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MH17 and Palestine: A tale of two tragedies

Of the 298 murdered on Malaysian Airways Flight MH17, 36 were from Australia. The outpouring of grief and support from ordinary people here in Australia has been overwhelming. It restores hope for the future, a future in which we working people, compassionate and caring, run society.

On the other hand, the hypocrisy from our political ‘leaders’ and the capitalist media has been gut wrenching. The hypocrisy is threefold.

First, under the guise of faux outrage about the deaths of 298 innocent people they have used the attack on MH17 – almost certainly done by Russian backed Ukranian separatists – to further the West’s goal of total encirclement of Russian imperialism. Abbott is using MH17 to further crass geopolitical interests.

An image haunts my mind. Has the Archduke been assassinated? Is this 1914 all over again?

The realists in the US ruling class know, because of the decline of US power, that a test with Russia may not end well. The irrationalists don’t know, or care.

Secondly Abbott is using the tragedy to unite people behind his government and the attacks on the poor and working class. Already his Budget cuts have claimed one well know life – that of Gavin Jones, the founder of the Deadly Awards who died after cuts to Aboriginal funding, including his own work. There will be many many more.

To save lives at home we need to unite not with the Abbott government in grief but against it in anger.

This government’s compassion is selective. It ends completely when dealing with asylum seekers. It brutalises refugees. This is the government that has kidnapped 153 asylum seekers on the high seas and locked them up in the hull of an Australian customs ship without windows.  It is the government which sends asylum seekers back to their oppressors.

Thirdly, the atrocities the West has committed and continues to commit against innocent civilians far outweighs shooting down one passenger airliner. The ruling classes of the countries which invaded Iraq and Afghanistan have the blood of over a million people on their hands. That includes Australia’s ruling class and its State – people like John Howard, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott.

The MH17 atrocity hides all of that. It creates or reinforces the concept of ‘the other’ as evil and ‘us’ as good.  It hides the evil that are our ruling classes.

The Australian media are pushing the tragedy for all it is worth, with page after incessant page virtually airbrushing everything else – Palestine, austerity, asylum seekers – from history.

The war crimes of others do that and hide the recent evil history of ‘our’ supposedly civilised ruling classes. Apart from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Americans, along with allies like Australia, killed more than 2 million in Vietnam and the rest of IndoChina. Henry Kissinger will never be brought to account for his war crimes there.

Neither will George W Bush nor drone murderer Barack Obama face a court for their war crimes. War criminal Tony Blair is now a Middle East ‘peace negotiator’, basically for Israel, let it be added.

Indeed, as we speak, US client state Israel, with its bombing and invasion of Gaza, is unleashing the next stage in its 66 year long genocide of Palestinians. There are no tears from Western leaders for the innocents murdered by Israel in the last week or so.

Our leaders are consistent. They cry and rail against an outrage when it serves the interests of imperialism or their own national agenda (often to hide austerity).

In the case of Israel they are silent in the face of genocide because it is carried out by one of their partners in imperialism. They only break their silence on the Israeli genocide of Palestinians to support it and to support Israel.


Among many ordinary people the story is different. Across the globe there have been rallies for Palestine, including 100,000 in London and 10,000 in Sydney this weekend.

This outpouring in defence of Palestine is heartening. It shows that the same emotions of support, care and compassion that many Australians feel for the Australian victims on board MH17 can break the shackles of national boundaries and nationalism.

There is hope that Australians will see through the charade that Tony Abbott is putting on about MH17 and understand that he is a nasty brutish warrior for the ruling class. The bastard who wants to tax you for going to the doctor, who wants to make you work longer and longer, who wants to cut your pension, who wants to impose $100000 fees to attend University, who is forcing the unemployed off the dole for six months, who is attacking services for Aboriginal people and wanting to drive them off their land, who is cutting $80 billion from health and education, who is spending $24 billion on fighter jets, is the same bastard who is silent on the massacres of Palestinians.

Once a ruling class bastard always a ruling class bastard.

