too much. So for Labor principle has given way to cost. I have a novel suggestion. Why not tax the rich to pay for these totally justified wage increases for women workers?

On freedom of speech the Prime Minister has already convicted Julian Assange of unspecified Australian crimes. Her attorney-general, Robert McClelland, has sicked the blood hounds of the Australian Federal Police on the Wikileaks co-founder to find something, anything, that Assange might be guilty of in Australia. The pickings are so sparse the investigation will take  a year, by which time he hopes the issue, along with Assange, will be dead and buried.

Even the British Tory Government’s Justice Minister has a better position than Australia’s Labor Government. 

“I disagree with what Wikileaks has done,” Ken Clarke said. However he added that “some of the things it’s revealed – let’s be fair – are of genuine public interest.”  He went on to say that ‘On balance it’s done a great deal of harm, but that’s not a criminal offense.” So the reactionaries in Britain are to the left of the Australian Labor Government on Wikileaks.

Last month there were big demonstrations around Australia for equal love. Julia Gillard is adamant marriage is between a man and a woman, so opposes equality for gay and lesbians. The demonstrations have changed the political landscape and put the issue at the forefront of the legislative agenda.

On 3 basic issues, equal pay, equal love and transparency in government, Labor stands opposed to the progressive and democratic position.

On Wikileaks it fears the release of information. Why? Because Labor is about running Australian capitalism. To do that it must hide the truth from the electorate. Even when it tells the truth it is the truth of the snake oil salesman. 

The Wikileaks release of information shows conclusively that our politicians lie to us all the time to ensure the parasites of the ruling class who live off our sweat continue to do so.  It also vindicates the revolutionary left on issue after issue. 

There is something else in the mix here. US imperialism is in slow decline. It is armed to the teeth and will use its military domination to protect its economic position if it can.

As its strength weakens it has become more authoritarian. This is to protect the privileged position of the ruling class in the US and its beneficiaries around the world. The attacks on Wikileaks are not an aberration but a continuation of the slow slide into authoritarianism that has been the last decade.

The Australian ruling class operates under both the defensive and offensive wings of US protection.

Wikileaks threatens in a small way the US empire.The plutocracy has to protect itself, and given the symbiotic  relationship between US imperialism and Australian capital, the Australian state will join with its powerful ally in the destruction of this enemy of global dominance. Gillard is Mark Arbib in the Lodge.

The truth is a challenge to the rule of the new emperors. Or as George Orwell put it ‘In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.’  Wikileaks exposes that universal deceit and so from the point of view of the deceivers must be silenced.

On equal pay, the subjugation of women workers in low paying jobs is an important part of the established order.  Australian capitalism is built in part on those low wages and sense of commitment and caring many women have for others. Equal pay for equal work challenges to status quo. Where’s the money coming from is but code for the challenge equal pay for equal work presents to the status quo.

Labor’s oppositon to equal pay for equal work isn’t just about cost. It is about the challenge that paying women better wages presents to capitalism’s ‘natural order’ and women’s subservient role under it, in particular as the unpaid carers for the next generation of workers.

It is the same too for equal love. The family is an important cost shifting mechanism for capital in producing the next generation of workers for the ruling elite. The ideology of marriage as being between a man and a woman is a seemingly important part of maintaining the family as low cost productive unit. While the cost might be low for capital the cost is high for women.

So Labor opposes same sex marriage to help bolster the family for capital.

Yet in today’s world, when the traditional family is the minority, this ideology is under attack. That attack in Australia has recently taken the form of mass demonstrations that have grown bigger and bigger over time demanding equality for gays and lesbians. The message resonates with most Australians and even the bigots in the ALP can see their position must change. Labor’s seeming change of heart – to be adopted perhaps at the next conference a year away – is the result of the magnificent demonstrations for equal love.

Now the left has the opportunity to challenge the deceit and lies of capitalism and its state. Last week there were well attended demonstrations across Australia supporting Wikileaks and its release of ‘secret’ information. Really, that information is ours.

This week there will be more demonstrations and they are likely to be bigger and better. The anger is palpable. People are shocked to realise their Governments treat them like mushrooms.

