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Australia’s secret police raid the Canberra offices of East Timor’s lawyer

I was listening to ABC Radio’s PM program on Tuesday tonight and they led with this.  This is my interpretation of what they ran. I’ll post a link to their story when it is up and I am awake.

ASIO, one of Australia’s secret police agencies, has raided the Canberra offices of Bernard Collaery, a lawyer for East Timor in its spying case against Australia.

They have also arrested a whistle blower.

Collaery, a former ACT Attorney-General, is in The Hague at the moment putting East Timor’s case against Australia over allegations that Australia used a foreign aid cover to get security agents to bug the rooms of the East Timorese negotiators of the treaty into revenue sharing from the Greater Sunrise gas field in 2004.

Part of the case appears to have been to bring forward a whistleblower at The Hague to expose Australia’s spying. ASIO has allegedly arrested a person this evening and speculation is that it is the whistleblower.

Collaery says that the detailed information of the bugging is in any event in their hands at The Hague.

PM ABC says that the whsitleblower is perhaps a former member of one of Australia’s spy agencies and may even be one of those allegedly sent to East Timor under the guise of humanitarian aid to bug the rooms of the East Timorese negotiators.

It is further alleged that they were sent on the orders of then Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

Secret police – keeping Australian capital safe from all ‘threats’ – East Timor, workers, Indonesia, Edward Snowden. Secret police – trampling over human rights, acting illegally.

Abolish Australia’s secret police, the Australian equivalent of the STASI.

Abolish STASIO and STASIS.

Here is a link to the just released ABC News report on the issue.

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Comment from John
Time December 4, 2013 at 10:19 am

magnet, I accidently hit the remove button for your sensible comments (and indeed was thinking on writing a more general article on where secret police come from and why there shouldn’t be any). Sorry. Feel free to re-post. I am having problems with both wordpress and my mental acuity.

Comment from Gareth smith
Time December 4, 2013 at 11:25 am

In 1999 I was one of 400 UN District Electoral officers who volunteered to manage the vote for whether East Timor was to be independent of Indonesia or whether it was to be part of it. For 400 years East Timor had been colonised by the Portuguese and then by the Indonesians in a bloody invasion in 1975 which saw 1/3 of its population killed. Despite violent intimidation the people voted overwhelmingly for independence. Now, once again, this impoverished nation is being screwed by Australia which wants to grab as much oil and gas revenue as possible and is using its spy network in a dirty tricks campaign to subvert the legal process. It appears ASIS bugged the East Timor parliament duringthe critical Timor Sea Treaty negotiations and now Attorney-General George Brandis has ordered an ASIO raid on the home of lawyer Bernard Collaery representing East Timor in the Hague and arrested an ex-ASIS agent who is now a key witness. Please support my petition calling for the resignation of Mr Brandis and the head of ASIO, David Irvine (

Comment from John
Time December 4, 2013 at 1:34 pm

magnet basically said that we should regulate the intelligence agencies, not abolish them. Sorry for accidentally removing it magnet.

Comment from Chris Warren
Time December 6, 2013 at 9:12 am

This is another example where a particular power (that may be necessary in context) is then abused by corrupt interests to manipulate society.

The anti-bikie fervour was the earlier example.

It is the same phenomena.

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