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April 2013



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A gay marriage proposal: still waiting at the altar in Canberra

At the local elections in the Australian Capital Territory in October last year the Greens were decimated, losing 4.9% of their vote and 3 of their 4 seats.  Their conservatism in the previous 4 years, when they supported a minority ALP government and wrung few concessions from them, saw those looking for real change desert the Greens.

Some voters returned to Labor. Some went to the Liberals, and some went to the Bullet Train for Canberra Group, which won 4% of the vote.

Shane Rattenbury is the sole remaining Green in the ACT Legislative Assembly. As I wrote last year after the election and the formation of a minority Labor government with a ministry for Rattenbury:

Although he won’t be bound by Cabinet solidarity, the decision to accept a ministry condemns the Greens to further play the parliamentary game at the expense of mobilising their base and challenging the essential conservatism and neoliberalism of Labor and the Liberals in the Territory.

Instead of being outside the tent, Rattenbury will be in it up to his armpits. His attention will not be focused on his base and his constituency voters but often narrow issues.

In other words instead of re-focusing on his supporters he will abandon them for power, a power constrained by a conservative Labor Party and pretend progressive government.

Nowhere is this clearer than gay marriage. The New Zealand decision to legalise gay marriage puts the question into play in the ACT.

In its agreement with Rattenbury, ACT Labor agreed to support or implement legislation for marriage equality.

In the six months since then there has been no movement. Rattenbury could have made it his first task to introduce a wide ranging Equal Marriage Bill. He could still do so and put the acid on Labor now, not 3 years down the track. Equality cannot wait.

Instead of waiting for Labor to concoct some rotten compromise Rattenbury could move an equal marriage Bill in the assembly at its next sitting. He won’t do so. Why? Has the Labor Party government host taken over the Greens’ ministerial parasite?

There is no legal or constitutional impediment to the ACT Assembly pass gay marriage laws tomorrow.

Labor will try to restrict it with, perhaps, arguments about residency requirements and the like, and the Gillard Labor Government may try to overturn the ACT law in the Federal Parliament.

However Gillard would require majority support from both houses to do that and given more than 60% of Australians support equal love, my guess is not even Gillard would risk the backlash from the public and from some of her own colleagues.

Then again this is the Prime Minister who accepted an invitation to speak at the Australian Christian Lobby’s annual conference last year before Jim foot in mouth Wallace sprouted more of his bigotry against gays.

The task for the equal marriage campaigns is now to get a commitment from Rattenbury to move quickly and not accept any watered down proposals from Labor.

Before the last election the Greens accepted a compromise civil unions Bill, to appease the homophobes in the ACT Labor Party and to prevent any embarrassment for Gillard. Pathetic really. The time for equality is now, Shane. Don’t get fooled again.

I suspect there is some real double dealing going on. Gillard doesn’t want the embarrassment of one jurisdiction in Australia legislating for equal love in the run up to the 14 September election. She wants it off the agenda. Her acolytes in the ACT Labor government are complying.

Second, as is the case in the rest of the ALP, a group of homophobes hold a significant numbers of votes.

If the ACT Labor government can postpone any vote on equal love till after the federal election on 14 September, not only will they save Gillard from embarrassment over her reactionary position – her leadership depends on the support of some right wing unions run by homophobes – they will perhaps provoke Abbott to amend the ACT self-Government Act to take away the ability to legislate on gay marriage. That is what Labor’s ant-gay marriage group in the ACT want.

Wake up Shane Rattenbury. Introduce equal love legislation into the ACT Legislative Assembly immediately.

If New Zealand can do it, so can Canberra. Even then, while a great step forward, it won’t be enough for real equality because many of the rights that attach to straight marriage are enshrined in Commonwealth, not State and Territory, legislation.

The fight for marriage equality will have to continue until same sex couples have the same marriage and other rights as straight Australians.  Having gay marriage in the ACT will contribute to that but true marriage equality can only be won by a massive struggle from below to force Gillard Labor to legislate for it . Continue the fight for equal marriage.
Equal love now; not in the mists of time but now. Over to you Shane Rattenbury, Greens’ member of the ACT Legislative Assembly.

The fight for marriage equality will have to continue until same sex couples have the same marriage and other rights as straight Australians.  Having gay marriage in the ACT will contribute to that but true marriage equality can only be won by a massive struggle from below to force Gillard Labor to legislate for it .

Continue the fight for equal marriage. Equal love now; not in the mists of time but now.

Over to you Shane Rattenbury, the one remaining Greens’ member of the ACT Legislative Assembly.



Comment from Calligula
Time April 25, 2013 at 10:25 pm

Anyone thinking of entering into some formal partnership agreement in this hellhole – any couple concerned about their own interests thinking of entering into formal legal contract written by the utter bastards pretending legal expertise in this hellhole of a pretend nation would be well advised to take steps – bloody big steps in the opposite direction away from the ripoff pricks who pretend to support their interest in the aura of legalese.

Whatever your situation and whatever your sexuality or gender – just keep well away from the immoral spongers.
All those bludgers want is your money.
Mind you, they’ll steal bout your souls while they do it.

Mark my words.
Cleave to each other and stay true to yourselves.
If you have so much moolah that you feel the need to write your situation down and come to some agreement – don’t ever, eve,r ever, involve the legal profession.
Just create your own document witnessed, dated and signed off by a properly qualified legal witness at your district courthouse. Make sure you keep multiple copies, photocopy them, have them countersigned and stamped by a clerk of the court and stash them well.

Just stay away from lawyers or barristers.
They’ll all begin sharing your info with their pals on the internet then begin destroying your world the second after you lodge your papers with them.

Trust me people, you do not have to be same sex, indigenous, oriental, a minority race, or circumstance – you will simply be grist for their mill.
None of us count for anything – and it is time that such needs to be recognized by the vulnerable in this astoundingly corrupt society.
That advice is for all and anyone in this sinking puddle of a lost society.

Trust no-one, at your peril, who has official access to your private information.

Comment from Kay
Time April 26, 2013 at 3:26 pm


I think you need medical assistance – for your mental health.

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