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You call that class war? This is class war!

Oh dear. Evidently not giving Clive Palmer’s companies a one percent tax cut is class war.

That’s the line coming from Tony Abbot and the various fruitcakes at The Australian.

It is true there is class war in this Labor Government’s Budget.

Sacking 12000 public servants is class war.

Forcing single mums off parenting payment and on to the dole and making them $60 a week worse off is class war.

In fact there has been a one sided class war going on for 30 years – the war of the bosses against workers.

So successful has this bosses’ war been, in the main led by Labor Governments and their lackeys in the trade union movement, that the share of national income going to capital is at its highest ever and that to labour its lowest ever.

Let’s look at the facts. Yes, I know; it’s just me fact mongering again. In the age of bourgeois irrationality the ruling class ostracises and vilifies facts and the working class fact mongers who present them.

The strike figures in Australia for 2011 and previous years are at historic lows, not withstanding minor blips in 2011. As Michael Janda, writing for the ABC, put it:

When one smooths out the volatility, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) figures show industrial disputes have declined steadily and significantly since limited protected industrial action was introduced in 1993.

The typical rate of work days lost per thousand employees at the start of the 1990s was between 40 and 60, for most of the 2000s it has been under 10. For the last half-decade, generally less than five.

Comparing strike days lost now to the 1960s and 1970s shows an even bigger decline. As Jade Eckhaus wrote in Socialist Alternative ‘… in the 1970s annual strike days per 1000 workers varied between 600-1200…’

Remember – today it is ‘generally less than five[!]’

It is this loss of class combativeness, of class struggle, this lack of struggle that explains the neoliberalisation of Australia and the shift in wealth from workers to bosses.

It also explains how Abbott and his fruitcake faction can argue with a straight face that Swan’s  Budget is a class war.

It would be class war if instead of five strike days lost per thousand workers the figure was five hundred strike days per thousand workers.

Class war would be if Swan taxed the rich in a real left wing Budget.

It’s well past time we gave Abbott and The Australian the class war they say is going on. It’s well past time we gave Gillard and the bosses she rules for real class war. 

Class struggle is the only way to win back some of the wealth the bosses have been stealing from us and putting a more equal and just Australia back on the agenda.



Comment from Sam B
Time May 11, 2012 at 4:32 pm

Jeez, you’re a dill John.

Comment from Jolly
Time May 11, 2012 at 5:54 pm

Class war of any kind, including the one you are so gleefully suggesting, John, will be the start of the end of Australian civility. Controlled redistribution of needed funs, assistance and focus on needs basis is the way we’ve gone thus far. It has served us well. Any suggestion of ‘class war’ by Swan or Abbott will be repulsive to most of us. Labor’s support is dwindling at an exponential rate. To win back some support, Swan-Gillard et al are trying to “get back to Labor roots”. The current attempts by Labor to create an antagonistic feeling towards businesses, banks, and corporations do reflect a kind of ‘class war’ by painting a picture not unsimilar to that painted by G Bush; good vs evil. The truth is that most everyday mums and dads and retirees are dependent on the stock market. Start a war, and there is no stopping to the anarchy that will persist. Labor’s woes are essentially about trust and corrupt values. I do agree, reluctantly, with Abbott though. (Damn the day I agree with Abbott I said recently). I won’t put it pass the current treacherous Labor of devious tactics to incite discontent amongst some of us. I am reminded of Latham and his ‘class war’. Labor got trounced at that election. Let’s be vigilant and guard the integrity of our nation by not falling prey to class agitation, and antagonism that appears to be the trend in the current Labor Caucus. NO to class war of any kind in Australia, please!

Comment from John
Time May 11, 2012 at 8:35 pm

So according to you Ben I am a crypto-homophobe, a blatant sexist and now a dill. Good to see your bile duct, if not your brain, works.

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