Let’s respect the dead. Don’t let the lying Abbott play us for suckers on MH17 too like he is playing us for over Palestine.

To comment or see what others are saying hit the comments link under the heading. like all posts on this blog comments close after 7 days. 



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Time July 20, 2014 at 8:11 pm

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Comment from Kay
Time July 21, 2014 at 8:54 am

I wondered how you would use the tragedy of the brutal shooting down of MH17 to somehow shift the focus to Abbott and the West! You have surpassed yourself with your lack of compassion, and your dismissal of the real grief felt by all decent people right around the world, including the ‘ruling class’!

“The outpouring of grief and support from ordinary people here in Australia has been overwhelming. It restores hope for the future, a future in which we working people, compassionate and caring, run society.” What bullshit! Are you so crass as to imply that only “we working people” are genuine in their grief? Disgusting!

“Abbott is using MH17 to further crass geopolitical interests.” Even worse bullshit! Exactly what “crass geopolitical interests” do you imagine he is “furthering” here? What would you have said if you were the PM tasked with leading the response by Australia to this outrage? You may not like Abbott’s politics, but he is an ordinary family man who has put into words the grief and anger felt throughout Australia at this mindless atrocity – an atrocity brought about solely by Russia’s constant efforts to restore its power and control back to the old USSR days. There is no evidence that Putin has changed at all since his old KGB days!

I think all decent people want a peaceful solution to the Israel/Palestine issue, but this is unlikely with Hamas and Netanyahu running things. No need to twist the MH17 tragedy to link it to the Gaza debacle. I am absolutely certain the US is applying every means it can to end this current conflict. Even within Israel there is widespread opposition to, and protests against, the actions by the Israeli government. Netanyahu is not exactly easy to influence, as the US has found.

As for the refugees – at least we have not had another 1000 people drowning as they did under Labor’s “compassionate” on-shore processing policy. Abbott’s actions to discourage people smugglers just happens to be supported by the majority of Australian voters. Like it or not. Whichever policy is in play, some people suffer. My god, half the world is full of terrorised and displaced people! Mainly caused by fundamentalist Islamic thugs, and much of it simply due to the ages-old Shia/Sunni conflict! Do you really imagine that the other half of the world should settle all these people? It is about time the world took these thugs seriously instead of mouthing apologist propaganda, thus encouraging them!

Comment from John
Time July 21, 2014 at 9:13 am

Ho hum, Kay, another warrior for imperialism and Australian militarism. Time for another good war eh? They don’t like cold steel up ’em, is that it?

Comment from Kay
Time July 21, 2014 at 5:23 pm


More offensive bullshit! When you can’t defend your disgusting comments, you just start abusing again. So very very predictable. Exactly where have I mentioned “imperialism and Australian militarism”? You just make it up as you go along, don’t you?

What a pity you can’t simply express sympathy for the MH17 victims and their families and friends. That would just be showing compassion like other ordinary Australians. No, you have to turn this tragedy into some twisted political statement. At least Shorten had more brains than to do that! I hope the suffering relatives don’t read your garbage!

Comment from John
Time July 21, 2014 at 6:14 pm

I have expressed sympathy. Unlike you I think Abbott is a lying bastard who will manipulate any event to try and win back support. But hey, if you trust Abbott, that’s your problem. And if you can’t see this as part of the ammunition of the get Russia brigade, then you aren’t listening. And why limit our sympathy to just the Australians? What about all those who were murdered on the plane? What about the 500 Gazans exterminated in the last week? The people dying because of Abbott’s cuts? Or is your compassion hose turned on and off by Tony Abbott alone?

Comment from Fred
Time July 21, 2014 at 6:33 pm

Funding cuts killed people? What nonsense. The government gave $400,000 of workers money to a very light skinned aborigine to run a magazine and an awards ceremony.

And now they took it away. Hilariously, the man in question ran his Vibe ‘brand’ for two decades and still couldn’t turn a profit.

