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August 2014



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My interview Razor Sharp 18 February
Me interviewed by Sharon Firebrace on Razor Sharp on Tuesday 18 February. (0)

My interview Razor Sharp 11 February 2014
Me interviewed by Sharon Firebrace on Razor Sharp this morning. The Royal Commission, car industry and age of entitlement get a lot of the coverage. (0)

Razor Sharp 4 February 2014
Me on 4 February 2014 on Razor Sharp with Sharon Firebrace. (0)

Time for a House Un-Australian Activities Committee?
Tony Abbott thinks the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Un-Australian. I am looking forward to his government setting up the House Un-Australian Activities Committee. (1)

Make Gina Rinehart work for her dole

Sick kids and paying upfront


Save Medicare

Demonstrate in defence of Medicare at Sydney Town Hall 1 pm Saturday 4 January (0)

Me on Razor Sharp this morning
Me interviewed by Sharon Firebrace this morning for Razor Sharp. It happens every Tuesday. (0)

I am not surprised
I think we are being unfair to this Abbott ‘no surprises’ Government. I am not surprised. (0)

Send Barnaby to Indonesia
It is a pity that Barnaby Joyce, a man of tact, diplomacy, nuance and subtlety, isn’t going to Indonesia to fix things up. I know I am disappointed that Barnaby is missing out on this great opportunity, and I am sure the Indonesians feel the same way. [Sarcasm alert.] (0)



Joe Hockey gets it cars about

Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey ‘defending’ his proposed increase in the excise on fuel

Australian Teasurer Joe Hockey says poor people won’t be badly affected by his proposed regualr CPI increase in fuel excise on petrol because they don’t drive, or if they do, they don’t drive very far.

Poor people can’t afford to buy houses on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour either. They live in the cheaper outer suburbs, those suburbs which have borne the burden of decades of cuts to public transport. They have to drive to work, to the shops, to the poorly funded schools and hospitals, all on often potholed roads.

Let’s be fair. Hockey is partly right. With his government increasing unemployment – it jumped from 6% to 6.4% last month – and denying those under 30 the dole for 6 months, young unemployed people won’t be able to buy food let alone drive anywhere.

The fuel excise is also regressive. It is a tax which hits poor people harder as a percentage of their income than rich people like him.

Of course we fund Hockey’s work travel so he won’t be affected by the increases. Even if he pays for his own private transport, what impact does an increase in fuel tax have on someone earning $397000 a year compared to an unemployed person earning nothing at worst for six months or $35 a day at ‘best’ for six months?

People in cities and towns not serviced by already inadequate public transport – rural and regional Australia comes to mind – have often to  drive long distances.  Hockey is abandoning them, and his National Party mates in the bush will too if they vote for the fuel tax increases.

You can expect more anti-poor rhetoric and attacks on the working class from this Treasurer for the one percent. Here he is in his natural habitat.





Comment from Ross
Time August 13, 2014 at 10:15 pm

The fact is John the whole capitalist system is about to go to hell. Dr Paul Craig Roberts in this interview says that since 2006 US Corporations have been borrowing from the banks to buy their own shares to the tune of $4.1 trillion so the CEOs can pay themselves huge bonuses.

Add into the mix a derivative gambling market 28 times the GDP of the planet and we will have a global catastrophe never seen before in our history.

Unless we move back to a Glass Steagall Act that separates the bank’s gambling in derivatives from our deposits and shares, there will be total devestation of our economies.

We in Aust no longer refine our own fuel and only have 2 weeks supply coming from Singapore. If a war or crisis happens, we will starve.

This country is being lead by morons.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 14, 2014 at 9:36 am

Yes, I couldn’t agree more, John.

But I also think he supports a slightly larger upper echelon of people than 1%.

He supports those who actually have work (especially higher income earners) and to hell with the unemployed, disabled, sick, elderly. This would certainly concur with a corporate neo-communist agenda involving Income Management and a large kick to the kerb for the destitute.

