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November 2011
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Saturday’s socialist speakout

When democracy in the form of a referendum on austerity stands in the way of profit, guess which one wins out? Profit.

No surprises then that the call by George Papandreou,  the Greek Prime Minister, to have a referendum on the latest Euro bailout for Greece sent the bourgeoisie – its stock markets, banks and politicians for example – into apoplexy.

Needless to say in the face of such reaction Papandreou then withdrew the proposal but it may be too late for him and his Government. 

It does show however that when democracy, even the limited form available under bourgeois rule, interferes in the one percent’s plans then the ruling class sweeps aside its democratic veneer to reveal its true nature – to make profit, or as Marx put it: ‘Accumulate, accumulate! That is Moses and the prophet.’

In Australia the victory of QANTAS over its workforce will echo down the pages of industrial relations for a decade to come, unless ordinary workers begin to organise and fight back against the one percent and their industrial system. The union leaders won’t do that. Why, the fools even think that the  decision ending all industrial action at QANTAS was a win for them.

It will be too late when the 21 days of conciliation ends and Fair Work Australia can arbitrate.  An institution of the one percent, Fair Work Australia cannot give the unions what they want – job security. It also can’t give workers a real wage increase in the order of the five percent the Transport Worker Union members (baggage handlers for example) have been asking for but might deliver the 3 percent effective wage cut the pilots and engineers want.

A new era of WorkJoyces is about to begin.

Independent MP Tony Windsor has been campaigning around coal seam gas exploration and has made his support for the Minerals Resource Rent Tax conditional on some of that tax’s revenue being used for research into CSG. H picked the wrong tax. The Carbon Tax will lock in gas fired power stations. The carbon tax price makes such fossil fuels efficient and because this fuel releases much less CO2 than other fossil fuels will help Australia meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

It is no accident that there has been an explosion of CSG exploration. The carbon tax price will lock in gas fired power stations for years. It will enable Australia to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets because gas releases less CO2 than other fossil fuels.  The exact amount depends on the type of gas.

Windsor should have voted against the carbon tax on these grounds alone.

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Comment from Ross
Time November 5, 2011 at 7:13 pm

While I don’ t agree with the Socialist Alternative John,I do admire your courage compassion and honesty.This is one of the very few sites that allows posts that stand up to the establishment.My comments mostly get censored,bar Homepage Daily and Graham Young’s “Ambit Gambit” on these OLO Bloggs.Our de-mock-racy is not in good shape.

I think the neo-cons will push hard for war next yr since the peasants and becoming really revolting.They fear us more than China or Russia.We can take from them their power of creating from nothing, the money to equal our toil.This is the focus of their power,not nuclear weapons.

Comment from dl
Time November 6, 2011 at 10:23 pm

OT here, but the lack of media coverage, of any kind, concerning the Obama administrations’ choice to send 100 armed troops over to Uganda several weeks ago, is striking. The purported reason for this intervention is apparently to help the Ugandan government combat Joseph Konys Lords Resistance Army. This being said, the way that these guys (or kids, I should say) operate is totally repugnant, as is evident by their methods of conscripting child soldiers. But it still isn’t the place for America to intricate themselves into almost every international dispute that they can, regardless of any srategic benefits that may accrue to them as a result . It also doesn’t bode very well for the Ugandan Central Government that they can’t put down such a geurilla group, that literally consists of between several hundred to several thousand children raiding rural villages.

I personaly attribute the relative silence over this issue more to insouciance on the part of the media establishment than any sort of conspiracy. These days it seems that every week the U.S.A takes it upon itself to attack an insurgent group/ Terrorists in some country or another.