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August 2011



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Make Gina Rinehart work for her dole

Sick kids and paying upfront


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Me on Razor Sharp this morning
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I am not surprised
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Send Barnaby to Indonesia
It is a pity that Barnaby Joyce, a man of tact, diplomacy, nuance and subtlety, isn’t going to Indonesia to fix things up. I know I am disappointed that Barnaby is missing out on this great opportunity, and I am sure the Indonesians feel the same way. [Sarcasm alert.] (0)



End offshore processing; end mandatory detention. Free the refugees!

The High Court has spiked, temporarily, the Labor Government’s refugee bastardry. The Malaysian ‘solution’ – exporting asylum seekers to a future of torture and privation in that country – won’t go ahead.

This is a great victory for refugees. But it may not last. The Government remains totally committed to offshore processing and mandatory detention. So it will look for other solutions.

Its legal eagles will be pouring over the High Court decision to find possible loopholes to send people to Malaysia. That might be difficult because it seems unlikely Chris Bowen could ever satisfy a Court that Malaysia won’t mistreat refugees and abuse their human rights.

Basically Immigration Minister Chris Bowen had to issue a certificate under the Migration Act that Malaysia was an appropriate country to send refugees to before he could send them there.

The High Court ruled his declaration invalid. A country had to be bound by international or have domestic laws providing protection for asylum seekers to be an appropriate destination.

Issuing a new declaration to that effect won’t change the fact that Malaysia doesn’t satisfy those criteria.  A Court would certainly follow the High Court in deciding that way again.

So the Government might then try to change the migration law to water down the requirements for the Minister’s satisfaction in issuing a declaration. 

This will expose Labor’s hypocrisy.

To have any chance of declaring Malaysia to be an appropriate country they will have to remove human rights and refugee convention protections from the Act as considerations in making the declaration.

The Greens will oppose that so it is unlikely to pass the House of Representatives, assuming the bastards in the Opposition vote against it.

So the Government will look to other countries. Nauru and Papua New Guinea are possibles, especially PNG which has signed the Refugee Convention. Nauru signed recently. 

The Government will try to avoid using Nauru at all costs because it exposes their lie that their offshoring of asylum seekers is any different to Howard’s.

It isn’t. It is driven by the same politics – the need to scapegoat a few thousand poor and powerless asylum seekers to divert attention away from the real problems of capitalism in Australia.  

Chris Bowen has said he will rule nothing in or out.

Not true. Bowen and the rest of the despicable Labor crew will rule out processing asylum seekers in Australia and abandoning mandatory detention in favour of community care, the two policies that make sense and are humane.

End offshore processing; end mandatory detention. Free the refugees.



Comment from markus
Time August 31, 2011 at 11:37 pm

Bastards in opposition, you say. John with that sort of constricted mentality, I doubt if any thinking person goes to your blog twice. I know I wont. Du Pissant more like it.

Comment from John
Time September 1, 2011 at 12:35 pm

Actually both parties are bastards to refugees.

Comment from Wendy
Time September 1, 2011 at 3:49 pm

Comrade I agree. I agree with everything you say. I will never eat a Zionist fascist chocolate again. I will renounce my upper-class Ivy League college education.

The workers, united, will never be defeated.

Comment from Gypsy
Time September 2, 2011 at 10:12 am

Sorry John I do not agree with you because the boat people have entered our country illegally. They have jumped the line ahead of others who follow the legal procedures and criteria to enter Australia. Illegals should be immediately deported back to where they came from instead of being a burdon on the Australian tax payers.

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