Maybe you should stand up for ordinary workers who pay the taxes, rather than the well heeled recipients.

Comment from Ross
Time July 21, 2014 at 6:44 pm

In my view,you are right John. This MH17 attack and the MH 370 attack do not ring true to me.

In 2012 Malaysia held a War Crimes Tribunal prosecuted by Prof Francis Boyle which found George Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld guilty of war crimes. Hence these people have to be careful of where they travel.

Why would Russia attack a Malaysian Airline when this country is actively revealing state sponsored terrorism which is undermining Russia ?

The BRICS Nations are now in the process of new Development bank that will rival the IMF and World Bank. This is why they hate Putin.They are losing their power.

Who benefits from this attack? Definitely not Russia.

Comment from John
Time July 21, 2014 at 9:50 pm

They ring true to me. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am arguing the ruling class in various countries will take advantage of the outpouring of grief and anger to further contain Russian imperialism and advance US and Western European imperialism.

Comment from John
Time July 21, 2014 at 9:52 pm

How many single Mums died as a consequence of Gillard’s cuts? How many unemployed will die if the Abbott cuts go through? Disability pensioners? Gotta love racists like Fred.

Comment from Ross
Time July 21, 2014 at 10:53 pm

John in the case of MH370 in todays high tech world, you don’t just lose a plane. Even the ABC is asking about the probability of these two Malaysian planes meeting an untimely demise.

MH 370 had Freescale scientists on board involved in military technology.MH17 had AIDS researchers on board. Dr Roberts writes a good article on MH17 and Putin.

I’m offering no theories but the truth has not come out in both incidences.

Comment from Peter Hindrup
Time July 22, 2014 at 1:24 am

A plane load of people died — a tragedy for the families of those killed, a tragedy for collective society because of the skills and qualifications of some of those people on board — a life is a life, but the contributions that some people can and do make, are not equal.

Abbott with his carrying on simply highlights the delusions that plague his attempt to be prime minister. Australia laying down the law to

It doesn’t help that Australia fails to abide by international law, fails to show common decency in dealing with refugees, fails totally when the issue is the Palestinians — whether because of pig ignorance or simply because they are bought and paid for.

Comment from Kay
Time July 22, 2014 at 8:20 am


You are so simplistic! But it suits your absolutely one-sided interpretation of the world to be so ridiculously simplistic. Anyone who has leftist views is a saint, anyone more to the right is a murdering racist mongrel! If only life were as simple as you portray, we’d have no difficulty voting for the ‘goodies’.

I have expressed sympathy for ALL those who were murdered by those brutal pro-Russian separatists. I have expressed sympathy many times for the Gaza residents, caught in this equally brutal testosterone-fueled dispute between Hamas and Netanyahu. So don’t try to rewrite my comments!! And who said I trusted Abbott? Again, so simplistic.

But on this occasion, I have no reason to believe that he is any different from the rest of the world’s basically decent people – appalled and shocked at the horrible fate of the MH17 passengers, and feeling great sympathy for those suffering relatives and friends throughout the world. I mean, how could you not be so affected? He also has extra responsibilities towards the relatives of the Australian victims. Sure, the horrific incident has deflected attention away from his current Budget woes, but you can hardly blame Abbott for that. That’s just how circumstances evolve.

“The people dying because of Abbott’s cuts?” I’d appreciate your specifics on this – exactly who has died and how was the death caused by “Abbott’s cuts”? I await your advice.

You disagree with Abbott’s policies. I get that. You aren’t alone there. Even those who may have voted for the Coalition do not necessarily agree with everything (or sometimes even ANYTHING) Abbott does. But the important issue should be policy, not personality! He is no better or worse than any other politician.

As for Putin, he just comes across more and more as an unreconstructed KGB agent, manoeuvering on all fronts to try to resurrect the ‘good old’ USSR days! The rest of the world has been done very little to confine his ambitions. I wouldn’t waste my sympathy on this extremely nationalistic, homophobic power hungry politician. This week he really got caught out by events, that’s all.

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