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In support of workers in the greyhound industry

Mike Baird waited until after the federal election to announce he was banning greyhound racing in New South Wales from 1 July next year.  Compare that deceitful action to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews who had the decency and honesty to try to sort of the Country Fire Authority dispute during the election.

Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull then cynically used the dispute to lie about the bogyman of union control and help keep the swing to Labor in Victoria to the  lowest in the country and to win the seat of retiring Labor member Anna Burke.

You have to wonder if Baird had been honest and made the announcement before the election whether Labor might have picked up one or two more seats in New South Wales.

Baird’s decision will disrupt if not destroy the lives of thousands of workers in the industry.  That is of no concern to the Liberals or the Nationals. There is no plan for helping them through this difficult time, no job creation, no extra social services, no counseling, no training.  When they get their plan together it will of course be totally inadequate.

Here is what Anna Tarasov and staff writers on ABC News said:

AWU State Secretary Russ Collison has spoken out against the greyhound racing ban in NSW. (AAP: Dean Lewins)

Australian Workers’ Union secretary Russ Collison, which represents many of the thousands of people employed by the industry, said the Government seems to have given zero consideration their fate.

“The greyhound racing industry is made up of thousands of decent working-class people who do not earn large sums of money,” Mr Collison said.

“It’s all right for people to sit in their ivory towers and say they’ll get another job, but where?

“In many parts of regional NSW, unemployment is twice the rate of the eastern suburbs or northern beaches.

“The Premier’s elitist, arrogant approach shows he is completely out of touch.”

Collison is right.  The working class once again bears the brunt of reform. The ruling class dismisses them.  My suggestion is the AWU begin organising in other sections of the racing industry to strike to support the workers in the greyhound industry. Of course they won’t.

I had been going to title this story ‘In defence of workers in the greyhound industry’, but of course one man with a keyboard cannot defend those workers or their futures. Those workers and their union can, if they take industrial action across the various racing industries and in other workplaces where the AWU is strong and can stop production.



Comment from Lorikeet
Time July 11, 2016 at 10:54 am

This is just another case of the government adopting Greens’ ideologies. Everyone should pay attention to how animals and people are described by TV journalists. A person has become a “that” and an animal has become a “who”.

I don’t believe it is a good idea to try to rehome greyhounds that (not who) have been blooded using live rabbits, possums etc. I fear they may attack babies and toddlers.

I think the Greens are correct that Jumps Racing is too dangerous for both jockey and horse, but I think we know “who” the Greens care about.

The Greens never achieve large numbers in the parliament, but Labor and Coalition still push and eventually legislate many of their heinous policies.

Comment from Ross
Time July 11, 2016 at 5:40 pm

They don’t whip Grey Hounds like horses. Why not ban horse racing ?

Oh that sport belongs to the elites.Mike Baird ex banker. Malcolm Turnbull ex -CEO Goldman Sachs Aust. Abbott’s wife Maggie, worked for a Rothschild Merchant bank. Joe Hockey’s wife also a banker. Is there a pattern here?

Bob Carr 3mths after resigning as Premier NSW gets a half million $ part time consultancy with Macquarie Bank to get prime Govt Contracts for them.

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