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Who would you believe – Christopher ‘the Grub’ Pyne or Socialist Alternative?

The Grub, aka Education Minister Christopher Pyne, was on ABC News the other day defending his $30 billion cuts to education. For Universities he will cut per student funding by 20%, allow universities to charge whatever they want for courses, increase the amount of student loan interest and lower the income level at which repayments cut in.

Instead of defending the education chainsaw massacre, Pyne spent much of his time trying to divert attention away from his serial killing of education by bad mouthing Socialist Alternative.

Tony Abbott as victim? Oh dear.

There are victims of the Budget all right – the millions of poor and working class Australians doing the heavy lifting to support the bipartisan and ongoing transfer of wealth from us to the rich and capital.

University students are one group among the many victims. Pyne is carrying out the logic of the market that Labor introduced into higher education in 1989. He is worsening the position of students, many of whom already have to work long hours. His changes will further reinforce the already class structured nature of higher education and make it more likely that only the sons and daughters of the rich and well off will be able to go to University.

However as my article yesterday on the beginning of the age of resistance shows, students and others are fighting back. It is this return to rowdy but peaceful resistance that worries Pyne and co. The ruling class haven’t endured such anger, and manifestations of it, for decades. For about 30 years, in fact.

The degeneration began with the election of the Hawke Labor Government in 1983 and the capitulation of the union leadership to class collaboration as the way forward. What’s good for Gina Rinehart is good for us all evidently. That sums up the Accord to a T.

Since then big social protests in Australia have been more or less in decline in terms of numbers and intensity. On top of that strike levels have collapsed, and this partly explains the dominance of right wing ideas in Labor and the ongoing and relentless one sided class war by the bosses. The level of strikes in Australia today is about one tenth what it was 3 decades ago and about one thirtieth what it was at its peak in Australia in the late 1960s and 1970s.

The 2014 Abbott-Hockey Budget has managed to unite millions against the Young Liberal Student Club currently in government. Socialist Alternative has been active in organising the fight against the bosses’ Budget. That is why they are under attack from the likes of Pyne. Who would you believe? Christopher Pyne or Socialist Alterantive?

It is not only the breadth of the attacks on the poor and working class, while not touching the rich and capital, that is sparking an anger that will not go away. The measures themselves will remind people on an almost daily basis of the severity of this Budget which benefits only the rich. Every time you fill up, every time you go to the doc tor, every time your mother or father has to struggle out of bed to go to work till 70, every time your son or daughter wants money to survive at Uni you will reminded of the winking Abbott, the cigar smoking Hockey and the grubby Pyne.

Who has been at the forefront of reclaiming protest and dissent as a symbol of our anger? Socialist Alternative and other activists.

Who has been at the forefront of organising students against attacks on their education? Socialist Alternative and other activists.

Who has been making the case for strikes to bust the Budget? Socialist Alternative and other unionists.

Who has been telling the truth about this rotten ruling class Budget? Socialist Alternative and others.

So when Pyne and the other liars for the ruling class get on the airwaves and attack Socialist Alternative, who are you going to believe? The Grub or Socialist Alternative?

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Time May 22, 2014 at 3:11 pm

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Comment from peter piper
Time May 23, 2014 at 8:20 am

students the world over have been protesting about something since Adam was a lad. Hilariously, in 5 yrs, those ‘socialists’ will all be selling/buying shares in the CBD and driving volvo sports cars

Comment from John
Time May 23, 2014 at 4:40 pm

Not so. The protests in the last few decades have been few and far between. And most of them will be in jobs, their unions and the like, not super rich. The pay they get when they leave Uni is below the average wage in the main.

Comment from Jacks
Time May 23, 2014 at 11:13 pm

Good points John.
Only thing is, surely student protests over introduction of VSU, Iraq War and Howards Pacific Solution were bigger than current demos at the moment?

Comment from Ross
Time May 24, 2014 at 8:00 am

I did not think that the Coalition would get this unfair and nasty.

They know there will be another share market crash and this one will not recover.

The only way out of this mess is to move back to Govt owned banks. We have average inflation of 3%.Of a $1.6 trillion this is $48 billion pa created out of thin air as debt by OS Central Banks.

So firstly we have our spending power and savings depreciated and then we have to pay back principal + interest. So we lose out 3 times. That $48 billion pa inflation is suddenly $100 billion pa with interest and it is compounding.

Labor borrowed $ 667 billion and wasted it. No infrastructure was built. It can never be paid off since China is slowing and have sourced cheaper suppliers who are not aligned with an aggressive USA.

The interest on $667 billion @ 5% is $33 billion pa or $6,000 for every household in Aust. The principal is $121,000 for every household. So to pay it back in 10 yrs every household will have to be taxed an additional $10,000 pa. Note this does not include inflation devaluation of our money.

How do we pay back debt when more money leaves the country than comes in? They will sell off everything to service debt and make us even more enslaved to our financial masters.

If we don’t stand up and fight, our children will not have a future. Too many are already committing suicide.

Comment from Kay
Time May 25, 2014 at 6:31 am

I agree with peter piper’s comments – it’s always the same, with the same ultimate outcome.

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