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Abbott unleashes terror against Muslims in Australia

Well that didn’t take long did it? On Friday a week ago ASIO raised the terror threat level but had no specific intelligence. On Sunday Abbott announced we were going to deploy 600 troops to the Middle East to fight the ‘death cult’ Islamic State. Then, surprise surprise, on Thursday 870 police raided homes in Sydney and Brisbane, detained 15 people, charged one with conspiracy to commit a terrorist offence and what do you know? Since Friday reports of people abusing Muslims in the street have increased. Not one police officer to protect them, let alone 870.

By the way, the one serious charge is based on a phone call from an Australian IS leader in Syria. If that is all there won’t be a conviction. The material to date is on an evidentiary par with weapons of mass destruction.

Three of those detained were or are (we don’t know) held incommunicado under terror laws that allow for detention without charge for up to 2 weeks. In other countries they call these people the disappeared.

Now the government has announced major changes to arrest laws to enable police to arrest and detain people without charge on suspicion of planning to commit a terrorist offence. According to 9 News the law changes will give ASIO a licence to kill suspects if their life or others is ‘threatened’.

I think this may be a misreading. The law gives criminal and civil immunity to ASIO and police in terrorism cases except for murder, assault or sexual assault. However where there is a threat to their life or that of others the immunity applies. My guess is there will be a lot of self-defence cases arising.

The changes to the law will also give ASIO immunity from prosecution for torture, nothwithstanding the Attorney-General’s denials. [Under pressure from David Leyonhjelm, the Liberal Democratic Party Senator, Brandis has now said there will be amendments to clarify that ASIO is not allowed to torture suspects. Let me add that this could mean they will continue to outsource torture to the Americans or the Egyptians or other rotten regimes.]

Don’t forget this is the government that is wanting to make it an offence to disclose intelligence operations. Journalists could be jailed for reporting whistle-blower material.

Disclosing intelligence operations eh? I wonder if whoever tipped off the many journalists about the 870 police raiding homes in Sydney and Brisbane will be prosecuted now or in the future?

What about if this law goes through? Will Ministers, advisers, government officials, ASIO and police be prosecuted for leaking information about ‘terrorist’ raids, and will newspaper owners and their editors be prosecuted for receiving it and acting on it?

To ask the questions is to answer them. One law for Team Australia, one law for the rest of us.

Abbot and co know exactly what they are doing. They are targeting Muslims. Don’t believe me? Here’s a sample of anti-Muslim sentiment in Australia right now.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reported on an anti-Mosque rally which clashed with supporters of the Mosque. The video in that report is revealing and revolting. Click on it and hold your nose against the racist stink.

Here is one photo from the racist rebellion.

Police close streets as anti-Mosque demonstrators attack pro-Mosque supporters

On the Gold Coast recently the council refused to approve the building of a Mosque. Hundreds turned up to show their opposition to the Mosque at the Council meeting.

Here is the handiwork some Australian(s) egged on by Abbott did.

Abbott’s racist legacy

There is more. Here are some front pages from the yellow press of both Murdoch and Fairfax.

The lies of the Press

And this from mamamia.

So frightened are some in Australia’s Muslim community that a Facebook group dedicated to support for victims of hate crimes against Muslims was set up this week. Group members use the page to report instances of abuse and swap tips on how to stay safe. Posts like these feature on the page.

The posts show a pattern of abuse directed at Muslims for being Muslim.

The Courier-Mail in Queensland revealed on Sunday that ‘despite pleas for calm from the Queensland Premier and senior police, Muslims – particularly women – have been targeted in a series of hate attacks.’

The Northern Star reports:

A [Muslim] woman said she was terrified after she was spat on and called a terrorist at a Murwillumbah service station this week.

Tiger Airlines did its bit for Team Australia by removing a man doodling the word terrorism on his notepad from a flight.

So too did Customs. They did a ‘routine’ search of an Imam’s baggage a few days ago. Routine? It took over two hours and he missed his flight on the way to Mecca for the hajj with a group of pilgrims.

There is more. As Ben Hillier pointed out in Red Flag:

Mareeba mosque in Queensland had the word “Evil” graffitied over it. The Logan and Holland Park mosques were also targeted. Direct threats were issued against the grand mufti of Australia, Lakemba Mosque and Auburn Mosque, allegedly by anonymous members of the Australian Defence League. “Muslims”, their message read, “Australia will fight you ‘terror for terror’ ‘blood for blood’ ‘bomb for bomb’.”

Government Senator Cory Bernardi has called again for the burka to be banned and Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has agreed with him. She has gone further, arguing that those who want sharia law should get out of Australia. When asked she couldn’t explain what sharia law was. Abbott has cried havoc and let slip the dogs of racism.

The Government is going to war against Islamic State and calling it a death cult for its barbaric acts, unlike Western capitalism and its long history of barbarism, including here in Australia against Aborigines. There will be no distinctions drawn between Islamic State and Muslims. At best there will be mealy mouthed apologies after the event, like those offered by Queensland Premier Campbell Newman in response to the anti-Mosque protests on the Sunshine Coast. Apparently we are all in this together, but only if Muslims join Team Australia. The point is that for racists and many nationalists being Muslim automatically excludes Muslims from the white, Anglo-Saxon Christian Team Australia.

This government is pushing racism and Islamophobia to win support for its war in Iraq and to detract attention from its rotten austerity Budget. A war footing and jingoism are the breeding grounds for the ruling class to push fear of the other. The Labor Party is rushing to support Abbott.

As the war deteriorates and the economy worsens the anti-Muslim dog whistles from our politicians will become claxon horns.

Opposing the war and fighting against the Budget are linked, and must join up with the fight to defend our Muslim bothers and sisters.



Comment from Ross
Time September 21, 2014 at 9:22 pm
There is another reason for all this Muslim fear mongering. Our banking system has printed too much money and Western currencies will collapse, so they need oppressive laws to keep the masses enslaved.

See James Rickard’s ‘The Death of money’. Rickard has done work for intelligence agencies and the Central Banks in the USA.

In this interview Rickard’s will give you an insight into how the monetary system enslaves us all and this collapse will be bigger than the Great Depression.

Comment from Terry Coombes
Time September 22, 2014 at 8:55 am

IPA/LNP, ALP, PALMER UNITED all bitches of the 1%, only ones making any sense and sticking to their guns are the Greens.
Looking more and more like the Greens may have unprecedented support next election.
Don’t put our children’s future in the hands of the Coal industry, tell this corrupt Government you won’t stand for it.
IPA/LNP’ s unfair budget, hate laws, military spending, health cuts and welfare cuts and much much more, all must go !

Fire these Liars !

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Time September 24, 2014 at 8:17 pm

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Comment from dl
Time September 26, 2014 at 1:31 am

Agreed John, this is fear mongering, pure and single. Australia’s largest terrorism raid, and they Charge 1 person & a samurai sword confiscated. Sounds like they averted a real catastrophe there.

Seems like Islamic state has taken the baton from the soviets as the western world’s new boogie man, but instead of possessing thousands of nuclear weapons, as the Soviet union did, all they have is a few knives and a video camera.
I find ISIS as execrable as the next person, but you’ve got to admit, they know how to run a PR campaign.

I also see ISIL as the being the Islamic world’s equivalent of a far right political party based on Pan-Islamism, which is why it’s ideas resonates so much with a lot of young, disaffected Muslim males in western world.
This war has less to do with Islam and more to do with the tribal politics of disaffected Sunni’s in northern Iraq. Any intervention over there is going to be like trying to put out a fire with petrol.

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