Comment from Ross
Time August 14, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Joe Hockey’s wife is a banker. Malcolm Turnbull was head of Goldman Sachs Australia another banker. The Premier of NSW Mike Baird is an ex-banker.

Do you think the corporate system is promoting those into politics who can give them an unfair advantage in business?

Comment from paul walter
Time August 14, 2014 at 11:49 pm

How out of touch are the people who live in ivory towers and never get to experience what they so carelessly inflict on others?

A few years ago they did a doco series on telly called “Send Them Back Where They Belong” which examined how ordinary Aussies coped with the unusual experiences asylum seekers undergo on escaping whatever war zone it was that they have been blasted out of.

Strangely, our knockabout group, long suffering victims of Australian life, found their experiences rather more unpleasant than one may have expected.

So much more, I wonder how people like Hockey would have gone on the dole for a year, let alone in some pesthole in Asia, given they are better off than most of us of the sunburnt, gnarly-handed ilk?

Or Defence Mandarins and the Officer Class in Canberra, after their hurry up from Jackie Lambie as to long-term harassment and bullying, today?

Lorikeet, I have so often explained to you over the last decade that the agenda you describe is a Corporate Capitalist agenda rather than a leftist one.. leftists seek to even things out, not increase the disparity even more.

I would be richer than Murdoch, for all the times I have had to explain this.

However, I am pleased to see your DLP Senator in Canberra has suggested he will oppose the worst of the governments vile and unfair welfare agenda and hope he keeps his word.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 15, 2014 at 9:56 am

Hi Paul, then can you please explain why the Corporate Capitalist agenda has links with the Carbon Religion supported by the Left? Corporates want to rip us off on our electricity bills, do they not?

The ALP would be considered to be a Leftist Party, and they seem to support corporate agendas as well. As Pauline Hanson would ask: “Please explain…???”

I used to wonder how Woolworths and Coles fitted into the picture where money hungry bankers were concerned. In fairly recent times, they have gone into…you guessed it…banking.

Yes, I am proud of Senator John Madigan across a number of issues, but I have not been a member of the Democratic Labour Party for a couple of years. It is very tiny in Queensland, so I am now a member of Katter’s Australian Party. These are the only 2 parties I consider to be Pro-Australia and support a strong social value system.

Some might say that the main political players (Labor, Liberals, Nationals, Greens) are all over the shop on what they support. For example, the Greens are quite happy to pay women $50,000 to spend 6 months at home with their babies.

In my experience of attending seminars and conferences, Nationals could not care less how many workers were thrown onto the scrap heap. This is one of the reasons Bob Katter got out of this iniquitous organisation in 2001.

Labor dumped sole parents on the dole and left them living in cars with their little children. How does that sit as a Leftist move?

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 15, 2014 at 9:58 am

Ross, the answer is undoubtedly “Yes”.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 15, 2014 at 10:02 am

Ross, the country is not being run by morons. Our government is simply working for the UN and its corporate/green affiliates. They have to “mix it up” in a complex way in order to fool at least a small percentage of the people.

Nearly all of the others know we are being deliberately sent backwards on the world stage, but feel powerless to do anything about it.

Comment from Ross
Time August 15, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Lorikeet I’ve met Bob Katter and like him, however I no longer trust Clive Palmer whom I voted for at the last election.

Bob Katter is seems ,is joining Palmer’s PUP party.
Below you will see a link to Al Gore being grilled by Congress about his association with Ken Lay the CEO of Enron who Gore admits was a criminal. Gore had a business associate in Goldman Sachs who was instrumental in developing the ETS. Gore tries to deny it.

Malcolm Turnbull was head of Goldman Sachs Australia. He meets privately with Clive Palmer recently at a Chinese Restaurant in Canberra and comes out espousing the merits of an ETS.

Clive Palmer who never before mentions the ETS suddenly appears with Al Gore trumpeting the merits of the ETS.

If instigated,the ETS will be a Wall St tax on we the people because all businesses will have to buy carbon credits if they burn fossil fuels to function. So instead of this money going to our Govt in carbon taxes, it will go again to the elite.

