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Murdoch fuelled white terrorist threatens to behead young Muslim students: the headline you won’t see

In the spirit of Government and media fear mongering and hysteria, I thought I’d mirror the Murdoch and Fairfax press and borrow from their reporting on Muslims over the last few weeks to report on a completely mythical case of a white man with a knife in a Muslim school – see the Sydney Morning Herald’s very sober report here for example – and put it into proper perspective.

I look forward to The Australian or The Age running this objective report. It bears no relationship to the truth so should be published.


Murdoch fuelled white terrorist threatens to behead young Muslim students

Random white guy

In a dawn raid on the Sydney home of suspected white terrorist Bryant Martin, 870 police managed to subdue and arrest the armed suspect.

Mr Martin had knives in his kitchen, police confirmed. The day before Mr Martin had entered a Muslim school with one of those potentially deadly weapons and threatened to behead students, some as young as five.

‘The brave Aussie Muslim kids were shaken and receiving counselling but are bearing up remarkably well,’ the school head said.

‘They are used to this sort of thing on a daily basis,’ she said. ‘Right wing groups and racist thugs are abusing them on their way to and from school every day. They have toughened up. It’s the Aussie spirit.’

The Prime Minister condemned the attack as unAustralian. Mr Abbott said that he had ordered ASIO and the Federal Police to investigate white racist hate groups and to excise this cancer from Australian society. ‘We will leave no stone unturned in destroying this evil holding a dagger to the heart of Australia and our way of life,’ he said.

In what amounts to an incredible defeat for the white terrorist and his networks, Mr Abbott said that Mr Martin had been expelled from Team Australia. Police have reported that Mr Martin became severely depressed on hearing the news. Reports from the white community suggest it has become demoralised and fears the same fate.

Counter terrorism expert Truth McOrwell has warned that this case exposes the grave dangers Australia faces. ‘From Vietnam, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, just to name a few in recent memory, the white community has a long history of violence overseas, she said. ‘It was only a matter of time before that violence came home.’

‘Of course violence has always been here in the war against Aborigines but that is just par for the course in all sectors of our society. That is nothing to worry about. Attacking non-Aborigines is a different matter altogether, ‘she said.

McOrwell said that the combination of overseas violence and the proliferation of extremist material in the white community had created the conditions for a perfect storm. ‘That small minority in the white community has expanded its targets. Couple that with the profound sense of alienation some young whites feel, especially young men, and the recipe for more and more outbreaks of random white violence is there in droves,’ she said.

Ms McOrwell added there was something else deeply concerning about all of this. ‘The white community is over-represented in the institutions of the state,’ she said. ‘The police, the armed forces, the parliaments, the judiciary, the secret spy services, all are dominated by the white community and mostly by angry old and not so old men. The media is the same,’ she said.

‘This is a systemic issue that will not go away unless we weed out the white extremists in our institutions and in the media,’ she said. ‘On top of that the white community has a responsibility to condemn these sorts of attacks and to wean their young men off radicalism,’ Ms McOrwell said. ‘It will not be easy. This war against white extremism could take a decade or more,’ she added.

Meanwhile police would neither confirm nor deny that this was a lone wolf terrorist operation. ‘We know that Mr Martin had extensive contacts in the white community but it is too early yet to speculate on whether he was acting alone or in concert with others in his white circles.’

ASIO confirmed that Mr Martin had come to their attention some months earlier. ‘He was taking particular interest in the works of The Australian, the Daily Telegraph and the Herald-Sun,’ an unnamed spokesperson who threatened to jail me if I revealed their identity, said. ‘He also dabbled in the Age and The Sydney Morning Herald,’ the ASIO spokesperson added.

‘While it is not a crime to read fundamentalist propaganda, for ASIO there is often a link between such extremist material and actions,’ he said. ‘We have been keeping a close eye on him since we had a tip off from an informer in the white community that he was reading The Australian for more than a few minutes a day. It wasn’t just the sport or TV section either,’ the spokesman added. ‘Reading the work of radicals like Paul Kelly, Dennis Shanahan, Miranda Devine, Andrew Bolt, Piers AkermannĀ and Paul Kenny is a dead giveaway,’ they said.

‘It is like a gateway drug,’ they added. ‘Not everyone who reads these white publications is a white terrorist, but every white terrorist reads these publications.’

The final word came from Mr Abbott.’This is not about demonising a particular group in society,’ he said. ‘It is about stopping crime. It is about stoping crime. White terrorism is a crime. White terrorism is a crime.’ Is there an echo in here?

Mr Martin was released on ten dollars bail to reappear in 3 years time if he wants to. He was also ordered to buy the cops a few beers on the understanding they didn’t see a thing.

For those interested here’s a report on a threat to behead a young man mistaken for a Muslim on the Gold Coast. The headline reads Anti-Islamic teens threaten to behead gold Coast man they mistook for a Muslim. Not quite the headline we are looking for but getting a little closer.



Comment from Ross
Time September 27, 2014 at 12:44 pm

Our elites are at it again pitching one group against another while they are the cause of all the chaos and poverty around the planet. This has been done throughout our history and the masses fall for it every time.

They are trying to prepare us for war and thus need to whip up fear and hate to justify it. There are over 300,000 Muslims in Aust and almost a million Chinese. When they start their war with these groups are they all going to be put in internment camps ?

War is the only tool left for the West since the Central Banks are printing our currencies into oblivion and our manufacturing has been outsourced to places like China.

The BRICS nations are offering the World a way out of this depression via their BRICS Bank and trade free of the US $.This is why our leaders now demonise Russia and China. They demonise the Muslims to justify the taking of their oil. Currently they want to run an oil pipe line through Syria.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time September 29, 2014 at 4:01 pm

The latest Defence contract has been won by a Bendigo company outsourcing work to Vietnamese slaves. I saw Senator John Madigan get up in the Senate and start questioning the government’s lack of interest in Australian manufacturing, in order to save a few bucks. I wonder if Abbott’s goons factored in the extra money they would need to pay in measly Newstart.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time September 30, 2014 at 3:46 pm

To my knowledge, a lot of work is no longer outsourced to China, where the wages have been rising in recent years.

In a 2011 or 2012 issue of Time magazine, a writer said the work was shifting to Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and even back to the USA, where I guess someone must have set up illegal sweatshops. Or maybe a Chinese company has bought US cotton fields and is running its own offshore operation. I think the same will soon be happening in Australia, now that a Chinese conglomerate owns Cubbie Station.

Comment from Lorikeet
Time October 3, 2014 at 4:23 am

People should never underestimate the power of the press or the abuses and lack of democracy of Rupert Murdoch.