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Does Israel have a right to exist?

Nick Dyrenfurth in the Fairfax Daily (The Age, The Canberra Times, and I assume the Sydney Morning Herald) the other day wrote his usual unthinking rant in defence of Zionism and Israel, in effect a defence of the long slow genocide that Israel has been carrying out against Palestinians since 1948. The current massacre in Gaza is but the next step in that genocide.

Dyrenfurth pretends that he sees the suffering of Palestinians but does not understand that it is the very Zionism he embraces which is the cause of their suffering.

I wrote a letter to the Canberra Times in response to Dyrenfurth’s article but like all of my letters over the last few months I am pretty sure it will not be published. Here is what I said:

Nick Dyrenfurth uses his usual sophistry to defend the genocide Israel is carrying out against Palestinians. (‘Gaza and Israel: Why I will not be silent’, The Canberra Times July 27).

In among his endless irrational rants in mindless defence of Israel, he calls a meeting Socialist Alternative are holding in Melbourne ‘pure evil’. He doesn’t explain why a talk on ‘How to smash Israel’ deserves such a description, and apart from the heavy implication of anti-Semitism, doesn’t bother to explain why a democratic and secular state of Palestine for all who want to live there – a rainbow nation – is evil.

Of course to Zionists anything that questions the apartheid state of Israel is evil. That in part explains Dyrenfurth’s return to a particular Zionist theme, that all who criticise Israel are anti-Semitic. It is a lie, and avoids the debate we have to have about Israel, including the concentration camp it runs called Gaza.

If people want to hear an alternative to the rantings of a man who defends the Israeli genocide of Palestinians, a long slow genocide going on since 1948 and of which the latest massacres in Gaza are the latest example, can I suggest people go to the Socialist Alternative meeting today (Thursday) at 6 pm at the ANU in Copland room G 39. Their talk is called Australia, USA and Israel: Partners in genocide and it will discuss why the brutal attack on the Gaza strip is happening, and why the US and Australia have always gone out of their way to apologise for Israel’s war crimes.

It seems to me that the one state option – a democratic and secular Palestine in which all who want to can live – is the only way forward. That won’t happen until the Arab revolutions break out again and deepen to thoroughly democratise the region by challenging not just imperialism’s sway but capitalism itself.

Here is Faisal Bodi in The Guardian in 2001 mmaking the case for a one state solution. Of necessity that means Israel simply has no right to exist.

Here is Thomas Maunder in the International Socialist Journal in 2007 reviewing Jamil Hilal (ed), Where now for Palestine? The Demise of the Two-State Solution (Zed Books, 2007), where a range of academics discuss why the two state solution is dead.

One thing that seems clear in all of this is that the reality of the war crimes Israel is committing means that its lies are not being accepted by many Western publics, such as the UK, where well over 60% think Israel is committing war crimes.



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Comment from Kay
Time July 31, 2014 at 12:45 pm

Well, articles and comments like this, written mainly by Muslims, saying that Israel does not have a right to exist, will serve only to spur on Israel in its efforts to protect its very existence – with disastrous results.

The apparent inability of the 2 main Muslim sects, Shia and Sunni, to live together in peace in one country gives one no confidence at all that Jews and Muslims could peacefully co-exist in a new Palestine (the one-state solution suggested here). At least Israel is safer to live in or visit than most Muslim countries where hundreds are killed daily in the ongoing centuries-old Shia/Sunni conflict. Even Muslims are safer in Israel.

Comment from John
Time July 31, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Unlike the over one million the US invasion of Iraq killed? Or the millions Israel has driven from their land in all of Palestine?

Comment from Kay
Time July 31, 2014 at 5:36 pm

The UN’s figure for the number of Palestinian refugees arising from the 1948 partition was 726,000, although the number who subsequently registered as refugees was 876,000. Of course this number of refugees has increased significantly since then, mainly by natural increase, to 4 million.

I doubt that the number of Iraqis killed in the US invasion is greater than the number of Muslims being slaughtered everywhere and all the time, mainly in the Middle East, in Shia/Sunni conflicts.

Comment from John
Time July 31, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Ah yes, Kay, that was in 1948. Their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, whom you ignore, number millions.Not to mention the palestinians in Israel and those in the overseas diaspora, also in their millions. All have been dispossessed.

Comment from paul walter
Time July 31, 2014 at 8:41 pm

Thinking on this on a day where I got shot of someone elsewhere for persisting with the Hams/missile line.. Palestinians are entitled to fire missiles, anywhere, in their own country- even if they are not allowed to live in it.

Do people REALLY think two million people are crowded into some thing the size of a postage stamp because they like the lifestyle?

Comment from Oz
Time July 31, 2014 at 11:07 pm

I, as one who used to support & make excuses for Israel, now see that it was a horrible inhuman idea to think that a racist state could possibly work on a human basis .
Look at how their humanity has degraded .
Look at the degree of inhumanity that they are comfortable with .
I agree with Iran , which has not attacked another country since when ?
Israelia delenda est . (I think they are a threat to humanity , & have to go . not later , but now) .

