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February 2011
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Scott Morrison – making Labor’s refugee killers look good

Scott Morrison, this bloated puffed up little Philip Ruddock of a man, crawled from his gutter of racism and xenophobia to question the cost of bringing 20 asylum seekers from Christmas Island to farewell their relatives at funerals in Sydney.

This guttersnipe of politics and his  leprous, leptocephalic Liberal leader, Christian Tony Abbot, calculated that there would be votes in criticising the Gillard Labor Government  for bringing kids to Sydney to bury their parents.

The backlash against the Liberals has forced these pestilent pieces of prejudice to admit they got the timing, but not the substance, of their comments wrong. The timing!

Labor has come out of this as the good guys.

This ‘debate’ misses the point. It is the Labor Government’s inhumane refugee policies which killed these asylum seekers.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen have the blood of the 50 desperate people fleeing war and persecution who died on the rocks of Christmas Island on their hands.

And for those who survived? Labor is re-imprisoning in the Christmas Island concentration camp those who it sent to the funerals.

The best memorial to those asylum seekers killed by Labor’s policies would be a mass campaign to bring refugees to Australia rather than force them to risk their lives at sea in dangerous boats and to free all those jailed in our detention centres into the community now.

Readers might also like to look at my brief question Christmas Islands deaths – aren’t both parties to blame?



Comment from Ross
Time February 17, 2011 at 7:23 am

Did you see the photos on the front page of the Telegraph yesterday? They selected the worst photos of refugees in grief,portarying them as something less than human.

This demonising of all Muslims has been going on for years now.We have illegally invaded their countries,steal their oil/resources and portray them as being sub-human.

Islam has it’s nutters but the Christians,Jews, and Hindus have their fair share also.

They have created the refugee problem with wars and then blame the victims.

Comment from billie
Time February 17, 2011 at 11:45 am


Is it possible to find and publish the dollar costs of incarceration – which will be far more than most people would imagine. I am not forgetting that there are deep psychological costs but they are harder to quantify.

I grew up with stories about how shabbily Jews were treated in Nazi Europe and how they had no where to go and yet I feel that Tamils and Hazaris and Iraqis are in the same position today.

Comment from Walter
Time February 17, 2011 at 12:42 pm

Just when I think you’ve written a great article John you come up with crap like this –

“It is the Labor Government’s inhumane refugee policies which killed these asylum seekers. Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen have the blood of the 50 desperate people fleeing war and persecution who died on the rocks of Christmas Island on their hands.”

While I totally oppose Labor’s policy and generally agree with your view, even if we had a situation where people seeking asylum were brought to the mainland and processed immediately, we would still have unsafe and poorly piloted boats attempting to land in our territorial waters.

We cannot – and should not – stop the boats and people seeking asylum, but tell me how can we stop unsafe boats that are overcrowded from setting sail?

We don’t have a navy capable of spotting and helping every boat – and I for one do not want to see an increase in our defence spending as a solution.

Christmas Island is a vile detention centre, you are right. It must be closed. Agree. But even if it was closed down (which it should be) deperate people will still take to the high seas and attempt to land at our far flung islands.

Even under the very open US ‘wet land/dry land’ policy, people drown at sea and that is not the blood of Obama, who like Clinton has accepted tens of thousands of ‘boat people’ from Central America.

Gillard does not have blood on her hands, even though her policy is wrong and I ask you to retract that.

Comment from Ross
Time February 17, 2011 at 5:40 pm

Peter Piper has yet to realise who the real terrorists are.It is USA, Aust, Britian and the Zionists.911 was lie as thousands of professionals and scientists will tell you.

The scientific,forensic evidence is there for all to see.

I think they are now on a concerted media campaign create more hate and thus justify a war with Islamic countries with energy and resources.

Comment from Calligula
Time February 17, 2011 at 6:07 pm

Hoo Boy !

I have just spent the last hour phoning round Australia trying to tell Optus that an obviously Tamil person had knocked on our door pretending to be an Optus salesman.
Most of that time was taken waiting for two other people with similar accents at the Optus end of the telephone to simply follow anti-fraud procedures written in their charter.

This sort of thing is trying on the patience and after several occasions results in a hard core of resentment growing in one’s heart.

I cannot get my head around this.
As a white anglo-saxon protestant Australian am I supposed to ignore a person’s ethnicity when I contact ‘authority’ to report attempted fraud – more importantly can I ignore ethnicity combined with ignorance from Optus’ head office when they fob me off.

Racial tolerance is a two way street with both lanes blocking up fast with the detritus of stupid acts on both sides.
Of course Australians are going to get stroppy if young men of certain appearance have nothing else to do but get into crime – especially if and when their amateurish attempts stand out like Rover’s bollocks.
But what bloody well infuriates this particular Australian is that –
• I’m of a societal set considered gullible enough to fall for such scams.
• Our ‘governments’ created the stage setting for these scams –
• and by inaction let them continue; in other words an accessory to crime.
• I’m ‘requested and required’ to be nice to people who intend me and my family harm –
• And despite knowing all that from past experience – I’m the ‘bad boy’ if I complain and the criminal if I take unilateral action.

