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Of packages and politicians

The comment on commercial radio by Jacqui Lambie, the Palmer United Party Senator for Tasmania, that any prospective partner ‘ must have heaps of cash and they’ve got to have a package between their legs,’ has seen a few middle class male political gossip mongers go into meltdown and Destroy the Joint condemn her for her ‘sexism’.

Calling her comments ‘sexist’, in response to a sexist question, misunderstands the nature of women’s oppression.

‘I’m not a prude but…’ is how the men often begin their puerile protestestations of prurience. Like its cousin ‘I’m not a racist but…’ the opening line reveals the deepest insecurities and the reality.

Sometimes the repressed outrage is disguised as tut tutting about these type of comments not being appropriate behaviour for a Senator. My god, a Senator saying what millions of Australians can understand and relate to. Shocking.

Obviously what we should have in Parliament, according to our esteemed commentators, are robots able to parrot the party line defending the latest bout of genocide against Palestinians, or invasion of some poor country, or increasing poverty, or brutalising asylum seekers.

Evidently what we need in Parliament is people what speak proper defending the barbarism of the capitalist system, its wars and its austerity.

Jacqui Lambie isn’t one of those professional, fake tan, smooth as baby shit politicians.  She hasn’t had years of coaching and training in Labor Inc or Liberal Inc in how to de-personalise herself to sell a set of lies to the voting public.

None of this means I am a fan of PUP policies. Populism can only get you so far and it isn’t surprising that Clive Palmer, the billionaire leader of the party, used Al Gore as cover for waving through the abolition of the carbon tax.

As readers would know I am no fan of the carbon tax and the costs it imposes on workers, nor of its long term inability to address climate change in any meaningful way. However the abolition of the tax was a signal that the climate change deniers were in charge, and PUP was part of that march back to the 1950s.

So too when PUP supported changes to the financial advice laws which effectively put working men and women at risk of being robbed by rotten greedy advisers, it is clear that their populism goes only so far in defending ordinary people.

There is something else in the outrage about Lambie’s ‘package between their legs’ comments. Apparently women shouldn’t express sexual feelings. It is as if women are mere objects of male desire, asexual receptacles of male lust, not people with their own desires, not subjects of their own.

In this the commentariat reflects the oppression of women in our society, an oppression born of capitalism’s need for the next generation of workers to be raised on the cheap, ie in the family.  To allow or acknowledge that women have individual personhood outside narrow stereotypes might challenge that important role of women in capitalist society.

The response to Lambie’s comments shows that deep down the ruling elite have not left the 1950s.  I’m with those millions of working women and men who say good on her.

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Comment from Lorikeet
Time July 23, 2014 at 4:17 pm

I thought Jacqui Lambie’s comments were much too crude. When I spoke about them to a male friend, he thought she was just trying to pick up the yobbo vote, which seems to be growing.

He also said there are now lots of women around who want to use a man for his wallet and his “package” and to hell with him as a person. He also wondered if the recipient of “the package” might have been able to accommodate a bus.

In recent times, I have heard lots of complaints from men that professional women only want to come over, jump their bones and then go home….using men like unpaid brothel workers.

A bit of mutual respect between men and women would be nice.

I agree that the PUPs need a good whack with a rolled up newspaper for voting with the Coalition on the FoFA issue. My hackles are beginning to rise.

I think saying people who don’t believe in the Carbon religion are “climate change deniers” is simply name calling. No one is denying that the climate changes. They are simply disputing whether or not there is proof that it is caused by human activity.

Having said this, I support a moderate environmental policy, not a second tax on the air (Carbon Tax) or Emissions Trading Scheme which financially empowers other nations.

Instead we should be manufacturing our own goods and eating our own food. This will reduce dumpage of unwanted cheap garbage and shipping back and forth.

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