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October 2013



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The only illegals I see are in Abbott’s government

Lying racist

It is time to call a spade a spade. Lying racist, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison, has ordered his department to call asylum seekers illegals and detainees.

It is not illegal to seek asylum. Oh, but the lying racist whines, they have arrived illegally. Really? Which court were they convicted in? On what charge? Or are they illegal because the Minister says so?

It used to be the catch cry of every liberal that the legal system delivered justice; that those charged with crimes received due process and a fair trial before 12 of their peers. With the Queensland bikie legislation deeming motorcycle clubs to be outlaw organisations and with the lying racist describing asylum seekers as illegals those days are now gone.

Justice is whatever a Minister says it is. The criminals are whoever the Minister decrees to be so. No need for trials. Move along. Nothing to see here.

Morrison almost got it right when he called asylum seekers detainees. They are detained despite having committed no crime. That is what traditional concentrations camps – the Americans in the Philippines, the British in South Africa, the Nazis in Germany in the first years when they rounded up the left and trade unionists  – did.

Those asylum seekers sent to Nauru and Manus Island are inmates of Australian concentration camps. Detention centres in Australia are concentration camps. Labor ‘saint’ Paul Keating set up the first asylum seeker concentration camp in 1992.

Morrison’s ‘illegal arrivals’ explanation is sophistry. Calling asylum seekers ‘illegals’ is an attempt to further vilify, demonise and dehumanise people who are fleeing war, genocide, rape, slavery, torture.  The use of that language is a deliberate political ploy by Morrison to make asylum seekers sub-humans in the eyes of sections of Australian society.

These are dangerous demons to unleash. Today it is asylum seekers. Tomorrow it could be Muslims.  Well, that is going on already from some in the Liberal and National Parties.

And the day after? Will the anti-Semites be rejoicing, because the logic of Morrison singling out a defenceless group different from the majority and shifting blame to them will not be lost on the extreme right?

Morrison can only get away with this because Labor long ago abandoned refugees and demonised and  dehumanised them for what they perceive to be political advantage too.  They hit the racist accelerator.

The number of visa over-stayers currently in Australia is estimated at a bit over 50,000. As the Department of Immigration website says:  ‘The majority of unlawful non-citizens in Australia at any given time have either overstayed the visa issued to them or are people whose visas have been cancelled.’

Morrison has issued no edict to call these people ‘illegal’. In 2011 ‘Figures obtained by The Advertiser from the Immigration Department and under the Freedom of Information Act show plane arrivals from the United States (5080) and Britain (3610) are near the top of the list of those in the country without a valid visa.’ We couldn’t have predominantly white people from the US and UK called illegals could we?

Yet when it comes to crimes like defrauding the Commonwealth, not one of the alleged rorters in the Abbott alleged government has been investigated by the alleged police for their alleged crimes. According to the Sydney Morning Herald Morrison claimed expenses for attending the wedding of Western Australian Liberal Steve Irons in Melbourne. He was questioned in general terms about claiming expenses for weddings, and denied it but then on checking he repaid his innocent mistake.

As the Sydney Morning Herald in another article helpfully reminded us a quarter of the Abbott frontbench are in the expenses storm, including the Prime Minister.

Yet the only MP to be charged over expense rorting is Peter Slipper and that was as a result of a political vendetta to deliver payback to Slipper for ratting on his mates, including Tony Abbott who attended his wedding and of course claimed the expenses for doing so.

Why are the Australian Federal Police not prosecuting the illegals, the rorters, on Abbott’s frontbench, including Abbott himself?

We truly live in an upside down world. Poor, powerless asylum seekers who have committed no crime are called illegals while those in power who have rorted the parliamentary expenses system are exempt from prosecution.

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Comment from william wallace
Time October 23, 2013 at 7:29 am

One should not be too hard on australian politicians / the law still offers one justce
that one guarenteed a trial guarenteed a
legal defence whom willingly defends one.

The situation in the USA is dire that the people stripped of all rights / terrorism
but used as a cover by govt stripping
the people of all rights / any individual
can be arrested / no trial no lregal aid
one’s simply left to rot in a prison cell
deprived of legal aid all rights ignored.

In the USA politicians are now bought sold unto highest bidder /once in govt
the politicians but serve the agenda of their financial backers /a situation that
the people’s vote is now worthless / it
having no value /moey being now king
and it but a few in holding the nations wealth / they also own the media / TV
Radio / newspapers thus spin out any
story they wish / they maintain power
turning the people agains each other
for a time a anti muslim agenda being their main distraction diversion / such
having given the excuse / where they
have freely carried out / mass murder
millions in having been slaughtered
torture / false imprisonment being a
very common event /international law
long abandoned USA govt as military
command now a law unto themselves
thus able carry out / appalling horrors.

Australian politicians as compared to american are but angels / thus one
should not be / too harsh in criticism.

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