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So what is the Australian way Julia Gillard?

I condemn the violence at Saturday’s rally. I condemn the violence of the police and their premeditated attacks on peaceful Muslim demonstrators.

Premeditated? Let me quote from an article by Ben Cuby and Amy McNeilage in the Sydney Morning Herald.

While some reports said police were taken unawares by the protests, the Herald understands officers had received some of the text messages circulating on Friday night calling for people to ”unite” and ”defend the honour of our prophet”.

As a result, riot police, mounted officers and the dog squad were sent to Hyde Park, and later a staging post in Stanley Street in east Sydney, before protesters arrived.

‘Before protesters arrived’. Maybe it was the heavily armed cops who turned up to provoke trouble. It all looks part of a strategy – a strategy to attack protestors.

Much has been made of a poster saying ‘behead those who insult the Prophet.’ Evidently this justifies riot cops attacking peaceful protesters. Perhaps the placard should have read ‘Drone bomb those who insult the Prophet’. That presumably would have been in line with good Australian values.

What about the utterances of Alan Jones, Grahame Morris and Robbie Farah with their seeming death threats against the PM?

Farah twittered that the PM should get a noose for her 50th anniversary. Grahame Morris said the PM should be kicked to death. Alan Jones suggested that the PM should be put in a chaff bag and dropped out at sea.

I am looking forward to riot police raiding Alan Jones’ office, beating the shit out of him and charging him with incitement to violence. Oh, he’s white isn’t he and not a Muslim. And he’s powerful. All the things the Muslim demonstrators aren’t. Maybe, just maybe, that explains the difference in treatment?

The latest insult to intelligence is the police saying they are investigating a message which calls for Muslims to defend the honour of the Prophet. Really? That is it? Is it a crime to say that? Is it illegal to organise a demonstration to do that?

Apparently so, in the context of the racist hysteria the racist cops have sparked across much of society.

What is going on? Remember the building union blockade at the Grocon site? The cops brutally attacked the safety picket.

The media and politicians lied about the workers as ‘thugs’ and their supposed ‘violence’ and unlawfulness too.  The Financial Review and the Australian ran ‘exposés’ of union leaders’  supposed links to criminals or their criminal history. All nonsense of course but it was about the demonisation of one of the few unions in Australia that actually stands up for its workers.

Same horse, different jockey.

It is the role of the police to attack workers and others who might challenge in any way the rule of capital and in doing that providing ammunition for the ideological strait jackets of the main stream media.

In the Ben Cuby and Amy McNeilage article above Julia Gillard said that ‘this was not the Australian way.’ So what is the Australian way, Julia Gillard?

The other day NATO drone bombs killed 8 women and children gathering wood. Are these the Australian values you mean, Gillard? Here is one edited report:

A NATO airstrike killed eight women and girls in eastern Afghanistan, local officials reported … The women were gathering firewood when they were killed by the strike … Several women were also injured during the NATO strike.

The Australian way?

Is this the Australian way Julia Gillard? Of course it is. Killing innocent people overseas is a long and honourable Australian ‘tradition’.

Indeed, it appears that Australia’s Special Armed Services is executing Afghanis (much like Operation Phoenix in Vietnam). Recently an Afghan soldier killed 3 Australian soldiers. An Australian team killed a 70 year old Mama and his son as part of the search for the Afghan soldier. Respected journalist Nic Stuart on his blog and also in The Canberra Times wrote on the situation. He said in part:

The informed guess in Kabul is that Matiullah Khan, the Australian-backed and notoriously corrupt provincial police chief, apparently provided the tip-off [abut the Imam and his son]. You may not have heard of Matiullah, but your taxes have made him an Aussie dollar multi-millionaire. How? Well, his ‘Road Police Brigade’ collects regular bribes for keeping the route to Kandahar open. That’s the main supply route for our forces. The illiterate former taxi-driver’s managed to do pretty well out of the war. He also enjoys a special relationship with the US and Australian military. He identifies the bad guy’s and we eliminate them. Unfortunately it sometimes turns out that the dead ‘insurgents’ weren’t actually Talib after all. Sometimes they seem to have just been his personal rivals.

So, the Australian-backed and notoriously corrupt provincial police chief ‘…identifies the bad guys and we eliminate them.’ Images of Operation Phoenix in Vietnam when Australia SAS troops assassinated village leaders considered ‘suspect’ come to mind.  

John Howard took Australia into war in Iraq on a lie about weapons of mass destruction. Labor supported him and indeed kept the troops there after 2007 when it won election. Reliable estimates are that more than one million Iraqis have died as a consequence of the invasion. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard?

In Australia the racist Northern Territory invasion continues and our indigenous brothers and sisters die up to 2 decades earlier than non-indigenous Australians. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Inequality has further increased even more under Labor. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Today the Northern Territory coroner found that an Aboriginal man died in police custody as a result of a lack of care. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard? One of the police slammed the head of the Aboriginal man into the charge desk. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard? Here is a photo from the same report of Julia Gillard’s Australian way:

CCTV still: Constable Gareth Evans slams Kwementyaye Briscoe into the charge counter

The Australian way?

Black deaths in custody are as high now as when the original report was handed down. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard?

No doubt the disgraceful Greens are too busy sucking on the Murdoch news ‘violence by protesters’ teat to bother with condemning this death.  Shame Greens shame for siding with the police, the same police who attack your environmental actions.  

Apparently the Greens will defend sheep and fish but not Muslims or Aborigines from attacks by the State.

Last week 30 asylum seekers were flown to the Nauru Island concentration camp. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard.

About 50 building workers dies on building sites each year across Australia. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard?

At the Grocon picket line in support of safety and defence of lives, hundreds of police, horses, the riot squad and the dogs to enforce Grocon’s right to keep unions from enforcing safety standards. Is that the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Is having 100,000 homeless each night and government’s who do nothing about it the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Is having a gender pay gap of about 17% and Governments including your own not fundamentally addressing the issue the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Is overseeing Gina Rinehart’s increase in wealth from$5 billion to $29 billion and not getting her to pay more tax the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Is your Government not doing anything to defend Julian Assange from the claws of US ‘justice’ the Australian way Julia Gillard?

Is the Government endorsed treatment of Mamdouh Habib, David Hicks and Mohamed Haneef examples to the Australian way, Julia Gillard?

And on and on it goes.

Let’s stop pretending that Australian capitalism is caring and sharing. It is a system built on the exploitation of the working class. An important part of that system is the racism the bosses use to cement Australian workers to the system.

That is what attacking Muslims on Saturday was about.

The attacks on and McCarthyite response to the peaceful protest in Sydney on Saturday are part of that racist and pro-profit response.

That is the Australian bosses’ way. That is Julia Gillard’s way.


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