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December 2014



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Put a socialist in the Senate

Independent socialist and prospective Senate candidate in the ACT, John Passant, today welcomed the selection of former Chief Minister Katy Gallagher as the Labor Party’s replacement for retiring Senator Kate Lundy.

Mr Passant said that he looked forward to debating the neoliberal and pro-austerity Ms Gallagher on the big economic and social issues of the day.

Mr Passant, a member of the Canberra Refugee Action Committee and its newly formed Unionists for Refugees, challenged Ms Gallagher to debate him on the ALP’s rotten refugee policies and program.

Mr Passant also said that Labor’s neoliberalism would be a particular target of his campaign. Unlike Ms Gallagher, I oppose the Orwellian named ‘efficiency’ dividend, he said.

We need more public servants, not less, he added.

The Tax Office for example has just cut 3000 experienced and talented staff and will get rid of another 2000 over the next 3 years, Mr Passant said. He pointed out that will of necessity mean rich and powerful taxpayers will be able to get away with even more tax dodging.

He added that, unlike Labor, he is committed to rebuilding the ATO to enable the Office to crack down on the rich and powerful.

We also need more teachers, nurses, hospital beds, and better public transport, Mr Passant said.

In light of the sacking of hundreds of workers at the ABC, Mr Passant called on ABC staff to walk off the job indefinitely to stop these attacks. Such action will be ‘illegal’ under Labor and Liberal industrial laws and the workers would face fines and possibly jail for striking.

Good luck with any government trying to fine or jail Leigh Sales, Barry Cassidy, Virginia Haussegger or Annabel Crabb if they or other similar well known ABC journalists did have the courage to take justified strike action to defend the ABC, Mr Passant said.

They’d also have massive public support, he pointed out.

He said that ABC unions have a unique opportunity to not only defend the ABC by strike action but also to smash the rotten laws of Labor and the Liberals that make such action ‘illegal’.

Taxing the rich and getting rid of the rorts and concessions they enjoy will provide more than enough to improve our public schools, hospitals and transport system, Mr Passant said. It will increase employment.

Mr Passant stressed that the time for us to address climate change was now. It would cost around $400 billion over the next decade to turn Australia into a fully renewable energy society, he said.

That is a lot of money, about $40 bn a year, but a one percent annual wealth tax on the top ten percent of wealth holders in Australia would raise $20 bn a year. That’s half the money needed to become a totally renewable society, and it would little impact on the majority of Australians, Mr Passant said. A two percent annual wealth tax on the very wealthy would cover the cost, he pointed out.

Renewable energy jobs will cut the unemployment lines. The car plants could be turned into factories for solar panels, wind farms, buses, trains and trams, creating even more jobs, he said.

Mr Passant said that abolishing the superannuation tax concessions for the top ten percent of income earners and restricting rental losses to being offset against rental income would raise up to $20 bn to be spent on public health and public education.

A real rent tax on not just the miners but the banks would raise tens of billions, Mr Passant said. That could then be used to make public transport in our big cities workable, he added.

Making the current individual income tax system much more progressive, halving dividend imputation and abolishing the general capital gains tax concession, plus fixing up some of the international tax rorts the Abbott government won’t attack will give us an extra %15 bn a year which could be used to abolish university fees and improve the TAFE sector, Mr Passant said

Our politicians on their $200,000 a year salaries and perks are divorced from the effects their austerity measures have on ordinary working Australians, he said. If elected Mr Passant promised he would introduce a bill into the Senate limiting politicians’ pay to the average wage, currently $78,000 a year. That way, he said, politicians will feel the effect of their austerity program like the ordinary voters they supposedly represent.

Labor, like the Liberals, is a party of war, Mr Passant said. Unlike Labor, I will not only vote against any pro-war war measures, I will campaign against any wars our government involves us in, and use my office if elected as a centre to mobilise millions against the madness of war and the war criminals in our society who run it, he said

Mr Passant said there was much more to a radical socialist program making these sorts of demands on capital but that ultimately the way forward was the working class democratically producing goods and services to satisfy human need.

If elected Mr Passant said that his Senate Office will become activism central for unionists and those struggling for a better world, such as refugee activists, LGBTIQ activists, for those fighting against the ongoing Aboriginal genocide, for women’s liberation, for equal pay, to name a few.

Mr Passant said he was standing to give hope to those who have watched Labor become just another party of neoliberalism and who wanted a radical alternative to what was offer from Labor and the Greens.

I want disaffected Labor voters who despair at the Party’s abandonment of ordinary workers to not only vote for me but to be inspired to fight back against the austerity of the Abbott and forthcoming Shorten government, as well as the attacks by the bosses on their jobs, wages, conditions and safety at work, he said.

Let’s shake up politics in Australia. Put a Socialist in the Senate.

Further press releases will focus on individual issues, including jobs, nationalising the mines and banks under workers’ control, Aboriginal sovereignty, a treaty, removing all restrictions on the right to strike, mandating equal pay for equal work, taxing the rich, increasing social welfare spending and spending on public health, education and transport, moving Australia to a totally renewable energy society by 2024 and other issues of the day as they arise.


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