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December 2010



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Wikileaks and rape

Capitalist states across the globe have framed and will continue to frame those whom they perceive to be a threat either to the exploitative process or the state itself.  

Capitalism has denigrated and demeaned women as part of its oppression of them. This oppression ensures women, rather than capital, bear the cost of raising children, the next generation of workers. There is a long history under capitalism of ignoring or gainsaying rape and denigrating its victims. 

Julia Assange brings the two together. It may be that they are irreconcilable. If so that means Assange can never receive a fair trial.  He should fight to stay in the UK. But he must address the rape issue too.

It is completely unacceptable to adopt the misogyny of capitalism and attack Assange’s accusers even if under the guise of defending Wikileaks.

It is beyond doubt that US imperialism wants Assange silenced to stop the release of embarrassing material and as a warning to others who might be tempted to follow his lead and expose the empire of lies that is the political leadership of capitalism around the globe.

The left must defend Wikileaks and its role. But we must accept that Assange needs to address and answer the allegations against him in a way that does not put him at risk of US retribution for unrelated matters, namely publishing their lies.

Wikileaks is not Assange. To personalise the entity in its founder, while understandable, is a mistake.

It is no easy matter to square the circle.

However for a start the barrage of questioning of the motives of the women involved and abusing them must stop.

But, and I recognise the dangers here of trusting bourgeois justice, we must argue for Assange to answer and rebut the accusations against him.  We must demand he is given the opportunity to do that free from the threat of transfer to the US and charges of espionage or terrorism and possible assassination.

He is wanted by the Swedish prosecutor not on sexual assault charges but for questioning about possible sexual assault.

His offer to be questioned in the UK is a legitimate response to the possible hell that awaits him if he is sent to Sweden, a hell that has nothing to do with rape and everything to do with the US state wanting to suppress the free flow of information.

Being questioned in the UK is unacceptable to the Swedes. The desire of the US to destroy him is so great that he will have to rely on British justice to stop American revenge. The chances of British justice – the justice of the British ruling class with close links to US capital – doing that appear slight.

However the international focus and demonstrations around the globe for Wikileaks and its head, Assange, mean that the criminalisation process at least is under intense scrutiny. For that reason we need to keep the pressure up to defend Wikileaks.

Further demonstrations around the globe for our right to know what our rulers really think and for Wikileaks hold the key to keeping the pressure on for a fair and just process for Assange, as much as any process under British laws can be fair and just.

I’ll be attending the next demonstration to defend Wikileaks.  You should too.



Comment from David E
Time December 23, 2010 at 9:54 am

Note also that the calls from Sweden for him to answer charges comes after a history of Swedish prosecutors:

*refusing to question him while he was actually in Sweden, waiting for be questioned,
*publishing the details of the accusations, and the accusers, and the accussed, to tabloid journalists – against Swedish legal tradition in the handling of sexual assault charges,
*Refusing to question him long distance,
*Placing an unreasonable demand (a demands that they have not followed themselves) on him for his lawyer to be gagged when in Sweden.

Comment from Calligula
Time December 23, 2010 at 5:59 pm

Would I be right in Sweden being a Civil Code jurisdiction with inquisitorial rather than Common Law, adversarial courts’ process?
If so then the Swedes most definitely have violated Mr Assange’s rights by refusing him disclosure of circumstance and facts they might choose to rely upon in court.

With our system he’d have to be formally charged with an offence then provided those documents in sufficient time for him to organise his defence.
As for his detention without charge in the UK.
The Swedes would have to charge him prior to any extradition proceedings – which evidently hasn’t happened –
All of which means the Poms have thrown all principles of Habeas Corpus out the door and unlawfully detained him.

This sort of thing is happening in Australia, especially in the backward states.
Common law processes are being subsumed to a warped form of Civil code practice combining only the worst aspect of the two systems into some sort of star chamber turnout quite hostile to truth and justice.

Seems our brainless politicians confused the Civil Code conduct of ‘Inquisitorial’ process with some torture scenes they once drooled over in a B-grade movie.

I sent the following to Mr Bartlett the other day –

Given the flagrant miscarriage of process he’s been confronted with, I’d like to see a spot of expeditious, pre-emptive, exfiltration of Julian’s person back to Oz.

I’d like to see the Townsville lad back here on familiar ground and provided with adequate resources to make his case as a Queenslander and Australian citizen being subject to a world of hate that cannot justifiably be sustained.

I’d like to see him safe back in Oz , firstly, because he seems to have one helluva lot of support from us here in OZ.

Then, given the amount of international support the lad has achieved, managing his defence from here would bring world attention to the weirdo stuff coming out of the office of the Chief torturer of the Inquisition, QLD, Mr. Cameron Dick.

Without a doubt it would be a risky proposition but worth the cost of bringing ‘Old Hypotheticals” himself, Mr Geoffrey Robertson, QC back with Julian in support of his righteous cause.

Imagine the outcomes Andrew –
The international exposure would force queensland courts to arrive at just decisions for the first time ever.

That NEED to arrive at just decisions would force retirements from the oh so compromised Qld judiciary and the Domino Effect from that would air more dirty laundry than Julian ever imagined from his boring old home state.

And if all that was forwarded in a properly constituted forum under the rule of REAL law – all the corruption would be revealed and dealt with and a properly constituted parliament with lower and upper houses would be elected and – and –

Oh – now I know why our ‘masters’ don’t want Julian back –

Sorry for mentioning it.

Comment from John
Time December 23, 2010 at 8:34 pm

yes Caligula. you couldn’t have a capitalist state supporting someone who exposes the lies of empire. And they just don’t learn do they? Keneally ahs shut up shop in NSW to prevent a parliamentary enquiry getting to the truth of the rotten electricity generators deal. Transparency my arse.

Comment from Arjay
Time December 24, 2010 at 10:53 am

NSW Labor are rotten to the core. I don’t think that the Libs will be much better. We have been sold out to debt and short term avarice by most of our leaders.

Be careful of embracing all Assange’s leaks.The truth is being laced with other agendas like attacking Iran. Assange has an Israeli bent and they can be very devious.

Comment from Walter
Time December 24, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Calligula – you want the state, or as John puts it ‘the capitalist state’, to use taxpayers’ money to defend someone who hasn’t lived in this country for years!

Isn’t this the ultimate use of ‘nationalism’ – using the tools of the state to fund and defend the charges committed by someone who doesn’t live here?

Why should my money be used to pay for the ‘state’ to defend someone charged with the sexual assault of women!! Women are oppressed in many ways, but especially in the judicial system. Why do you all assume these charges are not real? What, these women are crying ‘rape’, is that it? Because you like WikiLeaks assange cannot possibly be guilty?

And the QLD judiciary? The same system that cannot convict Constanble Hurley? The left Jo Bjelkie-Peterson walk free? That is corrupt in so many ways – this is the sytem you support?

Assange is no here, he is the David Hicks of computer hacking. He uses illegally obtained material that will increase conflicts and cause more deaths than he will prevent.

Comment from Chris Warren
Time December 24, 2010 at 10:27 pm

Listen to ACTUnions Secretary (Kim Sattler) at recent Canberra Rally in support of WikiLeaks.

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