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December 2011
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Massive pay rises for the one percent’s politicians

Julia Gillard is to get a pay increase of $90,000, taking her salary to $470,000. That’s an increase of 24 percent. And what did Julia have to do to get this? Increase her productivity? No.

Trade off key conditions? Well, no. She won’t be getting a gold travel pass when she retires. This means she won’t get free business class air travel. She will have to pay for her flights. Oh diddums. Her massive superannuation pension of around $200,000 a year should be enough to just cover that.

And she won’t be able to undertake international study tours. As PM she doesn’t do that as an MP anyway. She goes overseas as PM.

The gold pass and international study allowance have been folded into politicians pay. So they haven’t actually traded off anything and they make up only a small part of the massive increases. In any event the study tours at last will be tax deductible so they are getting 46.5% state support through the tax system in the future.

Backbenchers are going to get an increase of at least $40,000 on their base salary of $140,000. That is a pay rise of 28 percent.  I say at least because News Ltd reports it could be more.

On top of all this salary largesse, they’ll get to keep their electorate allowances, worth up to $48,000.

These pay increases are going to the same Labor Government who have imposed a 3% pay freeze on their workers – an effective wage cut.

This is also the same Labor Government that yesterday announced an attack on public servants and their jobs by imposing a 4% ‘efficiency’ dividend on them. The result is likely to be at least 3000 job losses and a cut in services and their quality.

It is the same Labor Government which has announced attacks on new mothers, backpackers, middle aged dependent souses, low and middle income superannuants.

It is no surprise the pollies have received this sort of increase. First, the Remuneration Tribunal is an institution of the one percent.  Politicians manage capitalism for the one percent.

Just as the one percent have been stuffing themselves with bonuses, and being rewarded with the biggest shift in wealth from us to them in a century, their politicians are being rewarded with a massive pay increase for ruling for the one percent; for engineering that wealth shift; for doing the bidding more or less of the mining companies, the Business Council, the Industry Australia Group…

In the words of the great Victorian music hall song

It’s the same the whole world over
It’s the poor what gets the blame
It’s the rich what gets the pleasure
Ain’t it all a bloomin’ shame?

If pay rises of 20% are good enough for politicians then they are good enough for ordinary workers – nurses, QANTAS workers, public servants.

However that other institution of the one percent, Fair Work Australia, won’t allow that. We will have to fight for wage justice. If we don’t we lose.

One final comment. The neoliberals will justify these huge pay increases for the politicians of profit by saying you need to attract high quality people. Oh, you mean like bankers and mining executives?  That should do the trick.

Why should the paid parrots of profit get profligate pay? It can’t be that tough being a popinjay for profit.

In fact, the more pay politicians get the more divorced they are from the rest of us. The average wage in Australia is about $70,000. Two/thirds of workers earn less than that. The median wage for full time workers is about $56,000. The median wage for all workers is about $46,000.

Put our politicians on the average wage of $70,000 or, even better, the median wage of $56000, so they can feel what we workers have to put up with day in and day out.

Readers might also like to look at No to Labor’s spending cuts: tax the rich instead



Comment from Ross
Time December 1, 2011 at 7:54 pm

In this climate they cannot justify it.They see their bankster mates making millions pa and think why not.

You must know by now John that our entire system has become totally corrupted.

I just heard today from an ex-naval intelligence officer that we initially did not want to enter the Vietnam war.We were told by the USA that our trade would be curtailed among other things if we did not send troops. Remember “All the way with LBJ? ” We are the lap dogs for the USA/Britian and their corporate masters.

This malaise did not just materialise in the last few yrs.It has been happening since the end of the Renaissance when private banksters like the Rothschilds have the power to express our productivity as debt.”Give me the power to create a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

Comment from jack
Time December 2, 2011 at 12:50 pm

nice one, yet the government can’t afford to fairly index military superannuation

Comment from juanR
Time December 2, 2011 at 2:07 pm

Well Ross you haven’t heard everything,listen to this. A highly respected expert believes that the problem with Europe is cultural-linguistical and as proof offers the following exchange he overheard between some heads of governments during the recent G20 meeting in Cannes:

“L’Etat c’est moi, said Sarkozy, vive la différence !

Nein, Ich bin die staat, said Angela, Deutschland über alles!

Ma cosa dici?, lo stato sono io, said Berlusconi, arriba l’Italia!

Que no, qué el estado soy yo, said Zapatero, viva España!

Why don’t you all blo#*#dy well speak English you mo#*#n, retorted as one Julia, Cameron, Obama…, then you may be able to understand what Wall Street is telling us!”

Other experts, however, maintain that the real problem is the great big hole in the eur-ozone liar which is creating a bottoms-up effect in the markets.

Comment from Ross
Time December 2, 2011 at 6:35 pm

Yes juanR,blame the peasants.A story out of China has a thief chastising a woman for having very little to steal.

He advises her that she needs to work harder to make her assets worth stealing.The only differnence is that the banksters do it legally.

Comment from Jolly
Time December 5, 2011 at 5:09 pm

Blame us, the fo##s, for allowing this corruption of power and self-interests of the ruling class to continue to thrive, unabated. It is not just their salaries that so concerns me, it is also their perks that sometimes go beyond their salaries that we need to be also concerned about.
To bring our budget back to surplus, the Government has tempered, minimised or completely done away with several benefits to its citizens. But not a single deduction has been made to politicians’ perks. Even ex-PMs rake-up huge amounts on air travel abroad, even after 15 years since retiring. Surely we can expect some cuts to politicians’ outrageous perks when everyday tax payers are subject to all kinds of cuts?
Our politicians are rotting the system and taxpayers are continuously penalised for any shortcomings in our economy & budget. We pay our politicians to manage our economy and when they do not perform well, they do not incur any penalty but instead we get whacked with more cuts to our benefits and tax deductions. When I think about this, it does not make any sense at all. Yet we do not demand changes and continue to address then as ‘the honourable’ such and such. Then we elect the next lot of politicians (different Party) who continue to rot the system. And we call this a democracy! Hmmm…. well … sic!