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April 2012



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Politics in Australia – from the circus to the gutter

OK, I am going to name names. Peter Slipper. Craig Thomson. Clive Palmer. What a threesome.

Most of you will know about the Slipper and Thomson. The Speaker of the House of Representatives is accused of abusing his travel entitlements and making unwelcome advances to a male employee.  He has stood aside while the allegations unfold before the police and Fair Work Australia.

Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard has forced ALP Parliamentarian Craig Thomson to resign from the Party while he is under investigation for using a union credit card when he was an official to pay for prostitutes.

Now for some light relief. 

Clive Palmer, multi-billionaire mining maggot, announced today he would seek Liberal National Party preselection for the seat of Lilley, the Treasurer’s seat. If anyone could make Wayne Swan look good, it would be Clive Palmer.

Palmer also announced he was to build the Titanic II, a new version of the ship ‘not even God could sink’.

With Clive as a candidate this might begin to look like the unsinkable election for the Opposition, much like the unloseable election in 1993.

Nah, Labor are in such deep trouble not even Palmer’s candidature for the Opposition can rescue them. It’s Labor Party politicians and members who are manning the lifeboats, not Palmer and the Conservatives.

Labor’s decline isn’t just because Gillard couldn’t manage a root in a brothel, although evidently one of her backbenchers can.  It isn’t just because she has lost two slippers this year – one at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy demo and the other on a taxi trip from ‘suburb to suburb’.

It is because she epitomises all that is wrong with Labor in the eyes of many working class people – she stands for nothing. Or rather she stands not on our side but on the side of the bosses.

She and Clive Palmer have a lot in common – big fat mining profits for example.

While Clive however might think that the CIA is funding the Greens to destroy the country, Gillard is busy welcoming the first of 2500 American troops to Darwin.

Clive is off with the tin foil hats, Gillard with the real hard heads.

And now news is coming through on twitter that ex-Howard adviser Grahame Morris allegedly has said that Gillard should be kicked to death.

Bear with me here. In Melbourne on 1 May 19 Palestinian supporters are going on trial charged with trespass in a public place and besetting for the heinous crime of protesting outside a Max Brenner coffee shop against Israeli apartheid. The Max Brenner chain is an enthusiastic supporter of a particularly vicious section of the genocidal Israeli army.

Perhaps the protestors should just call for the Max Brenner company to be kicked to death instead. After all it seems to be acceptable if such comments allegedly made issue forth from the mouths of ‘respectable’, i.e. ruling class, people aimed at their living breathing opponents, so why not at companies?

Of course the comment is a disgrace and Morris will no doubt plead context.

But Palmer, Slipper, Thompson, Morris, and the two twins of conservatism, Gillard and Abbott, are all symptoms of the degeneration of politics in Australia, the merging of Labor and Liberals in terms of major policies and a stampede to the right.

We have entered a period in which reforms for working people are superficial if they exist at all and most changes (reforms is too strong a word) are now to benefit the bosses.

Oscar Wilde once said that we are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. Well, no one in the Labor Party has their heads turned to the heavens, other than perhaps in prayer that the hell will end.

It won’t.  They are drowning in the gutter of their own filth.

The decline of Labor is systemic, not a problem just of leadership but of essence.

Changing Labor leaders would be like changing deck chairs on Clive Palmer’s new Titanic. Labor’s embrace of neoliberalism from 1983 has left it high and dry, with no wind in the sails and no steam in the engines. Its iceberg approacheth.

Meanwhile 500 or so asylum seeker kids are locked up in concentration camps. Our Aboriginal brothers and sisters die 17 years earlier than the rest of us, on average.

The shift of wealth to capital from labour continues unabated and Labor’s policies are aimed at increasing systemic inequality. 

The Budget on Tuesday will cut at least $40 billion in spending to balance the Budget. Much of the cuts will fall on workers and the poor.

 All the while the Parliamentary circus continues its commedia dell’arte. What will happen next on the ship of fools? 

Meanwhile the class struggle and the possibility of real politics -class politics – remains at an abysmal level. Well, that;s not quite tire. The one sided class war, their side’s class war against a non-combative Australian working class  continues. The alternative to Abbott and his team of vicious ruling class fruitcakes is fighting here and now against Labor for more jobs, better wages and pro-working class policies.

My apologies to my readers for so  many nonsensical nautical references. But Clive Palmer running for Parliament has left me all at sea.  Indeed Clive Palmer running for anything amazes me. The only exercise I can see that he gets is running off at the mouth, or perhaps jumping to conclusions. 



Comment from Sam B
Time May 2, 2012 at 3:23 pm

Crypto-homophobia and blatant sexism?

Well played Comrade

Comment from John
Time May 2, 2012 at 8:26 pm

What? That Gillard is useless and that reflects the decline of the ALP as a social democratic party? Are you so bereft of arguments in defence of the ALP that you vomit up this nonsense or have you joined Clive Palmer’s tin foil bridge? Crypto-homophobic? Get real. Not one skerrick of evidence for that. Let me guess. You are some deluded ALP supporter clutching at straw lifeboats.

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