The movement for free speech and more transparent Government is growing. We need to build it to force the Labor Government to break its parasitic relationship with US imperialism on this. and other issues

Equal love shows that mass demonstrations can work; they can produce change. Let’s fight for a world in which our elite cannot hide behind secrecy, or cost, or the old discriminatory ideologies. Join us in the demonstrations supporting Wikileaks. And equal pay. And equal love.

There will be rallies around Australia this Wednesday from noon for equal pay for equal work. The Australian Services Union website has details for your city. I am going to the noon rally outside the Legislative Assembly in Canberra.

More demonstrations for Wikileaks and free speech include a second one in Melbourne on Tuesday 14 December from 5.30 pm at the State Library, a second one in Sydney on the same day and time at the Town Hall and one in Canberra, which I will be at, on Thursday 16 December from  5.30 pm in Garema Place.



Comment from Calligula
Time December 12, 2010 at 10:36 pm

I don’t know, John,
I reckon you’ve been setting up too many skittles with each article lately.
Too many dot points in your last.

These days I’m almost sixty in modern Rednecksville, QLD.
Ein augenblick ago I was young and immortal – a longhair biker who had an amazing collection of friends from every walk of life.
Seems there was not anything we ever did that isn’t now taxed immensely or totally proscribed.

Now I’m old, crocked and useless and no-one even wants to speak with me in the street.

No matter how much I hate the situation the likes of Howard and Dubya Bush have cast their thrall over more than one generation.
These days I’m literally on my knees praying that some youngsters will work out what that sort have been doing to their heads.

But with Obama and Gillard here caught in that hateful game – which is reflected here by the detrimental ‘decisions’ of our ‘Masters’ in so many aspects of our lives – I do wonder why the merest political neophyte could believe the present federal regime is representing Australians in any way whatsoever.

But anyway – I’m not so completely un-couth that I’ve never read history.
I’ve noted what the Feds will do to Assange if they can trick out his capture.
What happens to idiots like me if we speak plain.

Will you fund my court appearance?

Comment from Magpie
Time December 13, 2010 at 11:59 am


That’s one of the best things (maybe the only good thing?) of getting “old and crooked”: you don’t need to worry too much about the future.

Comment from Arjay
Time December 13, 2010 at 4:52 pm

It is interesting that Wikileaks has revealed that Australian Intelligence think that Iran is not a nuclear threat and that Israel could bring on a nuclear war.This is what I’ve been espousing for a while and copping lots of flack.I’m the conspiracy theorist, when our own intelligence sources agree with me.

Having said that,there is more to Wikileaks than meets the eye.All information published first gets the approval of the US State Dept.Why are they approving politically embarrassing material and then feigning outrage? Could it be they want to censor the internet?

Comment from Calligula
Time December 14, 2010 at 5:44 pm

Unfortunately Magpie I do have to worry about the future.
My lady wife and I have to worry about our remaining son.

We used to have two but the defence department and Bundaberg hospital took care of the other six years ago yesterday.

That’s why I worry when I see all the misguided and misinformed hate directed at blokes like John when he mentions the little inconsistencies between what I’d believed were once golden rules – what the present lot of opportunists in office have ripped up and replaced with what they pretend are world class standards of governance.

Ruddles might have been a bit worried about ‘Ghanistan – I’m cacking myself about the way this dump is going is going so fast to complete buggery.

Comment from Magpie
Time December 15, 2010 at 4:47 pm

Don’t get me wrong, Calligula, it pisses me off beyond measure the attitude you mention.

But, ultimately, it’s their world. I can warn, I can advice, I can yell and scream and kick like crazy.
But that’s about all I can do.

I’m in my way out (and I’m not that old, yet): maybe 20 years, tops (judging by family, probably a lot less).

Whatever the shit deluge that might follow, chances are I (maybe you two) will miss it. It’s those same smug foolish kids that piss me off that will end up paying up for their stupidity. Which is tragic, of course, but it’s also poetically just.

Anyway, I’ll keep yelling, and screaming, and kicking while I can.