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The real violence is the Abbott government’s Budget

Warning: the following scenes contain images of Liberal Cabinet Ministers and Labor politicians that some readers may find violent and offensive.

Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, has called the jostling yesterday of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop by students angry with University cuts and fees an assault.

The accusations are laughable. In the minds of the one percent and their hangers on and apologists all protest is an assault on the right of the born to rule to dominate us. As Ridah Hassan, one of the protesters and a member of Socialist Alternative, said in a snippet from a 5 minute interview on ABC News 24:

Of course we didn’t assault Julie Bishop.

I think it shows how out of touch the politicians are – both Labor and Liberal – the fact that they’re calling that assault.

I think what happened at Sydney University yesterday had [no] more jostling than the average bus. Maybe Christopher Pyne has never been on a bus.

Maybe he’s seen one through his limousine window, but it definitely was not assault or violence that occurred yesterday.

Here is a link to the full five minute interview with Ridah on ABC where she highlights where the real violence is coming from – the ruling class and its politicians. The Budget is or will wreak real violence on millions.And that is before we mention this Government’s support for the war criminals in Sri Lanka and the murderer now in charge of India, their criminal acts against asylum seekers, their wars, their Northern Territory Invasion and on and on.

It is not as if Ridah is defending the indefensible. A Fairfax Media poll on the issue has 63% of the more than 8000 respondents to date saying it was just students expressing their anger, and a further 18% agreeing it wasn’t assault but was excessive. Just 16% of respondents thought it was assault.

It was the same with the Q&A protest. A good majority supported the students interrupting the talkfest of the 1%.

Labor, that weak, pathetic neoliberal party of ‘softly softly don’t upset the ogres of capital,’ criticised the students. For example, hip and oh so modern Kate Ellis, Labor’s shadow Minister for Education, said:

I absolutely understand the anger that many students feel but I believe that that was an absolutely inappropriate and indeed a really ineffective way of trying to make their point, Ms Ellis told Sky News on Saturday.

We don’t ever want to see that kind of physical nature in political debate in this country, she added. I think those scenes were deeply disappointing.>

Well the fact that the vast majority seem to support the students and that for the first time in years a student protester, in this case Ridah, has been interviewed in depth on ABC, shows that far from being ineffective or hurting the cause, the protests are working and bringing the issue to the attention of ordinary Australians.

There should be more protests not less and they should be about all the Budget attacks on workers and the poor;  over for example the attacks on pensioners, the sick, the disabled, students, indigenous Australians, the unemployed under 30, public servants and other workers etc etc.  The march in May rallies on Sunday – see details below – provide that opportunity to show your anger with the Budget and its attacks on the vulnerable and workers.

And why do ordinary working Australians support the students? Because for the first time in a long time they have seen someone stand up to the political class and the one percent who run them.

Workers are angry and looking for a lead.

Socialist Alternative at the moment is much too small to give the call for action, but our unions are not. The all union members meeting on Tuesday of the Victorian Trades Hall Council has the potential to refocus the anger in the hands of rank and file  union members and to mobilise workers as workers against the attacks on them and the poor.  That is where the power to beat the Budget lies.

Stop work to stop the bosses’ Budget.


Here are details from Green Left Weekly of the marches in May around Australia on 18 May:

Protest the Tony Abbott government’s killer budget at marches on Sunday May 18:

Brisbane: 1pm, Queens Park, City

Sydney: 1pm, Belmore Park, City (next to Central Station)

Melbourne: 2pm, State Library of Victoria, City

Hobart: 1pm, Parliament Lawns, City

Adelaide: 11.30am, Victoria Square, City

Perth: 12 noon, Russell Square Park, Northbridge

Comments – see the link under the heading – close after 7 days. 



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Time May 17, 2014 at 9:11 pm

[…] May 17 2014 by admin […]

Comment from Arjay
Time May 18, 2014 at 12:18 am

ABC Jon Faine interview 30/8/13. Tony Abbott,” If we win the election and say,Oh we got it wrong,we now have to do different things,we will instantly be just as bad as the current Govt and I refuse to be like that.”

By his own words Tony Abbott has condemned himself.A scorched earth economic policy of austerity will not create prosperity or enlightenment.

Tony Abbott has us on the path to USA poverty with 50 million Americans on food stamps.

Comment from Abbott Sucks Dick
Time May 19, 2014 at 12:31 am

Abbott is an uneducated low life filthy piece of trash incapable of stringing a solid sentence together.
It’s kind of sad watching him try to fit he’s entire vocabulary into a sentence.

There’s nothing that Tony Abbott could possibly do that will ever benefit this country except maybe die and then donate his carcass for fertiliser processing.

No matter how hard he may think he strives to do the right thing by this country, he’ll never even come remotely close to succeeding. He will always be remembered by the Australian public as complete and total waste of space and oxygen. A mindless, lying oxygen thief is what he’ll go down in history as.

Let’s face it everyone deserved a ‘fair go’; even Tony Abbott, after all its part of being a true blue Aussie. In all honesty and I am sure that 99.9% of Aussies will agree that if Tony Abbott was twice as smart he would still be incredibly stupid. So in conclusion there’s nothing to gain by giving this dumb-ass a fair go. Tony Abbott could never hope to be half the man his mother is.

Quite simply the Australian public is unable to see things from Tony Abbott’s point of view because we are all unable to get our heads that far up our own ass. No big secret there, but it is what distinctly separates Tony Abbott from the rest of the population. I guess it’s what makes Tony Abbot so special and proof that evolution can in actual fact go in reverse. We all sprang from apes but looks as if though Tony didn’t quite spring far enough.

Tony Abbott couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel, so how in Christ’s name is he running this country? My guess is that if we don’t piss him off soon he’ll drive this country into the ground.

Comment from John
Time May 19, 2014 at 7:45 am

I understand the anger, ASD, but I think it is a mistake to imagine that the real problem is that Abbott is an idiot. The policies he is undertaking are those of his class, the capitalist class. Replacing him with Turnbull might see someone smoother and more urbane in charge and better able to get the cuts through the Senate, but the general thrust of government would still be the same. Can I suggest we deal with the real issues instead of just abusing Abbott, cathartic as that may be?

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