Comment from Kay
Time August 1, 2014 at 9:41 am


“Their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, whom you ignore, number millions.” I did not ignore them. They now number 4 million, as I said.

Comment from Dion Giles
Time August 1, 2014 at 3:30 pm

*Every Jew on earth has every right to exist.
*Every Jew born in Palestine has every right to live in Palestine.
*Every Jew born in another country has every right to live in his or her homeland (which is not in Palestine)
*Israel, like the Third Reich on which it is modelled as a racist and expansionist state has no right to exist and never has had.
*All the world’s Jews have homelands – where they were born or freely accepted by those born there.
*The Zionist concept of an exclusive “Jewish homeland” was modelled on invented ancestors described in Deuteronomy. See Deuteronomy 20:17 at for a picture of their pure evil that would astonish even the 20th Century Nazis but is remarkably similar to the Israel modelled on them.

Comment from John
Time August 1, 2014 at 3:57 pm

Well Dion, I disagree that Israel is modelled on the Nazi state. fascism was first and foremost about smashing the poltical and trade union wings of the working class, the elft if you like, to restore profit rates. Although anti_Semitism was at the ehart of Hitler’s version of fascism, it was not absolutely necessary to that task, although having an enemy within to blame for the crises of capitalism is and was convenient for the German ruling class as, through the Nazis, they drove down wages and restructured German capitalism.

Israel is a colonial settler state dependent on support from the US ruling class for its existence. It is most similar to apartheid South Africa.

As to Kay, most ‘experts’ are wrong on the two state solution. Zionism is of itself expansionist – it is a philosophy and course of action of driving Palestinians off their land, ie genocide.

Its long term aim is a one state solution of Jews only. Likud has that in its charter still I understand.

There can be no two state solution while Zionism rules israel.

Comment from Dion Giles
Time August 1, 2014 at 4:50 pm

John, the Third Reich’s master race concept and its programme of aggression to secure Lebensraum is matched 1:1 by Israel.

The best way to debunk the two state solution is to expose the fact that Zionists cannot accept racial equality. Their very cry for a Jewish homeland rejects the homelands in which Jews already reside − as equals with the rest of the citizens. A two state solution based on racial equality could easily be proposed without even requiring dismantling of the Jewish state as a precondition. Such a solution would immediately be denounced by the Zionists. Here is a proposal, in the spirit of the Trotskyite “transitional demand” for a measure that would be overwhelmingly accepted but which the ruling class could not grant without abandoning its power. There’s no way the Zionists could accept it

* Each territory to have equal state sovereignty.
* No restriction of the flow of goods including arms to one not matched by the same restriction of the flow to the other.
* Equal rights for each to maintain full and free international relations and alliances.
* Visa requirements for entry to be the prerogative of each territory.
* Neither to be allowed to foist or retain by force settlements on the other’s territory.
* Neither to have power to abridge the right of the other to accept immigrants or visitors. [Think of the 4m exiles!]

Comment from John
Time August 1, 2014 at 6:02 pm

Interesting point about immigrants. In Australia the ruling elite label asylum seekers ‘illegals’ while Israel, the other settler state calls them infiltrators. Mirror images almost in this regard. Here is a link to a short documentary on this issue, one commissioned by the NYT but never taken up by them because it is too revealing of the racism that infects Israeli society.

Zionism cannot accept ‘the other.’ This is a long slow genocide, much as the US and Australia undertook over centuries. But it is not a quid pro quo with Nazism or fascism.

Comment from Chris Warren
Time August 1, 2014 at 8:01 pm

When humanity makes a big mistake – eg slavery and colonialism – it needs to be rectified by later generations.

The West made a big mistake in conceding territory in the Middle East to a backward sect of monotheists without consent of local owners.

Presumably a reinstated Palestine, in the context of this process, could agree to an enclave for specific lifestyles or cultures.

Many states are multicultural.

This project would need at least 2 generations to bear fruit.

Comment from Kay
Time August 2, 2014 at 9:05 am


“Zionism cannot accept ‘the other.’ ” Neither can Islam, including if ‘the other’ is merely a different brand of Islam. At least Zionists don’t send suicide bombers around the world.

Which countries are engulfed in civil wars/bombings/terrorist atrocities? Almost all such conflicts are caused by Muslim fundamentalists of one sect or another. Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa.

I noticed the other day that Russia is surging in global arms sales. It is spending huge amounts on armaments domestically, as well as supplying Iraq with arms. Iran is also selling to Iraq. It is clear that sectarianism has become more entrenched in the Middle East since the “Arab Spring” first began. Here is an interesting article discussing the US’s dilemma over the current Middle East conflicts:

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