None of that excuses Abbott or Morrison equally amateurishly attempting to hunt up the xenophobic vote – for the simple reason that it was on the conservative’s patch that these toolheads first turned up in my little town.

It does raise the question as to why certain ethnic groups want to come to Australia if there is no meaningful work here for them.
Perhaps Australian troops in Afghanistan and Iraq have been handing out little brochures saying something like “Don’t go to Australia if you want to work.”

Perhaps the message gets mixed in the translation?

Absolutely none of which excuses a nation locking up or deporting God know’s where, genuine refugees denied other, more suitable, ports of call.
Absolutely none of which excuses a nation permitting alien nationals to act unlawfully on its soil.
And absolutely nothing excuses the mixture of bad manners, pig-ignorance and utter disregard the elect continue to display towards individuals, both Australian citizens and refugees.

There is a growing problem with this scenario that if let continue could have many thousands of relatively new but very savvy, street-wise, Australians massing in our city squares demanding that our corrupt government stands down – that we introduce a bill of rights.

Naturally, the press will pontificate, shots be fired, heads kicked in, and not much else until word from Washington or Peking arrives – “Outcha go Tony – too bad, eh. Told you it was coming.”

Billie –
You asked –
Dollar costs, incarceration –
If the dole is Y credits per week, say, $250
An everyday job looks like about Y x 3 credits = $750
Which brings time in the high security cooler to about Y + (Y x 3 x 3)
Which comes to about $2500 raw costs –
not including, facility, facility maintenance, physical security/maintenance – health/dentistry – legals –
all of which could boost total outlays to anywhere between, say, $3500 to $7000 per week.

Comment from John
Time February 17, 2011 at 7:26 pm

I deleted Peter fuckwit’s comments.

Comment from John
Time February 17, 2011 at 7:28 pm

We could have planes and boats ready to transport people from Indonesia. We could have processing centres in the trouble spot regions and then fly people here.

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Comment from Magpie
Time February 18, 2011 at 10:13 am

Frankly John, this Morrison individual makes me feel ashamed and nauseated of being a human.

And the other one, Bowen, is not much better, either.

One of the lefties and politicos you link to (Ben Solah), should write a story based on those characters, kinda like The Metamorphose or something.

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Comment from Calligula
Time February 18, 2011 at 9:10 pm

Good Grief, John –
Have you any idea about the Navigation legislation?
In the old days a skipper was ‘Master and Commander under God’.
Sounds farcical these days, I admit, but insurance companies and nation states insist on maintaining that fiction as and when it suits them.
A marine vessel in working order is the entire responsibility of the master and commander whole at sea.
That vessel ceases to be at sea when it ceases to be at sea.
These days some jurisdictions insist a vessel ceases to be at sea when it enters ‘Pilotage’ – when a local person, suitably qualified, takes command and guides the vessel to anchorage or berth.
Other jurisdictions insist the skipper is still in command even though a pilot is conning or commanding the vessel.
Mostly though, when a vessel runs slap-bang into an Immovable object, say, the coast of Christmas Island, the master and commander’s responsibility ceases the instant that happens (conventions ARE convenient, aren’t they?)

The Navy – HM’s responsibility –
Letters of marque went out years ago.
There is no reason why the CofA couldn’t contract privateers to sink or discourage refugee vessels except the bloody obvious fact that the world would instantly hate us more.
Warships (in this case the RAN) are required to operate by the rules.
A vessel, under obvious command, at sea cannot – SHALL NOT – be intercepted at sea without lawful reason.
The fact of a vessel being at sea, in international waters, does not and SHALL NOT constitute lawful reason for interception.

The fact of ANY vessel entering national waters MAY justify interrogation but does not necessarily justify interception and unless reasonable suspicion relating to some specific circumstance demands – absolutely precludes INTERDICTION.

In other words – The Navy is entirely blameless of any accusations of inactivity if some overtired idiot, in desperation, decides to ram Christmas Island.

Then once that idiot rams Christmas Island the Navy is expected to co-operate with the civil power and give all reasonable assistance within their power to render succour to survivors.

None of that is the least amusing and does nothing for the spirit of our Seamen who’d love to help (especially if they were given the resources) but remains, more or less, the law of international conduct upon the high seas.

Personally – it tends to annoy me that too many bleat about this stuff.

If you want laws changed permitting our people (soldiers, sailors, airmen) to act immediately and decently – you’d better get your act together and either spew your guts out into the ear of your compliant/obedient politician – or remove and replace them with someone who has no problem instantly obeying your will.

Comment from John
Time February 18, 2011 at 9:15 pm

I think you miss my point. My vision is for example that the Government directs our boats to take refugees on board in Indonesian ports.

Comment from Calligula
Time February 19, 2011 at 7:28 pm

John –
Will the Indonesians give us aid to help cover costs?