If Clive Palmer, Al Gore and Malcolm Turnbull can get in on the ETS scam at a ground level, how rich could this make them?

Comment from Chris Warren
Time August 16, 2014 at 5:28 pm

It may be useful to remember that when capitalists deliberately increase prices for anything by CPI, but then set up structures so it is very difficult for workers to get CPI increases, they are engaging in pure class struggle.

CPI and prices are just the monetary form of underlying exploitation of the waged. That is the whole point of forcing people to restrict their entitlements to the declining value share represented by wages.

Was Ross’s link to 28 times GDP, the correct one?

Comment from Ross
Time August 16, 2014 at 7:39 pm

Chris Warren, the world’s GDP is about $70 trillion. There is some contention about the Global Derivative market. Conservative estimates are $1000 trillion while many say double this of $2000 trillion or $285,000 for every man woman and child on the planet.

These gambling derivatives are intertwined with our shares and super funds.

If you want to see the evidence of their planned “bail in” ie a Cyprus style bank account confiscation see

Comment from Chris Warren
Time August 16, 2014 at 9:50 pm

The CEC is not a good source.

It is infected by a fair bit of opportunistic ideological misrepresentations.


Citing a figure (18) to two significant figures implies a greater level of accuracy than the data it is derived from (70, 1000, 2000) which is one significant figure.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 18, 2014 at 11:12 am

Thanks for your answer, Ross.

I recently became a member of Katter’s Australian Party, voted for them at the federal election, putting the PUP candidate second. I have not liked PUP senators voting up negative changes to FOFA, and my hackles are certainly rising.

I am not aware of any moves by KAP to join PUP. At this point, I consider that Bob Katter is living in hope of Clive Palmer supporting his Pro-Australia stance.

The Democratic Labour Party is very similar to KAP. I consider these parties to be the only ones worth voting for. I was once preselected to stand for the DLP, but was immediately blocked by the Murdoch Press for 8 weeks (even in the local rag!). I caught a virus and was unable to stand. The only candidates left in my electorate were from Liberals, Labor and Greens. I would have been lucky to pick up 2% of the vote while incurring substantial costs and paperwork.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 18, 2014 at 11:15 am

Ross, what do you think of Paul Walter’s comments? How do Labor/Greens (leftists) fit into the big picture on Carbon Taxation?

Comment from Ross
Time August 18, 2014 at 8:44 pm

Lorikeet, Labor like the Greens wanted the CO2 tax . Labor are quite happy to see this morph into an ETS. The Greens in my view are just as owned by the Banking Military Industrial Complex as are Labor and the Coalition. This enormous finance system that creates money at will is backed by the might of the US Military.

He who pays the piper and has a big stick calls all the tunes. The Greens have a communist bent on this Agenda 21 and Lima agreement that wants us all to live as serfs.

Paul Walter is playing down important issues like this impending financial collapse. If he is a Green supporter, I don’t trust him.

Senator John Madigan of the DLP supports the idea of Govt Banks.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time August 19, 2014 at 7:36 pm

Thanks, Ross. I largely agree with you.

As a former member of the DLP, I also concur that Senator John Madigan supports government owned banks. The DLP was very much opposed to the selloff of the Commonwealth Bank by Hawke/Keating. To my knowledge KAP has almost the same policies.

I was quite disgusted to see Barnaby Joyce refer to Senator Madigan as “whatshisname from the DLP” on national television this morning. I’m afraid Barnaby Joyce and Wayne Swan have both fallen well out of favour with DLP and KAP supporters.

Barnaby Joyce could have led the DLP to a federal election and possibly lifted Australia out of the mire. Instead he chose to remain a career politician, and whom I think will soon replace Warren Truss as federal leader of the National Party.

In future we may see Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce running the nation. I also believe Peter Dutton (Minister for Health) is being groomed for the position of Prime Minister.

However at this point in time, I cannot see the federal Coalition getting a second term of government.

Comment from Michel
Time August 20, 2014 at 12:17 am

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